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a good limit break for a medic?

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  • a good limit break for a medic?

    So, a character is a twilight caste with medicine supernal. Her trigger is "needless suffering", but she's quite cynical otherwise, to the point of being slightly sociopathic - she has no problem with slavery for example, but despises cruel masters, if only for giving her extra work, when she could be helping some patients that actually need it. She's also subtle by nature, the kind that would solve a problem of a violent drunk by brewing something that will help him drink himself to death.

    So, when she has enough and snaps... what would be the most appropriate behaviour for her?

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    Well it is a breaking point, so of course there's the option of just throwing subtlty to the wind, so the pointless suffering is finished at the source in a very over the top method with warning to discourage more. Then of course there's subtle overkill, deal with violent drunk by poisoning the drink stock so everyone ends up violently ,possibly, lethally ill.

    A nice alteration for Limit Break in 3rd is that your character no longer has a single Limit Break that they always. So you might actually draw more use on what Limit Break options are right out for the PC, like the character isn't going to see pointless suffering and decide to start skinning random people alive because they're fed up with it all. But they might go with Oz's suggestion below and start euthanizing people who're sick to prevent their prolonged suffering from the illness or them spreading the illness more.
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      Maybe she becomes cold and callous, deciding to kill plague victims so it doesn't spread, not treating those she thinks will probably die so she can conserve her strength, etc.

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        Knowing when to put the boot in is something that every solar medic has to learn at some point. I recommend to invest in some performance to time some tactical coughs in line with the crunches, in case your circle is not quite understanding.
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