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  • Do you play Ex3?

    I'm curious, how many people are actually playing this latest edition?

    I'm currently just reading the books, and sometimes I come here to the forums to see if there's been any exciting news.

    How about you, or the players near you? Would you say Ex3 is popular as a gaming option? Or is it more like a setting that people like to read but can't actually get the time, the friends, or whatever to play it?

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    I’ve been running the same campaign since the core book went to print. So, yes. As far as local gamer scene goes in the Portland Oregon metro area, I don’t know. I don’t often go to gaming stores to play or buy books. Since all of my players are busy professionals we play as often as we are able, sometimes it’s 3 times a month sometimes it’s once every 6 weeks depending on who’s traveling at the time.

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      I've been running a single 3e Solar campaign called Golden Shackles, Iron Crowns for 3-4 years. Of course, since 3e was only an anticipated dream when we started we played under a Fate Core reskin until the core book released. There's 5 players, two twilights, no zenith, and one each of the other castes.

      Most of the players have hit E4 by now, we're planning to wrap the whole game before the end of the year / an additional player moves.

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        I'm playing it and enjoying it a lot. I am currently in two live voice games that play weekly. I am also in a few PBP games. While on non-Exalted-focused sites I haven't seen as much Exalted interest as D&D-et-al, when I do see it, it's nearly always 3e as opposed to 2e or 1e.

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          I'm playing roughly once a month with my local friends. Half of my group is running another game with their coworkers (all of whom it's their first table-top RPG ever and love it). It's complex but proving to be worth the effort for everyone involved.

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            A little bit more about my experience..

            I'm pretty introverted, so my experience with gaming outside my immediate friends group is pretty sparse. For all I know there ~could~ be half a dozen Exalted games going on in my area... but I'm thinking that's unlikely, and Exalted books don't get stocked to lure new gamers in anymore (alas, market forces problems).

            I did play in an Exalted 3rd edition game at Gencon in 2017, had a ton of fun in a Spaghetti Western meets Studio Ghiblli mash-up one shot.

            Played a 2.X Exalted game the next year (sadly, no 3rd edition games at the con) but had an absolute blast anyway.

            Unfortunately I think finding a group is 80% luck and 20% putting yourself out there. A group of folks for a niche game in a niche hobby is a hard thing to come by.

            Sure do miss the days of healthy, populous chat games though; those were good times.

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              I have been playing 3e regularly for the last two years, so yes, I´m.

              Although I stopped my current campaign a month and a half ago, and have been playing an Unknown Armies one, mostly so I can rest with a lighter system for a while: the last Exalted game had some pretty intense and long battles, and they are pretty mentally exhausting :P


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                I played Ex3 for some months intermittently with a handful of my usual gaming buds, the Exalted veteran was our Storyteller, but that game is in hiatus now. Lotsa shenanigans, it was fun! Our Twilight's player tried running a game of his own with different characters but we didn't get more than two sessions and a few interactions in, unfortunately. I've been meaning to run Dragon-Blooded myself, but I have to prepare well and I've been running/thinking of other stuff in the meantime.

                I think on its own the setting definitely has a lot to talk about, but in some ways it almost distracts from running a game, if that makes sense. It comes up pretty often in discussion with my online tabletop circle.


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                  Exalted is definitely more of an rpg book club than being actively played. If you look on Google trends vs 2004 there's about 8 to 12% of the activity now.


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                    Originally posted by Tytalus View Post
                    If you look on Google trends vs 2004 there's about 8 to 12% of the activity now.
                    What do you mean?

                    With my old friends from Uni, I run a (quite new) Lunars game and play 2 Mixed games, one of which I used to run. We alternate them on Sundays, so basically I'm playing or running Exalted 3 out of 4 Sundays. I'd say I've run/played it every 1-2 weeks since a bit before 3rd edition came out.

                    On the other hand, in the city where I live, the rpg club does a lot of DnD but does do plenty of other games too (some classics like Paranoia and Call of Cthulu, some newer games like Monsterhearts, Numinera, Lady Blackbird, etc). But no-one seems to have heard of Exalted. In fact, when I told my DnD group I played a fantasy game made by the same people who make Vampire (which some of them have played, and all of them have heard of), they were surprised they'd never heard of Exalted.

                    My old gaming group in uni was massively into White Wolf, I think way more than half the games were White Wolf, but I don't know if that's an era thing (were White Wolf games much more popular in the past than now? My Exalted group's average is probably 34ish, my DnD group's average age is more like 28) or just those happened to be popular in that city.
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                      I play it all the time in different mediums and with different groups. The only thing I don't get to do is to actually "play" myself, since I'm stricken by the ST curse.

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                        I run a mixed game and a Dragon-Blooded game, I play in three games with a fourth starting soon.

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                          Not currently, but got a decent amount of in already. So between campaigns and looking for a new group (I don't have a consistent group so that's always an issue regardless of what I'm trying to play).


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                            I do not play EX3.

                            Because I am afflicted with the curse of the forever ST and my only chances to actually PLAY my favorite RPG of all time are but fleeting moments that do nothing but leave me starved for more.

                            That said, I have been running it for, shit, approaching or possibly just exceeding four years?

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                              Currently in a round-robin game with four other players, it's my turn as ST.