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What are Iconic Fae Powers?

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  • What are Iconic Fae Powers?

    When you think of Noble Raksha, what capabilities do you think of? If you were going to play one, what powers would you insist upon having? What are things which, if they didn’t have, would make them feel wrong?

    There’s no wrong answer and people are entitled to their opinions, so please no disagreements. It’s also ok to say things like “that one charm that let them be perfect” or “the ability to eat background emotion” or whatever. You don’t have to go look up specific names from previous editions.


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    Creating an army of hobgoblins and monsters

    Being so unearthly beautiful or terrifying that mortal hearts are enslaved or stopped

    Bringing nightmares or dreams into creation

    Trolling the shit out of the Exalted

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      Forcing others to play along with their chosen roles, even if they should know they're nonsense.

      Redefining the nature of a conflict, such that participants must use different traits; demand everyone use combat Abilities for rolls in a tense negotiation, or replace someone's Strength rating with their Manipulation.

      Turn personal symbolism into literal fact; manifest a larger-than-life personality as Legendary Size, or sever limbs with a sharp tongue.

      Be in multiple places at once.

      Lie so convincingly that inanimate objects believe them.

      Make someone love or hate them so much that they just become an aspect of the raksha.

      Live to fight another day.

      Live happily ever after, at everyone else's expense.


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        Suck out people's emotions.

        Illusions and fantasy.

        Manipulate emotions, especially love and terror.

        Wield bizarre artefacts and ride monsters.

        Create hobgoblins.

        Doing things with dreams or nightmares, including making them real.

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          Catch people within narratives forcing them to play a role.


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            Not comprehending all this fuzz about death it’s just a temporary means to an end is it not?

            Feeding on emotions and intimacies when snacking and eating souls when feasting.

            Wielding Behemoths and weird artifacts.

            Conjuring equipment like clothes, armour, weapons, armies of hobgoblins and weather phenomena or environments.

            Not being limited to humanoid forms and forming bodies out of elements, emotions or concepts.

            Being living stories that catch people and Exalted alike in their narratives.

            Beautiful and horrifying beyond comprehension, often at the same time.


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              A feeling of effortlessness in their actions, regardless of actual proficiency. (I'm trying to put into words what I like about their naturally high dice pools other than just having those dice)

              A casual ability to enchant and ensnare (Through shaping, charms or Onieromancies.)

              A kind of off-kilter power set, where their magic isn't necessarily in the strength of their abilities, but in the sweeping and/or esoteric effects.

              In an OOC way, I also really really enjoyed creating Behemoths and Onieromancies with the 2e charmsets.


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                Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                When you think of Noble Raksha, what capabilities do you think of? If you were going to play one, what powers would you insist upon having? What are things which, if they didn’t have, would make them feel wrong?
                Holden always said that they were supposed to be particularly, dangerously effective when they spoke to you, which I got, but never quite thought stood out.

                The question is difficult for me, and makes the prospect of them being playable seem more awkward than ever, because between Adeimantus and the references in Fangs at the Gate, it seems to me that there are no iconic raksha powers; there are powers iconic to this raksha, or to that one.

                That said, once I got a look at the former's full write-up (courtesy of yourself), the most intriguing thing to me was the manner in which he could empower himself by allowing others to define him. I suppose that could be seen as a power in common that is distinct and iconic; that they are hollow men, who can turn that into a source of strength by allowing environment and the perceptions of others to fill in the gaps.

                I'd drop the narrative stuff; I find it too limiting.

                I have approximate knowledge of many things.
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                  Inspiring intense emotions in humans, and then devouring those emotions to leave the victim feeling lost and utterly numb, desperate to feel that intensely again. To feel anything.

                  Forging a beast which is less a creature and more an extension of your own being. Whoever successfully steals it from you and tames it claims a very personal power over you as well.

                  In fact, forging a number of things from your own soul. An artifact of mighty magic. An oath that grants power in return for conditions. A spell fit to rival the powers of Celestial Exalted sorcerers.

                  Relying on hordes and minions, but the approach needs to change. Powers to enhance command actions, distraction gambits, and benefits from receiving distraction gambits are all well and good, but I think there should be powers that encourage Fair Folk to send their minions to attack you even without the Raksha present to command them.

                  Actually, powers that involve commanding their minions remotely.

                  The Raksha should act like the final boss of a video game or movie; they deliberately send their hordes and sub-bosses after you to extend the story and make it more exciting when you finally do confront them.

                  To whit, a Raksha should be capable of forging minions specifically to counter you. Shades and dark mirrors of yourself that twist your ideals and mock your weaknesses. Even if you overcome the challenge and grow from it, the raksha likewise learns a valuable lesson about you.

                  Like the Lunar Exalted, the Raksha need their own ability to play the part of Maleficent, transforming into a giant dragon to do battle with the heroic knight to wake the princess she has cursed to sleep forever.

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                    Unsurpassed ability to create environments which can be utterly bizarre and which grant them all sorts of homefield advantage.

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                      For those who have played Raksha before, what do you enjoy about it? What did you find problematic?



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                        Noble Raksha? Taking and consuming parts of their commoner subordinates more or less freely, both ephemeral and physically.
                        I always thought having multiple assumptions to choose from was cool. Netesh the brigand of rosy lips? Never heard of em! I’m flamebright Netesh, bearer of eleven sparks.


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                          I always found the enemy in anime "shakugan no shana" to be a good inspiration for Rakshas, even more now in this edition.


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                            Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                            For those who have played Raksha before
                            Not played a Raksha but a Lunar with Fair Folk charms.
                            Originally posted by BrilliantRain
                            what do you enjoy about it?
                            I really enjoyed the freeform nature of wyld stunts.
                            Originally posted by BrilliantRain
                            What did you find problematic?
                            Bedlam. It's a big part of why I've never played a fae, their limit equivilent is a personality inversion that can persist for years until it has inconvenienced the player (and by extension, the group) repeatedly.

                            I’ve moved to Sword of Creation, thank you to everyone who helped made the Exalted community these past few years.


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                              Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                              For those who have played Raksha before, what do you enjoy about it? What did you find problematic?
                              I haven’t played one, but I’ve played with one and ST’d for one and I have to say I found them very difficult to adjudicate and deal with.

                              The problem that I see is that a lot of players get super into these really cool abstract ideas, like when you battle a Raksha everyone gets pulled into a world halfway between reality and their own dreams, and populated by monsters that are manifestations of their own personal nightmares. Unable to battle these creatures normally, because they are a part of you, overcoming them means letting go of your fears and letting it wash over you. Then once that’s finished the dream world melts away, and the sylvan lord with it.

                              So that’s cool, but how the fuck do I make that a charm? And what happens when a PC uses it?

                              Also other kind of odd effects like the ability to instantly create a grand palace out of glass, antlers and giant twisted bone, but it’s only real to you if you empty your mind. Because you aren’t creating it, it’s always there with you, in your spirit. It just can’t be seen because a mind cluttered by stray thoughts can not see through the physical world to that which permeates the soul, and can and feel what’s really there.

                              Which, again, how do I do that?