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Should Weapon/Armor Categories Go?

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    I mean, yes, I'd take Fire & Stones Strike? Charm bonus vs. non-Charm bonus doesn't apply to damage pools anyway.

    The issue is spending Initiative on a roll to get you more Initiative. Yes, it might help you do damage to them faster, but outside of ridiculously specific situations you give up more than you're gaining.

    Potentially dealing with hardness is what I mention as chopping's real significant boost; at least for mortals.


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      Originally posted by Maseiken View Post
      Except it’s not just 1.5i back. It’s 1.5 withering damage. At bare minimum on a hit you’re both damaging their initiative and boosting yours, meaning that if you would’ve come within 2i of them without chopping, you’ve now overtaken them. It could also potentially contribute to crashing them.

      It’s also a direct buff that, while small, could mean the difference between overtaking hardness and doing nothing,

      That’s not like, world ending, but if you don’t have damage boosting charms it’s kind of Everything.

      Even with them, +3 non charm bonus on withering is - like you’d take that charm. It wouldn’t blow your mind but you’d take it.
      Could make the difference for Legendary Size too. If you can't crash the T-Rex without 10 dice of post-soak damage you might find it worth it.

      I do agree that the hardness is probably more important though


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        My main gripe with Chopping is that 90% of the time Piercing does the same thing better.

        Are you in the market for some Martial Arts? Perhaps some custom Artifacts for your campaign?


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          Piercing has its own problems. Though I'd personally think it might be better to have Chopping be more explicitly the "do lots of damage to no/low armored opponents," and Piercing be for trying to bring down higher soak, so they're not competing quite so much in the same space.

          When you consider weapons that would count as Chopping weapons, they're usually popular in an area/era because of their versatility, and/or a lack of well developed armor. Whether decent out of combat utility, or features more associated with later periods than Exalted focuses on (such as beards on axes for aid in disarming, grappling, and dismounting) that can give these sorts of weapons a lot of options in a fight, chopping weapons are rarely weapons of war once significant armor comes into play.

          When you consider weapons that wound count as Piercing, they're all about killing things, and adapted well over the centuries to armored opponents. Pretty much the only use for such weapons out of combat are things like hunting. Even if a given class of weapon goes out of style, the mechanical advantage of extremely small surface area on impact never does.

          Though to steer back to the main point, this is why I think we don't need the three categories aspect of the system. A spear vs. an axe is all about the Tags in how they feel in combat as it is. As well, rather than trying to balance all Tags as equal, a fuller "build your weapon" system where Tags have variable values lets you be happy with how a Tag is and cost it appropriately to reflect that it's not as great as another.