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Effectively using Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit

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  • Effectively using Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit

    This is the Resistance Fire Signature Charm.

    It is not only a Fire-aspected Charm that requires you to have a Fire Aura merely to activate it, it also has a duration of Aura. So after you enter this Super Mode, the only other Resistance Charms you can afford to activate are the Excellency, the disease-specific mode of Body-Cleansing Prana, and Fire-Element Protection Technique... unless using some other Charm would prevent some greater loss than the one level of Aggravated health level damage you paid to activate RFDS, let alone the motes and Willpower point.

    Technically, you could use the Balanced Charm, Impervious Skin of Stone, but RFDS renders this Charm utterly pointless. Under the effects of RFDS, your Stamina cannot contribute to your Soak, and ISoS's doubles your Stamina for soak; doubling 0 is still 0.

    Your Stamina rating is unaffected for all other purposes, so Fire-Element Protection Technique still provides full protection against decisive attacks and elemental hazards. Since you're most likely a Fire Aspect, you could probably just rely on your anima effect, which is automatic and free at bonfire, but at least you have the option of using both if you need that much soak or hardness against fire.

    Unlike Soaring Zephyr Flight (the Air Signature Athletics "super mode" Charm), Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit does not come to a premature end if you suffer Initiative Crash, which is good since the Charm drains your Initiative by 1 at the end of each round (whereas Soaring Zephyr Flight drains at the start), and since the lack of Stamina for soaking damage makes you more vulnerable to withering damage.

    For those of us coming away from Second Edition's system, we must also remember that actual health level injuries are only dealt by decisive attacks, and decisive attacks don't care about Soak anyway.

    What actually makes you more vulnerable to injury is that your enemies can steal more of your Initiative with withering attacks to use against you in sooner or bigger decisive attacks, and you cannot use any damage-mitigation Resistance Charm except Fire-Element Protection Technique.

    Also, suffering Initiative Crash will lock you out of using Dodge, Melee, and Martial Arts Charms with the Perilous keyword, and having lower Initiative than your enemy will make you more vulnerable to some of their Charms or deny you the ability to use some of yours.

    Even if it doesn't contribute to your soak, having a high Stamina rating still serves a vital purpose with Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, since you need it to be at least as high as your Essence rating so that you can gain as many bonus dice to feats of strength, rushes, and attack rolls as possible. This Charm is definitely meant for that "combat specialist" Fire Aspect who invests in all three Physical Attributes rather than just Strength and/or Dexterity... or else a Wood Aspect who wants to invert the benefits of having high Stamina.

    Bear in mind that this Charm's bonus dice are not "non-Charm", and so should also be limited by the dice-caps of your Athletics and attack Ability ratings.

    More importantly, you're committing 6 motes for no more than three bonus dice at Essence 3, and that's assuming you have Stamina 3. Even with Stamina 5, you're not getting the maximum bonus of 5 dice until you reach Essence 5, and even if you reached Essence 6, your Stamina still caps you at 5. Which is just as well, with the Terrestrial dice-cap of (Ability + 1 with a relevant Specialty).

    These dice also don't come with the bonus effects of Terrestrial Excellency Charms. But Robert Vance has confirmed that when you have or pay for more bonuses than you are allowed to apply, you can discard a bonus die to make room for an automatic success, or an automatic success to make room for two bonus dice. Thus, you can still use and benefit from the secondary effects of Terrestrial Excellencies.

    Regarding the other Signature Resistance Charms:

    Well-Tended Garden of the Soul is an excellent complement, since it helps to heal up any wounds you suffered for your risk-taking after the battle... with the exception of the Aggravated health level suffered for activating RFDS.

    Fathomless Depths Replenishment is another effective complement, since the bonus health levels it can provide can make you more likely to survive using RFDS in a fight. Water Aspects are also encouraged to have higher Stamina, at least by Water Dragon Style.

    The other two Resistance Signature Charms aren't compatible with Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, and the character who would learn Body-like-Clouds Meditation or Perfected Scales of the Dragon doesn't seem like someone who would invest in the kind of build necessary to make the most of RFDS, and vice versa.

