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    I have read Creatures of the Wyld, Savage Sea and Scavenger Sons... ages and ages ago. I can't really remember them very well, except that the Scavenger Lands was way, way smaller in Scavenger Sons, so all the countries seem massive.

    I don't really have time to read through the whole thing (I've just read through the Northern creatures of Creatures of the Wyld, as that's where my game is set), so does anyone remember a particular favourite part from those books, that they thought was great and they'd recommend?

    My characters:
    Dr Soma Vaidya, viper-totem Lunar and kung-fu doctor
    Brother Alazar, Zenith occultist and last survivor of the Black Monastery of Leng
    Shadow of Kings, Twilight barbarian scholar, master of lost First Age crafting techniques. Has a lot of clones. Picture by Jen.

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    Probably the parts of Glories: Luna that are still useful in 3e are the section on the Silver Chair of Night and the section on Thaumaturgy. Well, the general notes on Luna are still likely useful, provided you keep the stuff from Lunars 3e in mind and don’t confine Luna to only a few different personas. But, yes, I’m pretty sure the Silver Chair still exists in 3e and I don’t think any of the Thaumaturgy in this book is too powerful to be problematic if converted over to 3e.

    I’ll take a look at the other books later. Though, I will note that Savage Seas has a whole bunch of interesting stuff on how to navigate in Creation and everything. If you’ve got a game in the West and everyone wants to increase the vermisilitude of the trip, the first chapter is a useful read.
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      Savage Seas, the artifact chapter, probably can be used.
      In all honesty I bought the bundle primarily for the creatures to give more range for my players. Even if it will take work to bring them up to 3rd edition stats.


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        Savage Seas is useful if you really want to dig in deep into the sailing culture of Creation. Chapter 1 should be fine to just use. Chapters 2 and 4 are also useful, but you’ll need to substitute the relevant 3e mechanics.

        Chapter 3 a bit more complicated. The sections on the Guild and independent trade groups are probably still valid, but the stuff specifically about the Realm should probably be ignored and superseded by 3e info. I would probably also skip the section on Naval Service, especially the list of Admirals, but the Pirate info is probably ok. And then naval combat is covered by the 3e rules, though I certainly won’t stop anyone from trying to mod them.