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Sorcerous Initiation: Ten Thousand Names (and a new spell)

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  • Sorcerous Initiation: Ten Thousand Names (and a new spell)

    (What, I haven't been re-reading Earthsea)

    Ten Thousand Names

    There is a magic in names. Not common names, the use-names and calling-names of humdrum life, but old names; true names. The Name of Fire and Water, the Name of the Wind and the Stone. To know a thing's Name is to know it entire, and with such knowledge comes mastery. The Sorcerers of Korg, from their school on the island of Roke in an archipelego to of the Great Western Ocean, are the most famous students of the Ten Thousand Names, but Name-lore can be found throughout Creation, and knowing even a small piece of a True Name can grant dangerous power.

    Using the sorcery of Ten Thousand Names requires a working knowledge of Old Realm, to properly speak the ancient names that shape the world.

    Shaping Rituals
    The Truth of the Name: When using a spell that targets an individual, the sorcerer may speak a piece of that character's name, describing an intimacy he has in Old Realm. If her description is correct, she gains non-charm bonus dice to her shaping roll equal to the strength of the intimacy; if it is wrong, she loses 3 dice from her shaping roll. She may only use a given intimacy once per person per scene.

    The Shape of the World: If the sorcerer has introduced a fact in this scene, and incorporates that fact into her shape sorcery action via stunt, she immediately gains sorcerous motes equal to the difficulty of the fact she introduced; little facts are little names, but deep lore is closer to the true shape of the thing. She may only gain this benefit once a day.

    A Voice of Command: If the sorcerer is attempting to counter a spell she knows, she may redirect the power of that spell to one of her own. For every two sorcerous motes she drains, she gains one sorcerous mote towards her own casting. If she is countering another sorcerer using her command spell, she instead gains one sorcerous mote for each mote drained.

    Name on the Wind (Merit ••): The sorcerer is reflexively aware when someone speaks her true name, and by spending 1 Willpower, she may learn one of the following things: Who the speaker is, where the speaker is located, or what the speaker said. Refering to the sorcerer may a psuedonym or appelation bypasses this advantage.

    Upon Your Name (Merit ••••): By spending a Willpower, the sorceror may sanctify oaths others swear upon their names. This is functions identically to the Eclipse caste anima effect.

    By Your Name Be Chained (Merit ••): When summoning a demon, if the sorcerer knows the true name of her target, she gains double-9s on her rolls to bind and banish the demon. Knowing the true name of a Demon of the First Circle is usually an (Intelligence + Lore) check with a difficulty of 4; for a Demon of the Second Circle it is a difficulty 6; for Demons of the Third Circle, it is difficulty 8. Storyteller's may modify these difficulties for especially well-known or obscure demons. Knowing a demon's name may also be used as a Means (p 487) when undertaking a Sorcerous Project to bring that demon to Creation.

    Terrestrial Circle Spell
    Incantation of Corporeal Transformation
    Cost: 20sm, 1wp
    Keywords: None
    Duration: One day

    The sorcerer calls upon Ixaoc, forbidden spirit of primordial chaos, and grasps a sliver of their perpetually mutable nature. By casting the Incantation of Corporeal Transformation, the sorcerer reshapes herself into an animal for one day. This transformation cannot be ended early. During this time, she retains her mind and personality, but instinctively understands how to make use of the rudiments of her new form- one a falcon, she does not stumble before lifting into the air; as a fish, she does not need to learn to swim; she functions effectively as a Lunar does when shifted into an animal form (Lunars p XX), and must also unlock mundane latent abilities through experience or bonus points.

    Upon learning this spell, the sorcerer knows how to transform into one animal, which may not have Legendary Size or Minuscule Size. Each animal shape she may transform into after the first costs 4 experience points or 2 bonus points.

    A sorcerer who knows Incantation of Corporeal Transformation as her command spell automatically unlocks the mundane latent abilities of her first animal form. However, she is also marked by that form; a hawk-souled sorcerer will shed feathers, while one that transforms into a great cat may have eyes that shine at night, or grow a mane or whiskers.

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