    Non-Balanced Charms like Eternal Hide Endurance are good to have for battles where Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit isn't the best solution, but you can't go wrong with maxing out Ox-Body Techniques and Unfailing Dragon Vigor. It'll definitely help offset the aggravated health level cost of RFDS, and the inability to use decisive-damage mitigation Resistance Charms without breaking your Fire Aura (especially since the best ones require you to already have an Aura of a different element).

    Tactically speaking, as a Simple-type Charm that lowers your soak to only that which your armor (if any) provides, using RFDS at close range with any opponent can be a bad idea. Thankfully, Fire Aspects favor the Dodge and Melee Abilities, most Dodge and Melee Parry Charms are Fire-aspected, and RFDS can help your Defense with its -1 wound penalty reduction.

    The discounted bonus dice to rushes can help off-set the mobility penalty of armor, which is good, because you can't afford to use Supple Viridian Scales without breaking Fire Aura. RFDS does nothing about armor's penalty to Evasion, though. Nor stealth, if you were planning on activating RFDS from the protection of concealment.

    Fire Dragon Style only allows light and medium armor, and thus present minimal penalties to mobility while also providing more options for attack and parrying that help generate Fire Aura and benefit from Fire Aura rather than risking breaking it.

    Using Elemental Aegis to summon your armor from fire can help prepare you for RFDS's reduced soak and Aura requirement, and this is of course faster when summoning medium and especially light armor.

    Practically speaking, I think Fire Aspects are the only Dragon-Blooded who should ever risk buying or using this Charm.
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    Looking specifically at the Athletics-based actions, maybe you would prefer to have the automatic successes of Effortlessly Rising Flame on rush or feat of strength rolls, rather than bonus dice.

    At most, RFDS can grant five dice, so with Athletics 5 and a relevant Specialty, you couldn't buy a single success with Effortlessly Rising Flame unless your storyteller allowed you to discard one of the bonus dice from RFDS.

    On the positive side, the automatic successes of Effortlessly Rising Flame could never count as 10s, whereas all of these bonus dice increase the possibility of rolling 10s and getting an equal number of bonus non-Charm dice.

    Using non-Excellency Athletics Charms for feats of strength necessarily becomes impossible without breaking RFDS. If you didn't use Strength of Stone Technique before Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, tough luck. But since both are Simple-type Charms, you might never have the time to do that. Fortunately, RFDS gives you its own bonus dot of Strength which counts towards feats of strength as well as attacks, and this bonus doesn't rely on standing on the ground or stone. But if you did have both Charms and did meet SoST's conditions, you could benefit from two bonus dots of Strength.

    And for feats of strength, this doesn't even count against your dice-caps! (I think. It doesn't explicitly say so, and it feels like it should if it did. Plus, it would hardly break balance given that using other feats of strength Charms in combination is impossible.)

    Naturally, mobility Athletics Charms are more forgiving. You can combine RFDS's bonus dice on the rush with Bellows-Pumping Stride, Soaring Leap Technique, Perfect Climbing Attitude, Incense Smoke Ladder, Dancing Ember Stride, and Falling Star Maneuver.

    It's also worth noting that you can enjoy Dragon Surmounts the Waterfall and Graceful Dryad Dance (both at the same time, even) together with RFDS. Unlike Strength of Stone Technique, they're both reflexive, so you could pop them on your first turn, and use your second turn to generate the Fire Aura you need to activate RFDS on your first turn. Or maybe you activated the reflexive Charms before rolling Join Battle.

    But you can't use Inescapable Blazing Advance without canceling RFDS, since you need to spend the Fire Aura and that will prevent the effects from stacking. But IBA's effects allow for a much superior (though much costlier) rush action than RFDS can provide, so you have to judge if immediately more-likely success is worth the loss. On the other hand, keeping RFDS active has its own price beyond the opportunity-cost of not using IBA: At the end of each round RFDS was active, you lose 1 point of Initiative. You may be too low on Initiative, and IBA offers a way to steal Initiative from your target.

