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Raksi fanfiction (Mostly just sweet and goofy)

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  • Raksi fanfiction (Mostly just sweet and goofy)

    So now that Raksi is no longer just a baby-eating monster, it is time for something sweet. My apologies for any typos or mistakes.

    Unlike what some of her fellow Lunars might think, Raksi did not spend her every waking moment studying the Book of Three Circles. While she treasured the grimoire greatly, deciphering it’s pages could take days of focus for only the smallest scraps of knowledge. Between governing her dominion, other sorcerous projects, being a Shahan-ya, and a thousand and one other things, finding the time to actually study the tome was a challenge in and of itself.

    It was thus that she now found herself looking through a different book. The Silurian Highvault contained many sources of knowledge of the First Age, though the pages she was currently flipping through were sadly devoid of much new knowledge. It seemed that whoever had written it had been a student of the occult, but only a novice. In fact, it seemed that the text contained notes one Exalt had taken while studying sorcery.

    She was about to find a different text to spend her time with when she noted a curious word she did not recognize. Looking at the rest of the page, it seemed to describe some kind of… recipe? A sorcerous brew seemed unlikely, as none of the ingredients seemed particularly magical. Probably some kind of dish, or perhaps a drink of kinds.

    Now, the witch-queen could’ve just put the book down and moved on. But it was rare she found a concept she had never seen before. And even if the brew had no magical potency, some part of her had to admit she enjoyed the writer’s little notes and scribbles. They reminded her of that long-forgotten age when life had been better.

    She spent the next two hours researching the word. None of her notes on the books she had studied gave her any insights, and the books she often used for reference likewise disappointed. Her curiosity now truly awoken, she called forth Gebre, the Pavane of Dying Stars. While she kept the demon in her retinue for more occult reasons normally, the spirit could assist her in this query as well.

    It was quite the surprise, then, when she found out the mysterious word was cacao. If the demon hadn’t been bound to her will and unable to deceive her, she would’ve figured it lied to her. With a slouch of her shoulders, she found herself annoyed at wasting two hours on this. Looking outside at the setting sun, she tried to find some way to find something to salvage it somewhat.

    As it turns out, the serpentfolk nearby had been growing cacao, and a recent raid had recovered several bags of them. After making sure she had all of the other ingredients, Raksi decided to cook the drink herself. While she had enough servants to do it for her, after the time spent on this project, she felt in some way that it would be wrong if she did not see it through herself.

    After adding the crushed seeds, the brew seemed a strange dark color brown, though, after enough stirring, it became a smoother, sweet-smelling fluid instead. Pouring a cup, Raksi tried a careful sip. The drink wasn’t as bitter as she’d expected, instead a sweet, pleasant experience. Sitting down, she slowly indulged in the rest of it. A serene calm came over her, and with a little yawn, she decided that she’d done enough, and should go to bed. Perhaps the day hadn’t been wasted after all.

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    That was honestly pretty amusing. Good job!

    Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.