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Book of Laughing Serpents Volume 3

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  • Book of Laughing Serpents Volume 3

    Hey there fellow Exalts! I hope you are ready for more demons(I know I am)! The third volume of Book of Laughing Serpents is now available. In volume three you will find the following creatures of Malfeas:

    Demons of the First Circle
    The Cerebral Hunters (Dahaki), for when you need to hunt your enemies in the shadows and command lower souls.
    The Twin Headed Arbiters (Janudrac) for when you need to find breakers of the law, thieves, and crooks.
    Demons of the Second Circle
    Leketengera, The Blood Queen
    These are homebrew creations that come fully statted as QCs for use in 3E games. Should you use them in your game we would love to hear about experiences! Or if you have any feedback for Ryan TheSly9 and I as the creators, please feel free to reach out to us!

    Book of Laughing Serpents Volume 3

    As a quick endnote, Ryan and I wanted to express our thanks and gratitude to all of you out there that have chosen to support us. Your support means a lot to us!y

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