    You cannot use Seething Dragon Footprint or the Aura-spending function of Bellows-Pumping Stride without canceling RFDS, so cutting off the path of the enemy chasing you had better be more important than killing the target you yourself are chasing. Or maybe you know the enemy you are rushing will reliably defeat your Parry and Evasion, so you want the option of using other Resistance Charms against his attacks, and you might as well burn or block the bastard harrying your heels.

    However, spending an Aura doesn't prevent you from regenerating the same Aura at the end of that turn. After using IBA or Seething Dragon Footprint, you could then activate RFDS again or for the first time. Though it needs to worth the risk of entering close range with someone just to use a Simple-type Charm that lowers your soak, when the only Defense bonus it offers is reducing effective wound penalties by 1.
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      Looking at Stoking Bonfire Style, with maximum Essence, Stamina, Melee, and an applicable Melee Specialty, you could only add a single die more to your attack rolls. But you would go from +0 to +5 attack dice, which is important, because the round you spent activating RFDS means that you might not have used SBS (unless someone attacked you and you parried).

      It would still worthwhile to use SBS for the one extra attack die, though, since it would then discount SBS for parrying against that opponent, and since your Stamina isn't contributing to your soak right now, you want your Parry and Evasion as solid as possible. Plus, a 1+m discount on SBS at least means that capping your attack rolls is 1m less you need to spend.

      It's also nice that missing an attack or failing a Parry (or dealing with a foe other than your intended target) doesn't mean you need to pay the full Excellency price for the next attack.

      Since you're probably not Essence 5, though, you're not getting 5 dice from RFDS and definitely need to use SBS to max out your attack dice-pools.

      Also, none of that ever applies to your Parry. Rely on Flame-Borne Interception since you want to avoid Graceful Flowing Defense. Root-and-Hand Merging is Balanced and therefore totally fine.

      The Melee Fire Signature Charm requires the expenditure of Fire Aura, preventing RFDS from assisting that attack and forcing you to choose between one superior attack or multiple less-superior attacks. If you were planning on using Harnessed Firestorm Assault at all, it might not have been a good idea to use RFDS beforehand, unless you really needed its help to score enough withering attacks for the Initiative necessary for HFA's decisive attacks.

      Dragon-Graced Weapon is reflexive and so easy to use together with RFDS, and the bonus Overwhelming is compatible and works nicely with the bonus Strength dot. Other elemental versions are compatible as long as you activated them before the turn in which you generated the Fire Aura necessary to activate RFDS on the following turn.

      Burning Fury Wreath and Crimson Fang Bite don't count the bonus Strength dot.

      Dragon Soul Burst is riskier with RFDS, what with spending a turn aiming at a target at close range with reduced soak. But the Fire Aura does allow you to spend your Initiative on a stronger decisive attack if you want, and I talk about ways to somewhat mitigate the problems at the end of this post.

      The withering attack of Smoldering Essence Attack is also compatible with the special interaction of RFDS and Crimson Fang Bite.

      Burning Pinnacle Strike's condition is easier to achieve with RFDS, and you're already in Fire Aura.

      RFDS doesn't make Blinding Spark Distraction more effective, though it makes it more likely that you got into close range and succeeded at a clash.

      RFDS can make Crossfire Flash more effective by providing plenty of discounted dice to fail and allow for rerolls that might turn up as 10s that strip away successes from the opponent.

      Portentous Comet Deflection helps leverage the offensive power of RFDS in the name of defense, but only if you don't spend the Fire Aura to get PCD's full power. But maybe it's more worthwhile to get another attack right now rather than a stronger attack later.

      Fire Incites Water to a Riot of Clouds helps leverage the offensive power of RFDS in the name of defense and buffing allies.

      Flame Warden Stance can be an awkward Charm to try using with RFDS, since they're both Simple, and RFDS is not much of a defensive Charm.

      But, Flame Warden Stance can be the Charm you use on your first turn to generate the Fire Aura that you need to activate RFDS on your next turn. Flame Warden Stance is scene-long, which lets you do more in the round that you activated RFDS.

