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    I quite like the Martial Arts styles that interact with some non-combat ability (Ebon Shadow, Black Claw, Silver-Voiced Nightingale), and so tried to write one for Larceny.
    Magpie Style is focused around stealing your enemies stuff while fighting them, with a side in being annoying and more interested in interfering with your opponent then actually killing them.

    Items as intimacies
    Many charms in Magpie Style refer to using objects as intimacies, or to the strength of an object’s intimacy. For the purposes of the style, use the following rules: An inexpensive or easily replaced item, by the owner’s standards, is a minor intimacy. A valuable or hard to replace item is a major intimacy. An artifact is always a defining intimacy.
    Any item the owner has an intimacy for is at a minimum that strong an intimacy.

    Weapons: Magpie Style may be practiced unarmed, or with hooks swords or war fans. Similar to Crane Style, it is common to practice with a paired sword and fan.
    Armor: Magpie Style may not be practiced in armor.

    Clever Bird Trickery
    Cost:3m; Mins:Martial Arts 2, Essence 1
    Keywords:Uniform, Terrestrial
    Supplements an attack.
    If the attack hits, disable your enemy in some way (knock prone, sand in eyes, etc). This is mechanically equivalent to them being prone, except that the roll to “stand up” in the presence of enemies may require a different attribute+ability. In general, the Storyteller should allow a range of rolls .
    Terrestrial: On a withering attack, this only triggers on crashing an enemy.

    Subtle Shift Deflection
    Cost:4m; Mins:Martial Arts 3, Essence 1
    Keywords:Mastery, Uniform
    Use when you declare a Defense against an attack.
    An attack against you takes a –(larceny/2, round up) penalty. Each time after the first you use this, reduce the cost by 1m, minimum 1m, resetting at the start of your turn.
    Mastery: If the attack misses, it does not impose an onslaught penalty

    Grasping Corvid Claws
    Cost:3m; Mins:Martial Arts 3, Essence 1
    Keywords:Decisive-Only, Terrestrial
    Prerequisites:Clever Bird Trickery
    This supplements a gambit, adding extra successes on the attack roll as dice on the initiative roll.
    Terrestrial: This adds at most (Essence) dice

    Magpie Form
    Cost:7m; Mins:Martial Arts 4, Essence 1
    Duration:One Scene
    Prerequisites:Grasping Corvid Claws, Subtle Shift Deflection
    Ignore penalties from flurries including larceny actions. You may pickpocket using a weapon or your feet, and may reflexively store objects you take with pickpocketing or disarming even if your hands aren’t free.
    You gain +1 Defense.
    You lose only 1 initiative for missing with a gambit.
    Special Activation Rules: This may be activated reflexively after stealing something. If this happens in the middle of a flurry including a larceny action, ignore the defense penalty and penalty on any future actions from the flurry.

    Stolen Shinies Taunt
    Cost:4m; Mins:Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
    Keywords:Mastery, Terrestrial
    Prerequisites:Magpie Form
    Make an inspire roll to inspire anger. You must present an object you have stolen from them to do this. To spend willpower to resist, they must enter a decision point using an intimacy of strength based on the item stolen.
    If they are inspired, they take a –(larceny/2, round up) penalty on attacks against people other than you while they are inspired. Until your next turn, this penalty also applies to attacks against you, though it does not stack with Subtle Shift Deflection.
    This may be flurried with a larceny-based action, but no other actions.
    Terrestrial: The penalty does not apply to attacks against you during the first round.
    Mastery: You may make an inspire or persuade action, which must match taunting them. For a persuade action, instead of forcing a decision point count them as having an intimacy supporting your persuade action based on the item. The attack penalty lasts until the end of scene for these, or until the social influence runs out.

    Thought-Stealing Talons
    Cost:3m, 1wp; Mins:Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
    Keywords:Uniform, Mastery
    Prerequisites:Stolen Shinies Taunt
    This supplements an attack. If it hits, you may reflexively read intentions with bonus dice equal to your extra successes on the attack. For the rest of the scene, the victim cannot recall what was learned – a stolen intimacy is unused, and a stolen purpose will be forgotten in favor of whatever is happening. If this is brought up by an outside force, they may pay 1 wp to remember. This information can be treated as an item for other charms, as strong as the intimacy stolen or the strongest intimacy supporting their purpose.
    Mastery: You may alternatively spend 1wp to enhance a regular read intentions roll with the memory-stealing effect.

    Clad in Other’s Treasure
    Cost:- (1m, 1wp); Mins:Martial Arts 4, Essence 2
    Prerequisites:Stolen Shinies Taunt
    Upgrades Magpie Form. You may pay 1m, 1wp when activating the form to gain (intimacy) soak against any attack from someone who you are carrying a stolen item from. If you have a major or defining item stolen from someone, they have -1 defense against your gambits.

    Quick-Thieving Claws
    Cost:5m; Mins:Martial Arts 5, Essence 3
    Keywords:Terrestrial, Clash, Decisive-Only
    Prerequisites:Wings Brush Aside
    Use when attacked from close range. Clash the attack with a disarm gambit.
    Terrestrial: This counts as your attack for the round, and can’t be used if you’ve already attacked in this round.

    Wing Hides Claw
    Cost:4m; Mins:Martial Arts 5, Essence 2
    Prerequisites:Magpie Form
    Use this while flurrying two actions which target a person. 10s on the roll for the 1staction give -1 defense or -1 success on an opposed roll. If either action fails, that target is immune to this charm for the rest of the scene.
    Terrestrial: Benefit from a maximum of (Essence) 10s.

    Wonders Unbound from Form
    Cost:8m, 1wp; Mins:Martial Arts 5, Essence 3
    Keywords:Terrestrial, Mastery
    Prerequisites:Thought-Stealing Talons, Quick-Thieving Claws, Clad in Other’s Treasure, Wing Hides Claw
    Use after crashing an opponent.
    This steals an ongoing charm of your choosing – the target no longer benefits from the charm, and you now benefit. The target’s motes are no longer committed, and you need not commit motes. If the duration was longer than one scene, you lose the benefit at the end of the scene. If you are crashed or dealt decisive damage by the target, you lose the benefit. If you steal a form charm in this way, you must choose between it and any other form charms you may have. You may use this once/scene.
    Mastery: If you steal a form charm, you may use it in addition to Magpie Form. Any charm you steal cannot be re-activated until your copy runs out.