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What are Iconic Fae Powers?

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    Hmmm... I suppose the issue with Raksha having “Illusion” as one of the big factors in their powerset is the one that comes up when you imagine the classic story of “Traveler takes shelter in wondrous castle for the night, wakes up in an abandoned hovel.” And that is, what happens when you try to consider the logistics/consequences?

    Did any of the food that guy ate last night even exist? Would the roof have kept out the wind and rain? Was there some way the guy could have seen through the illusion? Could the traveler have climbed up on the parapet and looked around? Basically, how does all this interact with each other?

    On the other hand, if you view the Fae as “reality-warpers,” who can just call up chunks of matter or reshape reality on a whim, those questions become easy to answer since it’s all “real.” On the other hand, now you need to figure out some new limits to put on the Fae. My knee jerk reaction is that, outside of the Wyld, their reality shaping tends to cost more and not last very long. Also it likely needs to conform to your identity.

    For example, see how Adeimantus can just summon forth a chunk of architecture from his “Ideal City” to provide cover for himself, but it goes away quickly.



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      Originally posted by Ghosthead View Post
      Are players really going to worry about why a Ragara Myrrun type (should he appear and *not* promptly explode), not really involved in politics, just very cultivated in essence, might be Essence 6?
      In the sense that if you don't offer a sufficient textual explaination it's going to fall to the the metatextual reason "I wanted my original character to be one of the most powerful people in the world" which isn't necessarily bad if your PCs are a circle of essence 5 Solars desperate for a challenge but there are players who can and do see it as a red flag.

      It's not a unique problem for Dragon-Blooded but in comparison Lunars have more essence 6+ exalts and Bear's Sleep Technique can be used to create the kind of negative space I'm talking about. I just talked about Dragon-Blooded because people in this thread have been infering they don't consider Dragon-Blooded power level sufficient for the strongest of the Fair Folk.

      Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post
      That said, the matter of Dragon Blooded being weakened by lack of Exalted above Essence 5 begs the question of why that should be a significant addition, considering the more low-key approach to such Essence levels this time around.
      Its a very meaningful choice in an NPC's design.
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