      Blazing Interception can make that even more effective, letting you defend your ward and counterattack with the offensive power of RFDS in the very round where you activated RFDS. Since you should still be in Fire Aura (else you wouldn't still have RFDS), your ward can assist you further with the reflexive distract gambit (which implicitly inflicts an onslaught penalty you can exploit).

      So yes, you can play Party Tank while also going Balls To The Wall berserker.

      Even without Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, Flame Warden Stance and Blazing Interception together can help maximize application of Dragon Soul Burst, since they would allow you to defend someone else and potentially deliver a counterattack while aiming.

      Without anyone to defend, Fire-aspected Dodge Charms can help. Fire-Amid-Smoke Misdirection is effectively a sort of withering counterattack, and Bonfire Shadow Evasion can blind them. But more on that in the Dodge post.
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        Fire Dragon Style Martial Arts

        The Fire Dragon Martial Arts Style and all of its Charms are Fire-aspected, so all of its Charms can generate a Fire Aura, some benefit from it, and none threaten to end it, except for the few that let you spend it for more power.

        The Style's allowance of light to medium armor helps off-set the fragility imposed by Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit while inflicting a minimum of mobility penalties to offset the rush dice-bonus of RFDS.

        Looking at Become the Hammer, with maximum dots in Essence, Stamina, Fire Dragon Martial Arts, and an applicable Fire Dragon Martial Arts Specialty, you could only add a single die more to your attack rolls.

        It's still worthwhile to use BtH for the one extra attack die, though, since it would then allow you to reroll 6s on the damage roll. It would also let you inflict lethal damage unarmed without a stunt.

        Flash-Fire Technique. Does this work for getting a Fire Aura before your first turn? Otherwise, why does it even have an elemental keyword?

        Even if it did, and you win Join Battle, I think you'd almost always rather use your first turn to make the decisive attack rather than activate Raging Fire Dragon Spirit. But maybe you're not close enough, and you can activate RFDS with the safety of range.

        Fire Dragon Form is the only Immaculate Form Charm that can be assumed reflexively by winning Join Battle, but sadly that doesn't help you activate Raging Fire Dragon Spirit any sooner, since you won't get a Fire Aura until the end of your turn. But at least you can avoid needing to spend two rounds activating two Simple Charms.

        A note of warning: Maintaining a higher Initiative than your opponent can be harder with RFDS draining yours by 1 point at the end of each turn, to say nothing of having no Stamina for protecting your Initiative from withering attacks.

        Flame-Flicker Stance and Overwhelming Fire Majesty Stance are defenses to help make up for the fragility imposed by RFDS.

        The damage OFMS inflicts on people who hit you at least punishes them for hurting you (and without soak, odds are that any attack that hit you, hurt you).

        Searing Edge Attack and Essence-Igniting Nerve Strike both benefit from RFDS's bonus Strength dot, since their effects depend on dealing withering damage.

        Spending your Fire Aura on Essence-Igniting Nerve Strike might be worth it if you have the motes to spare on maxing out Become the Hammer and if RFDS has left you too low on Initiative.

        None of the decisive attack Charms of this Style care about your Strength rating, so the bonus Strength dot does nothing for them. They all still benefit from RFDS's bonus attack dice, but you still want to supplement them with at least one die from Become the Hammer to get the 6-reroll effect on damage.

        Consuming Might of the Fire Dragon's benefit to the Overwhelming value of withering attacks should synergize with RFDS's bonus Strength dot.

        The damage it inflicts on people who hit you at least punishes them for hurting you.

        The benefit on effective Initiative helps mitigate the problems of RFDS draining your Initiative.
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          Looking at Become the Hammer, with maximum dots in Essence, Stamina, Brawl, and an applicable Brawl Specialty, you could only add a single die more to your attack rolls.

          It's still worthwhile to use BtH for the one extra attack die, though, since it would then allow you to reroll 6s on the damage roll. It would also let you inflict lethal damage unarmed without a stunt.

          Become the Hammer is Brawl's only defense compatible with RFDS. Blade-Deflecting Palm should only be used in emergencies where survival is more important than continued power.

