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Changing the number of Lunar Exaltations

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    Reading that old thread, I think that now the book is out, I still feel confident in the points I raised on that first page; a)about the balance of Lunar-Solar power in the First Age if Lunars outnumbered Solars 3-1*, and b)in terms of the number of Lunars in any particular area in the modern setting, which I think is too much. I still feel that 5-6ish Lunars in an 1000x1000 mile area (which is the sort of area I normally run the majority of a game in) is a reasonable number, and 11-14 is too much.
    (Though I may have made a mistake with the sums there, admittedly; it's not easy to work out how many of the 400 Lunars are in any particular area of the Threshold, as there's so many variables).

    *In fact, now that there's this thing about a Solar-Lunar war in the early First Age, I find this even more applicable. The Solar-Lunar war ended with an armistice, which makes sense when the two sides are roughly comparable. But if Lunars outnumbered Solars 3-1, why didn't the Solars lose and lose hard?
    Secondly, post-First Deliberative the Lunars formed a loose political organisation, the Silver Pact.
    Forming a loose political organisation makes sense if you're a minority, or at least not politically weak.
    For example, it makes sense to have a Feminist political organisation representing all women, because while women are not a minority, they are in a politically weaker position, in most societies. But there's no real point making a Masculinist political organisation when men make up the majority of political roles. If male politicians want more rights for men and less for women... they just do it through the normal parties or government, because they control it.
    Similarly, in Britain where I live, the Scottish Nationalist Party is very popular in Scotland, and Plaid Cymru (the Welsh nationalist party) is fairly popular in Wales. But the English Democrats (an English nationalist party) are a marginal force in England, they don't have a single Member of Parliament, and are mostly irrelevent even on the local council level. Because we English already politically dominate Britain, so what's the point of saying "more rights for English, we English should work together"? The government's already changing the electoral system to reduce Welsh MPs and increase English MPs in the next few years, they don't need a special English political party to do it, because there's very few Welsh people in the "British" government.

    So, similarly, I can see that in a Deliberative where Lunars only take up half the Celestial seats, and are politically weaker than the Solars, it makes sense for Lunars to be keen on a loose Lunar-rights organisation, a safe space for Lunars where they can bitch about their Solar Mates and hang out and shapeshift together.
    But if there's 3 Lunars for every Solar, then they're going to dominate the Deliberative and marginalise Solar stuff anyway. So there'd be no need for the Silver Pact until after the Usurpation, and the Silver Pact would essentially just be a continuation of the Deliberative.

    To put it a different way; if women outnumbered men 3-1, do you think men would have run most governmental systems in history? If black people outnumbered white people in 19th century America by 3-1, do you think a racialised slavery system would have continued? (It's quite possible slavery would have existed, but I don't think it would have been racialised.)

    (I'm sure someone's going to point out that in Apartheid South Africa, black people outnumbered whites massively. But I'll also point out that, without the support of the British military, the system only lasted a few decades before collapsing.)
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      I'm still in basically the same place.

      I feel better about how the Lunars being at war against the Realm is portrayed though.

      -We've escaped the Silver Pact elders all coming across as huge bigots whose main issue with the Usurpation seemed to be the Dragon-Blooded forgetting their rightful place.

      -They've showed us what that war looks like for the majority of Lunars so that sneaking onto the Blessed Isle and murdering Great House Leaders isn't a forgone conclusion. Which is good, because if it was then the evidence would be telling us that they suck at it.

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