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Terrestrial Perfomance Charm [Peach]

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  • Terrestrial Perfomance Charm [Peach]

    Based one one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.
    Peacock Dragon Plumes

    Cost:1m (+3m); Mins: Performance 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Fire or Air or Wood
    Duration: One Performance
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    By casting exotic herbs into a fire (Wood), colorful dust into the air (Air), or by using a lit censer or pipe to produce plumes of smoke (Fire), the Dragon-blooded enhances her performance with fantastic imagery, phantasmagoric shapes and figures of impossible detail, but of obvious illusory nature, coalesce in the air about her. They are formed from the particulate clouds and shaped by her essence and will. This charm enables her to enhance performance actions with imagery and spectacular displays for one mote. Normally, this provides no mechanical benefit beyond broadening the stunts she can perform and, in the appropriate Aura, allowing her to treat this display as exceptional equipment for the purposes of dance or oratory.

    However, when she stunts the influence to exploit this display she may spend an additional 3m to use the rating of this stunt to reduce the cost of Talented Improvisation rather than the stunt described in that Charm’s description, if she wishes, and she increases the maximum number of dice she can re-roll by one per 10 on her initial roll to a maximum of (Essence+3). She may do so only once per scene, unless reset by regaining willpower for upholding an intimacy with her influence.

    At Performance 5+, Essence 4+ if she uses a charm that provides double 9s on the Initial roll treat 9s as 10s for the purpose of this charm’s effect, up to the same maximum.

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    Water = ever see one of those performances where someone paints something in real time on a stage, and paints over the painting, transforming one image into the next, and sometimes flipping it upside down to reveal a hidden image?

    Earth = drawing pictures in sand like Uncle Iroh or Jesus, or sculpting figures out of clay.

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      Ooh will add!


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        Honestly I would rather see Water be represented by steam/mist then painting.