          Only Pounding Surf Style, Water Dragon Coils, and Inescapable Whirlpool Hold can be used without breaking a Fire Aura. A Fire Aspect without an Aura could use a Fire-stunt to generate a Fire Aura even if he uses any of these Balanced Charms, but no one else can generate a Fire Aura while relying on Brawl.

          Pounding Surf Style is useless if you're fighting without at least one ally, and will never achieve full power while you're in a Fire Aura. But at least improving an Overwhelming value helps get more use out of your bonus Strength dot.

          The bonus Strength dot explicitly doesn't help with Water Dragon's Coils.

          Inescapable Whirlpool Hold also doesn't benefit from RFDS and fails to achieve its full power in a Fire Aura.

          Finally, Erupting Fury Barrage requires you to spend your Fire Aura, so it cannot benefit from RFDS. At most, using EFB lets you regenerate a Fire Aura at the end of your turn, which you might be able to use on the next turn to activate RFDS.

          Unlike Fire Dragon Martial Arts Style, Brawl allows a Terrestrial relying on Raging Fire Dragon Spirit to use heavy armor to offset the fragility imposed by the Charm, and you should still be getting at least some bonus dice on a rush despite the mobility penalty.

          Again, Brawl offers absolutely no way to generate a Fire Aura if you didn't already have one, so if this is your only attack Ability, you'd better be a Fire Aspect who uses a Fire-stunt or who gets to bonfire with a non-Fire Aura as quickly as possible. But good luck keeping that Aura.

          All told, Brawl just isn't a good match with RFDS. A brawler benefits from the strength, attack, and rush bonuses, but loses out on almost everything else Terrestrial Brawl has to offer while constantly threatening to put out your Aura and RFDS.

          Fire Dragon Martial Arts is a better way to use RFDS with your fists, especially since you have the option of using swords, which gives you the option of using Melee Charms or at least Steel Devil Style.
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            Archery is a much better match for Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit. An archer doesn't appreciate the rush bonus so much, but the bonus Strength dot and the effective discount on the Archery Excellency work just fine with Archery attacks, and Archery attacks are the longest-reaching in the game, so the safety of distance makes up for the fragility imposed by RFDS.

            That doesn't make it a perfect match, though. While there are a number of Fire-aspected Charms to use, you need to buy a number of non-Fire Charms to get to those, and only two are Balanced.

            Archery also lets you use flame-discharge weapons, but this is actually even less ideal in a number of ways. It doesn't offer nearly as much range, and Flame-tagged weapons won't benefit from the bonus Strength dot.

            Unobstructed Hunter's Aim is the first Excellency where you may not care to use at all, if you've already hit your dice-cap and there are no visual penalties to worry about.

            Sky-Calming Draw can't be used with RFDS.

            Death From Nowhere can be used with RFDS. A Fire Aspect can use it with a Fire-stunt and still generate a Fire Aura, for invoking RFDS on the next turn.

            Harvest of the Hunter can't be used with RFDS, but it lets you get to...

            Arrow Thorn Technique, which is Balanced and should (oddly enough) work with Flame-tagged weapons. A Fire Aspect can use it with a Fire-stunt and still generate a Fire Aura, for invoking RFDS on the next turn.

            More importantly, you can reach Boughs of Burning Autumn, which gives you a way to reload your Flame weapon and generate a Fire Aura, for invoking RFDS on the next turn.

            Spring Follows Winter actually requires a Wood Aura to use, but you need it to get to...

            Dragonfly Finds Mate, which doesn't require a Wood Aura, but which isn't Fire or Balanced and so would break Fire Aura, but you need it to get to...

            Salamander Swallows Flames, which is totally Fire-elemental, but won't generate a Fire Aura since it is used outside of your turn.

            Blazing Phoenix Pinion, the Fire Signature Charm, costs a Fire Aura. No using it with RFDS.

            Honestly, you might be better off using RFDS with the totally non-elemental Righteous Devil Style, though these Fire-aspected Archery Charms aren't bad to have as complements.
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              Thrown doesn't offer as much range as Archery, but more than Flame-tagged weapons and definitely more than Fire Dragon Style, Melee, or Brawl. You might enjoy the rush dice-bonus more often than an archer, and your Strength bonus will always apply to withering attacks.

