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Crucial elements of Exalted to translate into other systems

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  • Crucial elements of Exalted to translate into other systems

    I'm a relative Exalted newbie, I've heard a lot about it, but 3e is my first edition. I love the world, the atmosphere, the lore... But the system seems a bit too much for me. I have been thinking about various adaptations of Exalted into other rulesets, and about adapting it myself (most probably to some version of FATE). However, before doing any mechanical work, I think I need to pin down what the crucial elements of Exalted are, to separate things I have to translate from things I can get rid of.

    For example, I know I want to get rid of the huge charmlist, but I want to retain the awesomness of Exalted powers and how they thematically fit each Exalt type (and perhaps move further into the idea of Exalted "magic" being an intristic element of their being and not a list of external "spells"). I also feel the distinction between charms, sorcery, thaumaturgy, martial arts and evocations is quite important for the Exalted feel.

    There's also some stuff that I think would suit Exalted very well that aren't that much present in the system. For example, the ability to use one's dreams and goals, hatreds and passions, to bolster one's actions (for example achieving new heights when your loved ones' lives are on the line).

    Since I'm a noob, I wanted to try and brainstorm this with some Exalted veterans. What elements, either of the mechanics, world or narrative tropes, are in your opinion crucial to Exalted and should be retained in any conversion?

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    Well, that is what the four Virtues did in the previous versions. You paid a Willpower and received dice equal to your Virtue to one roll, up to (Virtue) times per story. Since you had four Virtues, each with its own scope, even a default character could gain the benefits of Virtue 9 times per story. Virtues also determined Willpower and usually influenced Essence Pool.


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      Fate is a perfectly reasonable system to use for Exalted. You can very nearly use it right off the shelf. A njmber have people have done conversions that can help get you started, I don't have any links but you can google "FATExalted" and/or "Fate system exalted conversion".


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        It's not quite the same, but broadly the trope of being driven by your love/friends/nation/philosophy or whatever is currently represented by regaining Willpower by protecting or upholding your Intimacies, the idea being that you can spend a bit more freely when they're at stake.

        I do think this could be expanded upon, probably in the charm sets though. I was sure I'd find something about it in Solar Integrity but I guess not.


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          The Stunt system seems like a thing any version of Exalted should have.



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            Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
            The Stunt system seems like a thing any version of Exalted should have.

            Thanks, that is an example of a thing I wouldn't have thought of being a noob.

            Guess this is why Wushu and FATE are popular choices for Exalted. xD


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              There is a nice MHR hack. Godbound is also a favorite and can basically be used as is.


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                Originally posted by Angwe View Post
                There is a nice MHR hack. Godbound is also a favorite and can basically be used as is.

                Yeah, I'm aware of those, but I was asking more generally about elements a good hack should have, not about particular hack recommendations. Still, thanks for that to you and all others!


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                  I think a key point is having supernatural ability in more than just combat; socialising, crafting, bureaucracy, knowledge (and not just of magic). That's what stands out for me about Exalted's rules system compared to, say, DnD.

                  My characters:
                  Dr Soma Vaidya, viper-totem Lunar and kung-fu doctor
                  Brother Alazar, Zenith occultist and last survivor of the Black Monastery of Leng
                  Shadow of Kings, Twilight barbarian scholar, master of lost First Age crafting techniques. Has a lot of clones. Picture by Jen.


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                    The game I’m in right now, we actually don’t use stunts at all.
                    I get the intention, but they can slow down the game a lot, and players vary wildly in how much they want to engage with them.
                    It’s no less Exalted without them. In fact Fangs at the Gate includes a note on in the section about charm caps specifying that while the cap can be raised by a descriptive stunt, if you don’t use stunts you can just give a brief description of how you’re making use of a second attribute. So there’s acknowledgement in the text of playing without stunting.

                    But I know lots of players have stunting front-and-centre, so I’m not gonna say it’s bad or anything. We just don’t really enjoy it.