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[Ex 3 Lunars] Glorious Argent Beastiary! (A Lunar's Character Thread)

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  • On the contrary that weapon master merit would be overpowered. Any non-charm bonus you can stack on top of what would otherwise be your cap is worth its weight in gold if you're already at the intended cap. There's a 2-dot hearthstone (Jewel of Swift-Strike) which only gives a rather situational +1 non-charm to attacks and it's easily one of the best 2-dot hearthstones.


    • I also spotted a fun little thing I hadn't thought about before; since Fivefold Transcendent Insight applies to all perception charms, it reduces Demon-Drinking Fang to 1m for +5 Aggravated Decisive damage against spirits and Fey (if you have Per 5). Combine with Octopus-and-Spider Barrage for a real God-blender (at E3 thats +20 aggravated decisive damage for 4m).

      Originally posted by prototype00 View Post

      Hmm, I wonder what Spirit Shape you’d want for this? Some kind of insect, maybe?
      Yeah pretty much any insect or arachnid would work for natural armor and extra arms. I was tempted to say Mantis and also dip into Mantis style but the combination of Mantis + Crane isn't so hot without the Mastery on Iron-Arm Block.
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