              What's more, Thrown offers a lot more Balanced Charms than Archery.

              As with the Archery Excellency, Seeking Throw Technique is one Charm where you may not care to spend motes to add another die, if possible, at least as long as your target isn't behind any cover. Your Fire Aura prevents you from enjoying the Charm's full power.

              Arcing Levinbolt Precision, Elusive Zephyr Strike, and Winter Fang Attack are all also Air and Balanced. So is Invisibly Hidden Chakram Method, though usually you should be using that outside of battle, where its keywords won't matter.

              A Fire Aspect can use these Balanced Charms with a Fire-stunt and still generate a Fire Aura.

              But you don't need even need to learn any of those Charms to learn these:

              Blinding Spark Throw could be used to build a Fire Aura at a distance of medium range, letting you generate a Fire Aura, possibly start using RFDS from the safety of distance on your next turn, and your opponent might still be blinded on that turn or the next (when you're ready to attack). But if you're already got RFDS up, it offers bonus dice to the attack roll and nothing else. Using this Charm to blind someone can definitely help use the next one to help RFDS, though.

              Smoke Burst Eruption could be used to build a Fire Aura and help you enter concealment. If you successfully conceal yourself and maintain your Fire Aura, you could activate RFDS from the protection of concealment. With the repurchase, you can do this more efficiently.

              Exploding Weapon Technique is the only Fire Signature attack Charm which doesn't require you to spend your Fire Aura, and so it is the only one that can benefit from Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit's bonus dice (though not its bonus Strength dot).

              The repurchase of Exploding Weapon Technique isn't so compatible. Rain of Falling Stars requires you to be in an AIR Aura to use Thousand Razor Wind. Exploding Armor Strike is compatible with a Fire Aura, but is pointless unless you spent at least one turn hitting someone with the Earth-aspected Armor-Piercing Fang, which would delay getting the Fire Aura you need to activate RFDS.

              Thrown makes for a great way to exercise the power of Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, especially as a complement to Melee or Fire Dragon Style. And it only gets better if you invest in Stealth.
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                Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit offers no bonus dice to Stealth rolls, so you need to use Distracting Breeze Meditation to buy all the bonus dice you need. Do this outside of your turn, in response to an Awareness check against your concealment, and you won't need a Fire-stunt to overwhelm the Excellency's Balanced Air element.

                Normally, an action to enter conceal cannot be flurried, so if you take that action and supplement it with Air Charms, you have precious few options for spending motes on Fire essence, unless you can make a Fire-stunt.

                But if you used the repurchase of Thrown's Smoke Burst Eruption, you can attempt concealment reflexively within the same turn that you already used a Fire Charm, so you can use Distracting Breeze Meditation without a stunt to keep your Fire Aura.

                No other Stealth Charms help with this roll; at least, none that are compatible with keeping a Fire Aura, and the Fire Stealth Charms of Shimmering Heat-Haze Tactic and Burning Shadow Double have nothing to do with entering concealment.

                Shimmering Heat-Haze Tactic should help with using RFDS safely in battle... but I've heard bad reports about how it performs.

                Burning Shadow Double doesn't really play to RFDS's strengths.

                Flame-Becomes-Shadow Technique can be used before combat to sneak up on a target (despite boldly walking straight toward them) who bears an appropriate Intimacy towards you, letting you get in position and then use the Fire Aura (assuming you didn't use an incompatible Charm) to activate Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit outside of battle, which should prompt everyone to roll Join Battle.

                Technically, you could get similar results from successfully sneaking up to someone normally, using a Fire-stunt or the Fire-version of Cloud-Piercing Awareness or something, then pop RFDS outside of battle just the same.
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                  Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit doesn't give a bonus to Ride-based rushes, and your horse doesn't enjoy your bonus Strength dot.

                  Fighting from horseback has plenty to offer someone using RFDS. People need ranged attacks or the Reach keyword to attack you without penalty, and mounts generally provide a Speed Bonus that can let you disengage to safety. The Speed Bonus also makes it easier to rush people, despite your mount's barding mobility penalties.

