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Why do mortals learn Martial Arts?

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    Depending on the MA's weapon, there is some benefit in having one skill serve as brawl and melee. Of course, that doesn't apply for the MAs that allow for no weapons AND no armor...

    One House Rule some players saw and I allowed is to allow limited charm usage for mortal. Martial mortals don't need the merit to learn MA skills. However, mortals get the MA merit learn the inner secrets of their arts and can purchase MA charms (at a stiff cost) and can 'channel their inner ki' with a Wits + MA miscellaneous roll that cannot be flurried, with each success wielding a Martial Mote. These points go to an inner pool, and dissipate at 1m/turn. The Mortal Artists can spend these Martial Motes to fuel MA Charms. This is completely replaced for Essence when a mortal exalts.


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      I'd definitely be ok with making The first charm of Nightingale a merit.

      The canon description of mortal practitioners hitting people while yelling is just... not the same style at all.


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        Rather than a universal set of Techniques as they were origianlly described, I have no qualms with having some Merits about that mortals might take that reflect aspects of a style. I kind of also think that there are some mutations that could be justified less as being a Wyld mutant or beastman and more just your kung fu bein' that strong.

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          Originally posted by Blaque View Post
          I honestly always thought that mortal martial arts in previous editions was more kind of like a plastic potted plant.
          I've come to think of them as a placebo.
          -Many of the Terrestrial Martial Arts styles revolved around something that was really lethal without the appropriate charm defence like coordinated attacks, unexpected attacks and poison.
          -The charm prerequsites created an incentive to give mortals higher stats than the Storyteller would normally go for and be less 'realistic'.

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