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    Nephwracks are more powerful because they have access to sorcery. 100 Essence 5 Nephwracks would be a death sentence for most groups, as you could have 100 spells launched at the group.


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      Originally posted by Hark View Post
      Is there any reason a nemissary cant also be a nephwrack? A ghost with the ability to possess bodies gives its mind to the void in exchange for power.
      The Nephwrack in the book actually is a Nemissary.

      But as Fool said, Nephwracks are really, really powerful. That's why when I though I read "100 Nephwracks" I was look "woah, that's a TPK right there." But I misread it.

      100 Nemissaries is just 100 ghosts possessing corpses. Not necessarily a big deal.

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        For my "dip into 2nd edition charms" advice, I thought I'd cover Infinite Mastery and its counterparts because that's potentially bumpy ground.

        Defensively a scene length dice adder normally poses little problem, in fact it's a bit on the weak side it means that the PCs will need full excellencies to keep up but successful withering attacks will be pretty common and then a real risk of getting hit by decisive attacks (I had an NPC where I experimented with this and they were out of the fight way before the players made observations about how their foe wasn't getting tired). There are ways to over-optimise this defence though, by relying on success reduction from charms such as Hail Shattering Practice and getting soak so high that the PCs are struggling to do more than their minimum damage. They might still win because minimum damage can really add up (especially with charms) but there’s a lot of potential tedium here*.

        Arguably the real place scene-length dice adders are going to be a problem is charms that create multiple extra attacks, in that you can single out one PC and throw more essence enhanced attacks at them than they can possibly handle. It’s not unbeatable but most PCs will be effectively be out the fight, either because they’re incapacitated or so hurting for motes and health levels that their participation in the fight as anything other than a potential hostage is effectively over.

        However, this is where storyteller narrative control is an important consideration. It’s actually quite possible for a middling range NPC to do this without any special tricks. The toll it’ll take on their own motes makes this plan boarder on suicide but if the storyteller is that committed to antagonism these kinds of filler characters are an unlimited resource.

        *This can be mitigated by tweaking the charm to better fit the new paradigm by giving it an internal weakness I've already covered why that's not stictly necessary but sometimes players feel satisfied knowing how they won. Perilous is a pretty significant nerf. Another option might be to give it limitations similar to Towering Beast Form or Aegis of Invincible Might where the charm’s duration must be maintained by actions which avoid a boring and overly cautious approach to combat.

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          Should probably note that substantial persistent penalties are going to produce similar results.
          A scene length that imposes (Essence) penalty to dice pools, seems more forgiving and avoids the problem with offensive charm use but it can have its own bad interaction with other persistent defences especially at the essence 5+ level.