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  • Are Liminals and Getmetians Creatures of Darkness?

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    • Robert Vance Say i'm playing a Dodge Solar and I have Single Point style. When in the form, am I able to use the initiative from either pool to fuel dodge charms like Reed in the Wind or Leaping Dodge or Living Bonds Unburdened? Or is it the pool that is being targeted by the attack? (e.g. they are attempting to wither my sword pool, can I use its initiative to boost Reed in the Wind?) I could see how this could get bonkers. Or can that pool only be used to fuel martial arts charms?

      In fact question holds true for all Exalts. Could a lunar use the sword's initiative to pay for dex charms? Or a dragon blood for their initiative based defensive charms?



      • How does Corrupted Words interact with unacceptable influence? I assume someone believing they would die won't break it but can the spell forbid someone from upholding their defining principle?


        • Two questions. First, when someone wielding two weapons is hit with a disarm gambit, do they lose both weapons? Second, Awakening Eye states that it adds a full Perception + Awareness excellency to a join battle roll. Does this change the base dice pool for the JB roll to Perception + Awareness instead of Wits + Awareness?


          • In previous editions, some characters became sorcerers through cutting off a part of their body as a sacrifice. Do you plan to bring that back in a Sorcerous Initiation in the future? For the Sidereals or the Abyssals?

            Does the Lunar Charm Shadow-Mind Meditation create a new, temporary persona each time, or does the Shadow-Mind permanently retain its Intimacies? If the later, does it always share the Defining Intimacies of the original mind, even if the original mind developed a new Defining Intimacy since the Shadow-Mind was born?

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            • Hello,

              I had a few spell/necromancy questions. The spell Stalwart Earth Guardian creates a small zone with some defensive buffs, and a zone around that that functions like an environmental hazard; its duration is 12 hours. If you leave the defensive zone in the middle does the spell continue to function? Instead of using it just as a protective spell could you use it to set up spots of dangerous terrain for area denial?

              I also had a question on Raise the Rotting Horde from Prince Resplendent's write up. The spell lets you raise a Size 2 unit of zombies; I assume there needs to be at least that many corpses to raise when casting? Also, is that the number raised per casting or the total number you can have up at one point in time; if you destroyed a size 5 army could you keep casting until you eventually raised them all?



              • Can an elemental created via the Summon Elemental ritual possess the Dematerialize or Measure the Wind charms; or are they restricted to lesser elemental dragons only? Additionally, can Elementals possess sorcery or necromancy in any capacity at all, and if so is it limited to elemental dragons?


                • Does the Immaculate Faith have any version of saints? Not as people to pray and worship to, but as exemplary people of the past, lauded by the monks as paragons of the faith, some of them even thought as martyrs. Dead examples of how an Immaculate should live her faith.

                  Or is that too close to Ancestor Worship for the Faith? I have some ideas for saints, and I don't know if I should make this something mainstream, or semi-heretical at best.


                  • Can you choose not to apply automatic successes from a Charm to your roll if you'd rather spend motes on an Excellency for actual dice instead?

                    For example, let's say our Solar hero is using Ancient Tongue Understanding + Six Eternities' Travail, mainly because Six Eternities' Travail is currently the only real dice trick for Occult rolls. Can his player choose not to use the automatic successes from Ancient Tongue Understanding and just fire off a full Occult Excellency instead, to maximize his chance at rolling 10s for those additional SET dice?

                    EDIT: Someone pointed out to me that this one was already answered on page 82. Sorry, question retracted.
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                    • How much brain damage is needed to kill a Liminal (Let's say his head is put on a pike, or his body is burned to a crisp, but not incinerated)?

                      Also, if he's beheaded, does he have any means of rising from the grave on his own, or does he need someone else to dig up and reassemble him?


                      • I have a bit of an oddball question. I've been running Scion recently, and one of the things I absolutely love about the Storypath system for Scion is Twists of Fate (which I believe are called dramatic editing in trinity / different things in the other storypath games). For me, Twists of Fate really shine when they allow a character to accomplish something extraordinary (and beyond their normal capabilities) when the character is willing to push beyond what is safe and normal. When they commit to an action.

                        I've an interest in hacking Twists of Fate into Exalted, and my current idea is to tie the twist into a 2 point stunt + willpower expenditure (limit 1 per session), my thought being that those two conditions show that the player really cares about what is happening. Since successes in Exalted can be a little easier to access than in other systems, I think the success-to-effect ratio should be higher, but I also think that the principle holds out.

                        So, my actual question. With the following caveat, that changes which break the logic of the setting require an experience expenditure, do you see an issue with introducing a mechanic similar to a Twist of Fate having a negative impact on Exalted?


                        • I recall that the Dusk Caste will include Ride as a caste ability. Does that mean that they no longer favor War? If so, what caste got the lost Dawn ability? Are there any other similar changes for other Abyssal castes?

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                          • Do Abyssals, like Solars, get eight Abilities per Caste with five chosen for each individual character, so that the Dusk Caste has room for the five traditional Abilities in addition to Ride?

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                            • My Stealth Supernal Night Caste has both Blinding Battle Feint and Fivefold Shadow Burial.

                              How does join battle work?


                              • The Realm says that the Immaculate Monks know that Solar and Lunar Anathema are Exalted, but do they understand that term to mean they're Exalted by Sol and Luna? Or is it still, "they stole the powers of the sun/moon"?