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    I tried running a solar game a few years back (and I’ve run a number of games online and in person since) but a somewhat catastrophic family tragedy left me in a position where I had to let it go— somewhat without notice to my regret. Anyway, ever since I got the DB book I’ve had this idea for a two part (somewhat ambitious) Terrestrial Game I’ve wanted to run. The conceit is basically this:

    About a year before the Empress disappears (slightly less) a group of young realm Dragonblooded, freshly graduated from various schools, accompany their shared mentor, a magistrate of some renown noted for, among other things, being among the last terrestrials to both be granted the privilege to undertake a pillgrimage to Feng Yi and complete it successfully (this is only shortly after the fall of the four shrine cities) on an Investigation into a faction of house Cynis. This faction has recently recovered an unlikely number of lost artifacts— the magistrate believes the faction is engaging in trade with a well known court of western fae in direct contravention of imperial law and, worse still, that they might be trading not just slaves but political enemies and secret information on rival houses to the fae. This portion of the story begins with a bit of courtly intrigue and moves on to more of an adventure/exploration story. It explores themes of idealism and naivity in the face of reality which does not meet expectations, of the limits of moral compromise in the face of expediency and is generally a coming of age story. Likely it would take a few sessions to cover. The second part of the chronicle is set years later (after the games start date) when the characters, having gone their separate ways, return to attend their mentor’s funeral (or either some significant anniversary of his death or the graduation of his child from the house of bells or other realm secondary school if he doesn’t survive the first part) and deals with them intriguing within the realm and unraveling secrets hinted at during the first part which both cast their mentor in a shocking new light and have widespread ramifications for the fate of the realm as a whole. Ideally I’d like to conclude by playing out some form of realm civil war with the characters in a key position to determine its fate.

    We’d use novice terrestrial character generation for the first part, with a healthy downtime bonus of XP (both dragon and vanilla) to represent the intervening years between stories.

    I tend to prefer games to be not purely combat centric, as that takes quite a bit of time and can get very monotonous. though I certainly think action has its place, I think it’s fun to explore all the various types of play the game has to offer. I also like to ask players what themes they want to cover and what their expectations are so we can craft both a play experience and story that’s rewarding to all of us.

    Basically, I just wanted to see if this peaked anyone’s interest as an online, chat based (preferably text driven because it makes accounting for past events and archiving sessions easier and less note intensive) game. I’m not formally trying to recruit anyone now but I will reach out in the coming week to interested parties, preference going to people who I’ve played or ran games with before (unless I hated the experience).

    (The above is a joke, I’ve never hated the experience).

    NB: I typed this on my phone during lunch based on some notes I’d made before, please excuse any obvious spelling, grammar or formatting errors. Factual errors are also to be blamed on my phone.

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    I'm interested. I love the chronicle concept.
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      I would also be interested, for all my love of it thus far, I've never actually had the opportunity to play it.


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        I’m seriously impressed that you managed this much text on your phone! I won’t personally get to be a PC again in my local group for quite some time, so I might be interested if you have a spot available. I like the overall structure of it.

        EDIT: Some themes I might be interested in exploring are the duality of freedom of the Dragonblooded. Their wealth and power give them the freedom to travel the entire world, but their duties and social pressure keep them tightly confined.
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          Cool cool! lets see if there is more interest, but if not Im happy to run a game with three people - - actually makes things easier than more. As a question Nabirius, how familiar are you with the rules, have you played other editions of Exalted games? writing up some more in depth setting and character info at the moment.


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            I'd be interested. Have never played, but have storytold.


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              I'd be pretty interested.


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                I'd be willing to cede my position to somebody who's never gotten to play before. I'll have my chance to be a PC again sometime in the next couple of years I'm sure.


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                  DB's are my favorite type of exalted, and I would love to be able to play one. Assuming that there are any slots still available.


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                    Hey Jive, how large of a circle are you planning on running? To answer your question, I have never gotten the chance to play 3e. But I was a storyteller for 2e, so I have some background in Exalted more generally. As for mechanics, I am comfortable with 3e combat mechanics, but I am trying to get more mastery of the social system.


