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    Reading the book;
    They have some cool charms.
    Their charms are better balanced against each other than 2nd (in 2nd ed, some trees were way, way better than others, which meant DB characters ended up sticking to a small amount of builds, so felt a bit dull).
    The charms are written clearly.
    They have quite an interesting set of social charms.
    Their charms are generally not very powerful, but can reach up to some powerful effects, especially Signature charms.
    They don't have too many dice trick charms, but still slightly more than I'd like. I don't utterly hate the way they did excellencies, but nor am I fan of it.
    The Aura mechanic seems quite fiddly.

    But I've only played alongside one DB, and not fought against any, so this is all somewhat theoretical. My friends who've played them seemed to either say "yeah, they're good" or "they're too fiddly."

    My characters:
    Dr Soma Vaidya, viper-totem Lunar and kung-fu doctor
    Brother Alazar, Zenith occultist and last survivor of the Black Monastery of Leng


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      On one hand, DBs are definitely less powerful than Solars. Their dicecaps are smaller, their Charms are often less efficient in terms of effect balanced against cost/depth of requirements, and they lack the Supernal capacity to just grab a pile of mid-to-late-game Charms right out of the gate. Besides being less strong, their Excellencies must be bought.
      On the other hand, DBs have what I think is a better-written and more interesting Charmset and some effects that Solars just don't get to replicate. They also benefit from getting more starting Merits, even as Outcastes. They further benefit from the fact that, more than basically any other Exalt type, they are allowed to openly exist. Their Excellencies' little dicetricks and quirks are also quite fun and can somewhat lessen the gap, especially when others might hold back out of concern for Anima flaring outing them.

      I really, really like DBs in 3e. It's not even that terribly hard to throw them some buffs to make it more feasible to play them alongside Celestial Exalts, like making it easier and faster for them to pick up Excellencies and Signature Charms. I'm in one game with three Solars and my Outcaste DB using such houserules, and while we haven't done a whole lot yet, she's still been able to contribute just as much to the group as anyone (hint: when you win big on Read Intentions but aren't so good at talky-talky, use Wind-Carried Words to slip the information to the talky Zenith and let 'em fire away). In a game of two Lunars and my Outcaste necromancer, even without any houserules I haven't felt terribly behind. And, of course, all-DB games are a blast too---I got to witness an amazing battle where our Fire Aspect proved definitively that the secondary effect of Dragon-Graced Weapon is the coolest thing, pulling out weapon after weapon to fit his needs and repeatedly clash a formidable foe.

      So, in short, I like DBs in 3e. I haven't had an issue with Aura so far.

      Abyssals: Whom Death Has Called, a PEACH-as-heck attempt to make an Abyssal 3E holdover.

      Where I try to make Artifacts. When I finish them I'll probably post them in the Artifact Workshop thread so people can help me hammer them into shape.