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    How well can a starting Solar do with written social influence? I have an idea for a zenith caste rebel who uses graffiti and leaflets or posters for social influence instead of big speeches. Is that an effective approach? How well does the system support that?

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    The main weakness of written social influence is that you need to consider your targets because a lot of people in Creation aren't literate.

    For example, if I was trying to inspire a satrapy into open rebellion against the Realm. I wouldn't have my leaflets and posters target the population to try and rile them up so much as try and convince the Dynasts that their mere existence is proof that things are already coming to the boil and allow them to undermine themselves.

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      What about art? Crafting that perfect symbol for your rebellion that inspires people behind it?


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        A good workaround for the question of illiteracy is effects that force a reader to read the text aloud. I don't see anything regarding if a social influence attempt can be made this way to the audience, or if so, whether the roll is based on the traits of the writer or the unwitting speaker... but I personally would at least rule that social influence can be dispersed in this way.

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          Originally posted by werlynn View Post
          What about art? Crafting that perfect symbol for your rebellion that inspires people behind it?
          Well... If it conveys information --like maps, diagrams, and accompanying illustrations-- then it is covered by Linguistics. Other art would be Craft, which doesn't have social influence charms. So I suppose that the key would be getting the word out about what the symbol means.


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            For getting other people to read it I feel like that would be more like actually using social influence on people just to get them on board with your cause and building a strong enough intimacy that they are also choosing to go out and preach your cause. At that point your abilities have nothing to do with it.

            Sounds like it won't work. Thanks for your input.


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              As much as we would like linguistics to apply to art as far as I'm always the official position of Exalted on art is that it falls under craft not linguistics. Maybe the new devs changed that stance.


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                Thats not as much of a big deal. I'd planned to combine both, but I liked the idea of using linguistics charms to produce a stack of posters and having my followers post them around the city. Or sneaking around the city with a bucket of paint and using linguistics charms to quickly write out a slogan, tagging buildings. I figured in a city literacy might be more common.


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                  You'll want to lean heavy into Linguistics then. Not Socialize.