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                      That's an excellent pitch for a game, and I'd certainly be interested depending on exactly how playing would happen. I'm based in Europe, so US evening chat-sessions are unfortunately not an option for me.


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                        I think that sounds pretty cool, but it looks like you might have a few too many people. If the game's looking too large, feel free to invite people who put their hands up sooner. But if people drop out, hit me up.

                        Also I'm in GMT+9:30, which might cause headaches if you're all in the US.


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                          Okay, so I’d like to get the show on the road a by hopefully the second week in April. To this end, Please post your character concepts and backgrounds. Note, characters are finishing secondary school, and share as a mentor and old Air aspect by the name of Whispering Sky Yahan (Details Below). A few months prior to their graduation they receive word that they are being excused from their usual requirements to assist him in an investigation of great import to the future of the welfare of the realm, which they are assured will not interfere with their immanent coming of age. A task they are suited to because as young dynasts they have not been fully ensared in the Realm’s dense political web. The first session begins upon their arrival at his modest manor in Juche.

                          Character Generation
                          Starting Characters exist at the threshold between being just hatched and experienced young terrestrials, guidelines are as follows:
                          * All characters begin at Essence 1.
                          * They do not gain bonus merits but, they do begin with 13 dots of Merits. They cannot take Command or Backing (except where doing so would make sense for a character who was about to graduate secondary school).
                          * Choose 12 charms plus 5 charms with the Excellency keyword from aspect or favored abilities.
                          * Spend 15 bonus points.
                          have Mentor ••• and Ally ••••• reflecting their relationship with the elder Terrestrial, both these backgrounds are free but should be noted on your sheet as they will be “cashed in” between stories to help make up for experience deficit. If you don’t feel like noting them, just remember you will he owed 8 Merit dots between stories following the guidelines for bonus dots of merits granted at character generation.

                          The Game will meet Fridays 7PM EST, I currently have three players and will accept one more, with preference going to Nabrius if they are available. As it stands the Slarn, Epimetheus and Sarcastic Sage are the players.

                          Medium of Play:
                          As mentioned this will be a chat based game. I’ve heard good things about discord but am open to other clients if anyone has a preference.

                          General Background:

                          The game is set just prior to the Empress’s Disappearance, the Caul’s sanctuaries have just fallen and the Dynastic Houses are desperately seeking what advantages they can in the West, jockeying for position amongst one another even as they attempt to combat the lunar threat.

                          Whispering Sky Yahan:
                          Just over 300, Yahan has lead a long and storied life of a highly unorthodox nature. Born in the threshold, Yahan was adopted by house Mnemon, though he would later cut ties with that house prior to entering the magistracy in a rejection of inter house politics rather than of his house specifically. His actions nonetheless polarized elder’s in the house, though he retained fairly close ties with the younger members (who are now the elders). Mnemon herself has always viewed him with some distaste however. He is noted for being fair and impartial, almost to a fault, and dedicated to the welfare of the realm above all things. He never shed the high minded idealism of youth and can be by turns shockingly ethically rigid on certain matters and highly flexible in others. He has kept largely out of dynastic politics, though he keeps close ties with realm secondary schools and has on occasion deputized recent graduates. He expects those to whom he offers such a position to attend him immediately and so they must often forgo a sabbatical following graduation, accepting this temporary role in its stead. A tenure assisting him in the field is well regarded and never lasts more than two years, marking the young mentee as both trustworthy and highly competent and so such postings are not only accepted but highly sought after; especially for those aspiring to a posting in the Thousand Scales, All-Seeing Eye or the Magistracy.

