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  • Songs to Charms Methodology

    The challenge: take the title (and perhaps the tone) of any song and, in about five minutes, make a Charm for any Exalt-type. Don't overthink it, just make it happen.

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    Desecrate Through Reverence
    Cost: 10m1w Mins: Occult 5 Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: (Essence) Weeks
    Prerequisites: Divinity-Banishing Contempt
    The Abyssal can call on the putrid essence of the Underworld to tarnish and corrupt the bond between the spirits and mankind.
    In order to activate this charm the Deathknight must perform some blashpemous act at a god or other spirit's temple or other place of religious significance, such as starting a brawl in the temple of a god of love or setting fire to a nature spirit's sacred grove. For the duration of the charm, the spirit loses access to the benefits of its Cult merit and cannot recover willpower from sleep. Additionally, any attempts to answer its followers prayers or to enact its miracles on their behalf will backfire in some tenebrous manner: an army blessed to be victorious in battle is stricken by disease and morale-destroying nighmares, a ritual to bless a pregnant woman instead induces a miscarriage, etc.
    The only way to end this effect prematurely is for the spirit or its followers to expose the Deathknights malicious influence and then either defeat it in combat or inflict some other significant setback, or for her to willingly lift her curse.
    If this charm is used against a spirit whose Essence rating is lower than the Abyssal's then the effect becomes Permanent.

    Huh, that was harder than I thought.

    Are you in the market for some Martial Arts? Perhaps some custom Artifacts for your campaign?


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      Not quite what you're asking for, but I still feel it's in the spirit.

      Two Piña Coladas Style
      Its Charms are:
      Heartaches Healed by Sea
      Painting-the-Town Technique
      Two Piña Coladas Form
      One for Each Hand Method
      Setting Sail on Dry Land
      Troubles Buried in Sand
      More and More Like Home Mudra


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        L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
        see: Shun the Smiling Lady

        Known elsewhere as Kurulham. Void where permitted.


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          Don’t Stop Me Now: See Unswerving Juggernaut Principle.



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            Let It Go
            Cost: 6m; Mins: Charisma 4, Essence 1
            Type: Simple
            Keywords: None
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Rapture of the Nightingale

            A secret held wants to be released. The Lunar makes a special inspire roll against the target’s Resolve. If successful, the target is posessed by an irresistible urge to reveal his deepest secret to the Lunar. The Lunar also learns any directly related intimacies.



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              Okay, once again, maybe not the exact instructions of the OP, but still feels in the spirit of the thread.

              The Scripture of the Barenaked Maiden
              Once, there was a maiden...

              She had not looked at him in one week.
              She had cocked her head to the side, and said, "I'm angry."
              She had not said in five days, "Get that together, come back and see me."
              It had been three days since the living room.
              He realized it was her fault, but couldn't tell her.
              Yesterday, she'd forgiven him.
              But it would still be two days before he would say sorry.
              She said, "To know the world is to watch
              X-files with the lights on."
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                Here's an idea.

                Prince of the Universe Posture
                Cost: - (6m, 1wp); Mins: Presence 5, Essence 3
                Type: Permanent
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Permanent
                Prerequisite Charms: Authority Radiating Stance

                From the moment she took her Second Breath, the destiny of the Lawgiver was to be a queen, and all must acknowledge her ultimate authority. This charm increases the effect of Majestic Radiant Presence - if the Solar pays an additional 6m, 1wp when activating it, her presence radiates an unquestionable aura of righteous authority. Any intimacy in onlookers that applies to higher authority also applies to the Golden Bull. (This does include negative intimacies - if someone hates all symbols of the law, they'll also hate the Solar.)
                Once per scene, while Majestic Radiant Presence is active, the Solar may issue an order and have it obeyed. This is a standard Persuade action, and automatically affects everyone who has an intimacy related to authority that currently applies to the Lawgiver and can hear her (penalties or bonuses to Resolve from any relevant intimacies apply, including the ones regarding authority), with no penalties for groups. Anyone whose Resolve is overcome by the command must obey. Entering a Decision Point to reject the order is only possible if the intimacy relevant to resisting is of Defining intensity, and rejecting the rightful command of the Zenith costs (the higher of her Essence or 3) WP.
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                  Dust-Biting Domination
                  Cost: - (8m)): Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4
                  Type: Permanent
                  Keywords: Decisive-Only
                  Duration: Permanent
                  Prerequisite Charms: Sheer Heart Attack

                  The most terrifying aspect of a Killer Queen stylist is not the capability she has for killing her victims, but that in sparing their lives, she completely dominates them. This charm improves Sheer Heart Attack. When an attack supplemented by that charm incapacitates an enemy, the stylist can choose to activate Dust-Biting Domination: in doing that, she forgoes any level of damage inflicted by the attack, and instead impose a geas upon the enemy: don´t say my name, or abdicate your throne and don´t come back are valid examples of geases. If the victim ever breaks the geas, he reflexively suffers all the damage he should have suffered in the original attack. If this kill him, he is completely annihilated: not even a ghost remain, and even his friends forget him, unless they witnessed his death or held at least a Major intimacy (positive or negative) towards him
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                    Get the Party Started Prana
                    Cost: 4m1w Mins: Performance 4 Essence 2
                    Type: Simple
                    Keywords: None
                    Duration: Varies
                    Prerequisites: Shining Expression Style
                    The Exalt reveals a truth lost to the First Age : that there is no party like a Solar party.
                    This is a special Dance-based social influence which Inspires onlookers to join in the fun and party late into the night.
                    Roll (Apparance+Performance). Targets whose Resolve is beaten will keep partying for at least (Essence) hours unless doing so would go against a Defining Intimacy.
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