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Endgame powers and artifacts (unmarked spoilers for the Avengers. You've been warned)

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  • Endgame powers and artifacts (unmarked spoilers for the Avengers. You've been warned)

    This is for everyone who saw the movie already. if you have, please don't spoil it for anyone who hasn't. Remember, Dr Strange saw the movie 14,000,605 different times and he didn't spoil it. Be like Dr Strange.

    Now, I was thinking about the ending, and how Strange opened up all those portals to move allies and armies to the final battlefield. I was wondering, is that possible in Exalted? Obviously Solar Circle level for some of those portals, but is that now possible in 3E?

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    it is, though it might require a working depending, since i'm unsure whether the ability to open multidimensional portals is available for the scope of a SCS spell. If not then with an Artifact with the right Evocation, then yeah you could open such portals quickly enough



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      well, that artifact would be either the Tesseract or Time Stone, but Strange never got those back. though, the portals weren't multidimensional, just over long distances.

      btw, what would Antman's growth power be? A high-level evocation?


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        The Lunar charm that gives you Legendary Size, I guess.

        The portals I think are within scope of a Solar Spell, though it'd need some serious costs and awkwardness. And might be a Signature spell.
        Though if they're picking up people from different places and bring them together, that might be too much.
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          I'm kinda surprised "everyone gets together for a super-powered dust-up" is being treated as a spoiler. After all, that premise is what I bought my ticket for.


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            Well, figured it would be best to mark it such since i wasnt sure how in depth we'd go