                          Rumors and Trivia:
                          * Yahan is a middling sorcerer, having studied the Art as a very young Exalt. He lacked the patience and focus to really thrive in the field but has a wide breath of occult knowledge. He has a reputation for using the spell Stormwind Rider, his control spell, as a means of travel, both for speed and because of the considerable impression one makes being borne about by a personal whirlwind.
                          * Yahan is a Master the Air Dragon Style, and decorated Martial Artist, having participated in numerous imperial tournaments in his youth.
                          * Yahan has a reputation for incorruptibility and looks upon acts which undermine the safety of the realm in the service of factionalism very harshly. He has been known to be less harsh upon other crimes however, and some whisper he harbors extremely heterodox views on the immaculate texts. If this is true he doesn’t speak of them.
                          * Yahan was one of the last Dynasts to successfully complete a pillgrimage to the Caul before it fell, a reward from the empress for his decades of dutiful service.
                          * Yahan has three children, none of whom Exalted. His patrician wife now carries his fourth, the child will almost certainly Exalt having been conceived immediately following his return from his pilgrimage in the Caul. He has little to no roll in the lives of his other children, reserving his energies for the young exalts he instead chooses to grace with his mentorship.
                          * Yahan participated in several successful Wyld Hunts, the last one, a shocking failure that resulted in the deaths of nearly all the parcipants about 50 years ago, targeted a Lunar anathema who was said to have been active on the Blessed Isle itself. The anathema is presumed to have fled and has not resurfaced since but many of his detractors point to this as a sign of Yahan’s fading abilities while others whisper he has himself been compromised.
                          * Yahan served in the Legions in his early career, distinguishing himself as a unit commander in the northern threshold. In one story, after a brutal battle, he and less than two score soldiers remaining under his command, most heavily injured, were set upon by a horde of fae as they returned to their garrison. Yahan and a handful of mortal soldier still in fighting condition, bested the fairfolk noble Lion Crowned In Fire, then a terror in the north who commanded not just a large raiding party but had the loyalty of two behemoths; lions made of frozen fire who stood as tall as three men. Yahan was said to have killed the noble in single combat, but lost his left eye in the process and still bears horrible scars on his torso where the child of madness’s claws shredded his flesh. It is said he lost more than his sight in this battle, but his ability to dream, and some say, to lie, as well.
                          * Yahan keeps a pet Strix, a strange beast that seems utterly loyal to the Exalt but which appears to come and go as it pleases. Some say it a god in disguise, alleging Yahan is this diety’s consort (which, if it were true, would be something of a scandal and certainly not in keeping with even the loosest readings of the immaculate texts) or else the spawn of some god with whom the Exalt is involved. These claims are far enough afield that they are never mentioned seriously except by those who truly have reason to despise the magistrate. The Strix seems an ordinary bird, if an unusual and intelligent pet, and Yahan has for centuries been known to enjoy falconry and similar pursuits.
                          * Mnemon herself was said to have given Yahan an eye of black jade and adamant to replace the one he lost, one which could see through deceptions and stymie attempts to discern his inner thoughts. It is true he did for a time have a prosthetic artifact eye, which he no longer wears. It is said by some he gave it as a gift to his wife’s house on the eve of their marriage, while others say it was traded for sensitive information as part of an investigation, in any case its loss cited as a contributing factor in the deterioration of the relationship between Yahan and the matron of his former house.
                          * Yahan is a Gateway player of middling skill, respected in circles where such skill is valued. It is said he plays occasionally in Cynis Salons and whispered by some that he has accrued some not inconsiderable gambling debts as a result. This statement is of dubious veracity as such an obvious position of compromise would not be tolerated by the magistracy. Yet he certainly is, on occasions, seen at such events as has been known to be, at the very least, on good terms with Sesus Nagezzer, a friendship that also seems inconsistent with his morally upright presentation.
                          * Until about 25 years ago, Yahan had small land holdings in the southernmost part of the Dejis prefecture which included the Manse Mountain Shadow Spire, an elegant Air Aspected Tower of modest power where he once resided. The land had been granted to him by his adopted house but had been left at his disposal even after he had parted ways with them. Ostensibly this was out of respect for his past service in their legions and for his new role as magistrate but largely the domain had little significance to the house and the land would revert back to them on his death anyway. 25 years ago, however, house Mnemon retook the land and, as politely as such a thing can be done, demanded he depart the Mountain Shadow Spire. Rumors swirl as to what could have caused this sudden change of policy after nearly a century; signs obviously point to a worsening in their relationship.
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                            Quick question for you.

                            Do characters receive the bonus specialties from their respective secondary schools?


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                              Originally posted by TheSarcasticSage View Post
                              Quick question for you.

                              Do characters receive the bonus specialties from their respective secondary schools?
                              Good question. Yes.