                  Any such penalties are why you might want to use Scattered Pearl Hoof Falls for a success on your mount's rushes or feats of strength.

                  Heaven-Gracing Leap is Air+Balanced, but supplements a reflexive move action, so you can make a Stoking Bonfire Style Melee attack, a Fire Dragon Style attack, or a projectile attack with a Fire-stunt.

                  Tread Rooted in Life is Balanced and any element but Fire, but being totally reflexive it doesn't interfere with making a Fiery attack of some kind to build or maintain a Fire Aura.

                  Trail-Blazing Dragon Steed is Fire-aspected.

                  Blazing Charger Attack is Fire-aspected and benefits from the attack bonus dice, as well as the bonus Strength dot on a withering attack.

                  I don't think RFDS's bonus dice apply to the "attack roll" of Seizing-the-Reins Approach
                  The Ride Fire Signature, Ride of One Hundred Generals, can be the Charm you use to get the Fire Aura needed to activate RFDS. The Initiative drip would help offset the Initiative drain. You need to learn the Fire Aura-incompatible Ebony Spur Technique, though.

                  Horses-Like-Dragon Stampede not only follows two Fire Charms, but can learn a Fire-aspected version that can only be used to prepare a charge "over dry grass or other parched foliage", but it makes for an excellent way to gain a Fire Aura before even rolling Join Battle, so you can get Raging Fire Dragon Spirit on your first turn.
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                    Presence Charms.

                    Fearsome Dragon Presence is a really useful Charm for a Dragon-Blood using Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit. In Fire Aura, this forces anyone to deal with a penalty of (Essence) to their attacks, rushes, or social influence rolls against you (which effectively breaks your Terrestrial dice-caps), or at least forces them to spend a Willpower point.

                    Aura of Invulnerability costs you another turn, before or after activating Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, but it could be very useful for all of those extra, temporary health levels on top of all of those Ox-Body Techniques you should have, and perhaps even more importantly it adds (Charisma) to your soak, offsetting the loss of Stamina.

                    In conjunction with the Fire Aura necessary for Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, Eternally Argumentative Flame allows you to make an effectively reflexive Presence- or Socialize-based action on your turn. Try to use this to inspire the enemies most dangerous to you to attack someone else, and those who have the least chance of hitting you to fight you.

                    Sadly, this does not allow you to reflexively use the following four Simple Charms.

                    Use Unbearable Taunt Technique (and Moth to the Candle) to draw the ire of the enemy who is most unlikely to actually hit you.

                    Use Burning Dragon Mien to scare away the one enemy most likely to actually hit you.

                    Use Warm-Faced Seduction Style, empowered by Fire Aura, to persuade the one enemy most likely to actually hit you to go away, or join you, or at least fight someone else.

                    Hot-Blooded Ardor and Heartstring-Pulling Approach can make any of those actions/Charms more effective.

                    Terrifying Dragon Roar spends your Fire Aura.
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                      Lore Charms.

                      Elemental Bolt Attack and Elemental Burst Technique. By default, Fire-elemental for a Fire Aspect. Either one benefits from the attack dice-bonus of Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, but not from the bonus Strength dot.

                      If you roll the attacks with Archery, you can use Unobstructed Hunter's Aim, Death From Nowhere, and Arrow Thorn Technique with no threat to your Fire Aura. None of the Flame-weapon Charms apply.

                      If you roll the attacks with Thrown, you can use Seeking Throw Technique, Arcing Levinbolt Precision, Elusive Zephyr Strike or Winter Fang Bite with no threat to your Fire Aura, even without also using Smoke Burst Eruption.

                      You need to spend Fire Aura to use Dragon Vortex Attack, which wouldn't benefit from Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit even if you didn't lose it.
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                        Remember Fearsome Dragon Mien? Yeah, still penalizes social influence against you. Good complement to using these Integrity Charms to keep someone from messing with your head in battle.

