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  • Favorite new place (in) Across Eight Directions?

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    • Question, since gods are not shaped by belief does this mean that the Syndics no longer need that harpist demon that was summoned up in prior editions to play music to remind them of their individual identities?


      • To my knowledge there aren't any Getimian QCs released yet. Will there be any Getimian QCs released before the ST guide? (i.e. an Adversaries of the Righteous entry)

        If not, could you describe what a Getimian Excellency does, narratively-speaking? A Solar tries hard, a Lunar adapts their body/mind to the task at hand, a Sidereal subtly nudges fate towards a desired result... Compared to them, what does a Getimian do when they use their Excellency?



        • Originally posted by wern212 View Post
          Not a dev, but this is actually addressed in the core rulebook. Page 245, the first paragraph under the Naval Combat header.

          Thank you.... it is as if i'm in the super market and walking passed the one thing on the shelf that I need over and over and simply can't find it. Then I ask a worker and he points right next to me.


          • Lunar Question.... I apologize if it has already been answered.

            The Strength charm Ox Dragon Smash says "Until his next turn ends, his onslaught penalty applies to any rolls he makes. Even after his onslaught penalty refreshes, it applies until his turn ends. If the Lunar’s attack crashes him, his onslaught penalty doesn’t refresh and subtracts from his dice pools until he’s recovered from crash."....

            i don't see why a willpower is part of its cost when another Lunar Strength Charm, Prey Hobbling Bite inflicts a penalty for a scene. I see that there are requirements of the target having less initiative in Prey Hobbling and that it is dependent on rolled 10s for greater penalties.

            Thanks for your help.


            • The roll to activate Hypnotic Tongue Technique is described as a "non-specific effect."

              Should that be interpreted to mean "this is not considered an instill, persuade, bargain, threaten or inspire action" -- and thus, that Charms working on those types of actions can't apply to the use of HTT? So for example, one could not use Fulminating Word with HTT, since that only works on bargain, threaten, or persuade actions.

              Does HTT count as "social influence" in a general sense, or is it not even specific enough to be that? (I'm hoping not, since that would just raise more questions about how it interacts with the few Charms that apply to any form of social influence. I hope it's not possible to use Soul-Bracing Momentous Power with Hypnotic Tongue Technique, for instance.)


              • A Lunar with Terrestrial Circle Sorcery and ,say, Death of Obsidian Butterflies as a control spell uses Lessons in the Blood to learn Infallible Messenger which is the target'control spell.
                Would the Lunar learn Infallible Messenger as the target knows it and thus have a second control spell or would the Lunar learn it as if taught it normally?

                I'm confused by Captivating Siren Voice description saying "As long as she continues to speak or sing, taking no nonreflexive actions," Once activating this char charm, could a Lunar perform social influence provided that it was done as part of the song they were singing or would that not be considered a nonreflexive action? And if they can't why does charm say "This fascination can be exploited as though it were a Defining Intimacy." if the lunar can't perform social influence while using it ?

                If a group of crocodiles is called a bask, and a group of alligators is called a congregation, what would a group of River Dragons be called?


                • What happens if you cast Unslakeable Thirst of the Devil-Maw underwater? You can use it to gather atmospheric moisture, so it doesn't just target moisture in living bodies. Would it create a momentary whirlpool? Would it gather a globe of fresh water from the sea as all the salt and minerals are leeched out (or rather, only the water is pulled into the globe)?

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                  • So, one of the lines in Arms of the Chosen mentions this about the Unison artifact armor's first mien:

                    Originally posted by Arms of the Chosen
                    Unison and its wearer take the first step in becoming partners as ordinary clothing transforms into battle armor.
                    Does the ordinary clothing becomes battle armor thing mean the armor normally looks like ordinary clothing?

                    The description of it didn't really sound like that, but I'm also not sure how this Mien would otherwise change the armor's look. Is the description of it being a form-fitting chainmail hauberk meant to reflect the first Mien instead of the base state?

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                    • Can you use Tyrant Mouse Dominion to have both the Giant merit and the Miniscule Merit at the same time? Similarly with Mountainous Spirit Expression to have both the Giant and Legendary Size merits.

                      How do Eclipses learn the charms of spirits etc? Can they simply learn them, do they need to be aware they exist, do they need to be taught by someone who already has the charm, or do they need to be taught by the spirit (etc) from whence the charm originates.


                      • Originally posted by Zardoz View Post
                        Can you use Tyrant Mouse Dominion to have both the Giant merit and the Miniscule Merit at the same time?
                        Miniature Giant Space Hamsters?


                        • Originally posted by Uknown DarkLord View Post

                          Miniature Giant Space Hamsters?
                          That makes me want to create a Dawn caste Minsc with his Lunar mate Boo


                          • Judge's Ear Technique (core, pg. 312) says "Any magic which contests this effect goes to a roll-off against the Lawgiver’s (Perception + Investigation), with (Essence) automatic successes on the
                            Solar’s roll, and 1s in the opposed roll acting as 10s to the Solar’s result."

                            But when someone's lying to you, aren't you usually rolling against their Guile? Guile is a static value, there's no 1s in any pool to act as 10s on the Solar's result.


                            • I'm pretty sure I can guess the answer but i wanna ask anyways. Exigents is gonna have tips on making attribute exalted too right?


                              • Originally posted by Eric Minton View Post
                                Compared to the Neverborn, the Ice King is a paragon of lucidity.

                                Neverborn are cosmic horrors, not people. Any actual _character_ from fiction is going to be a bad comparison.
                                What about and Hekatonkhire(?) or other sub-entities they might generate? Could these potentially be lucid(-ish)?