                        Granite Curtain of Serenity, Frozen Heart Prana, Slippery Thoughts Technique, Inviolate Dragon Spirit, and Ten-Thousand Dragons Fight As One are all Balanced. No fear of breaking Fire Aura.

                        Unquenchable Battle-Passion is Fire-keyworded.

                        Immolating Phoenix-Soul Fury is Fire and Balanced.

                        Roots of the World Meditation is a nice second Signature, since it can help you heal after using Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit. Heck, you can use it to gain the Wood Aura you need to access the Resistance Signature Charm, Well-Tended Garden of the Soul. Not strictly necessary during down-time, but it's cute.

                        Roots of the World Meditation also works with the Resistance Water Signature Charm, Fathomless Depths Replenishment, to help you heal and get rid of those wounded extra heal levels.
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                          Unbinding the Inner Flame is another Simple-type Charm, but it doesn't require an Aura to use. You could use this Charm on yourself to power up and generate a Fire Aura to use for Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit on your next turn.

                          Best of all, Unbinding the Inner Flame doesn't make you any more vulnerable than any other Simple-type Charm, so it's definitely more ideal to use it first rather than after you've given up adding Stamina to your soak value.

                          The Initiative drip counters the Initiative drain, and the mote-drip doesn't hurt.

                          The bonus Strength dot gives you two bonus Strength dots. If you used Strength of Stone Technique before Unbinding the Inner Flame, you've got THREE DOTS of bonus Strength.

                          Unlike Raging Fire Dragon Spirit, you don't have to suffer the aggravated wound level until the end of the scene. That's two aggravated health levels, so you definitely want as many Ox-Body Techniques as possible, and this strategy probably works better with the Water Resistance Signature Charm than the Wood one.

                          Presence's Aura of Invulnerability won't help you survive that damage after the battle ends, since it dumps damage into your real heath levels. It's only good for not dying until the fight is over.

                          Mamoreal Body Fortification (Earth Medicine Signature) can grant you temporary health levels that ablate damage entirely. Also, if you go without armor, this can provide some soak to replace your Stamina, as well as granting some Hardness. This lasts one day, so it can make up for choosing the Wood Resistance Charm instead of the Water one.

                          Body-Cleansing Ablution can let you ignore all of the pain penalties you're suffering from after a battle for one day after an hour of bathing, but ignoring how badly injured you are would only slow your recovery, so it's a double-edged sword.

                          Rebirth of Flesh and Ivy helps if you want to accept crippling injuries to avoid outright dying when someone gets past your Defense and messes you up badly.
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                            Hopping Firecracker Evasion, Unassailable Body of Fire, and Elusive Dragon-God Dispersion don't require you to sacrifice your Fire Aura. Go nuts.

                            Go more than nuts, in fact. The counterattack of Unassailable Body of Fire, by virtue of being an attack, benefits from the attack-dice bonus of Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit.

                            And if your enemy takes the opportunity to flee without needing to disengage, you've got Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit's rush bonus to help chase them.

                            If you're trying to use the Melee Charm, Dragon Soul Burst, keep in mind that using Hopping Firecracker Evasion might cancel it, since the target you're aiming at is no longer at close range.

                            Coiling Dragon Dance is another Aura-duration Fire Charm, and one that can greatly complement Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit by adding your Evasion to your soak against any withering attack you try to dodge.

                            But keep in mind that using multiple Aura-duration Charms means more power you lose and more spent resources you waste if you lose the Aura.

                            This Charm is perfectly compatible with the Melee Charm, Dragon Soul Burst, making it safer to use even without Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit.

                            You probably want Safety Among Enemies or Swaying Grass Elusion to be your second Dodge Signature Charm, depending on whether you prefer to use Thrown or Archery for your ranged attacks.

                            I think Thrown is probably more compatible with the Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit strategy, so that would mean Safety Among Enemies.

                            Either way, you can't use them immediately even if you cancel Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, but they at least give you a fall-back strategy if trying to use Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit isn't a good idea for your current situation.
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                              Okay, maybe that's finally it.

                              I'm going to bed before I think of anything else.

                              Hopefully SOMEONE appreciates this. But what's another day of my life wasted?

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