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(Req help re: Artifact) Soulsteel Talisman, The Unkindness

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  • (Req help re: Artifact) Soulsteel Talisman, The Unkindness

    Hiya folks, I made the silly mistake of imagining what seemed at the time a pretty cool artifact before grokking out that (of course) the player would get it in their hands. So, I've been straining figure out how to balance out its powers with some pretty heavy restrictions, I wanted to hear if any of the evocations listed seem too/not enough potent, or if anything is gonna react with Exalted rules in really wonky ways.

    One of the big things you'll see missing are resonant/dissonant effects. That's because the player here is a Solar, so the evocations are written under the assumption that the wielder is already resonant.

    If for some reason someone wants to.use this artifact in their game and requests it, I can try to write up separate entries for dissonant/resonant effects.

    Really, any help or critique would be appreciated, thanks!

    The Unkindness; Starnetal/Soulsteel Talisman Artifact 4 (I think...)

    The Unkindness is a Wyld monstrosity, caged in the First Age during a crusade to claim a chain of islands in the West after one too many Raksha incursions. The cage itself takes the form of a permanently tarnished coin old as the First Realm, but careful examination and scraping away at the coins stains reveal the amalgamation of Starmetal and Soulsteel that hints at the coins true worth.

    The Unkindness is a dark reflection of the Wyld turned negative, a mirror image of how Raksha drives manifest terror in their mortal victims. Exalts who are resonant with Soulsteel and Starmetal may use the Unkindness to its full potential without risk, others must contend with the Raven's curse (Solars are resonant with all the magical materials, of course). Attuning to the Unkindness allows the user to learn Bread and Murder Banquet whenever they concentrate on the coin in the presence of a freshly made corpse.

    Caged Bird Offering: The Unkindness works by sacrificing essence and life; yours, or someone else's. At any time an Evoker may gain a point of Offering by taking a single point of lethal health damage. This damage can heal to a bashing level, but can never fully recover until the Offering point ceded to The Unkindness is spent. In combat an evoker may sacrifice no more than one health level per round to gain Offering points.

    Alternatively, an Evoker can gain offering by attacking targets or feeding the crows. The Unkindness can hold no more than Essence x2 Offering at a time.

    -Bread to Mana Banquet
    Requires: Essence 1
    Cost: 5m
    Type: Simple
    Rolling the talisman between her fingers in the presence of a corpse that’s been dead no longer than (Essence) hours, the Evoker tempts the Unkindness into being with an offering. The Unkindness appears through a rift in nowhere to devour a corpse within medium range. A human-sized target stripped to the bone within two rounds or so, leaving not even bones of a within the space of a minute. TThe Unkindness is efficient in the disposal of a single corpse or two but will take its time to relish more than a handful of the dead, making the disposal utility of this charm useless in quickly clearing battlefields.
    If the evoker has the forethought to offer a prayer to the deceased (and succeeds at a charisma + performance prayer) the consumption of the corpse counts as a proper funeral with all the required rites. Of course, not all deaths are satisfied with merely a proper funeral….
    Using this charm grants the Evoker one point of Offering, up to a maximum of 10.

    -Quick Flight of Rumor
    Requires: Essence 1
    Cost: 5m, or 1m 1O
    Type: Simple
    Sliding a coin of whatever currency she has available against the Talisman, the Evoker summons a single crow of the Unkindness to convey a message to anyone who is no further than one Direction away from his current position. If the Evoker knows exactly where his intended recipient is the crow will reach his target without fai at 60mph to deliver a message of up to a few minutes. If the Evoker knows the approximate position of his target he must describe the location, and rely on the birds own wits to locate the target. (A Wits + Awareness roll may allow a determination here).
    If the Evoker offers up an additional point of offering he may direct the bird to carry along a written message, a piece of jewelry, or any other object weighing a pound or less.

    -A Conspiracy of Hooks and Knives
    Requires: Essence 2
    Cost: 5m, 2i
    Type: Simple
    A flock of flesh tearing corvid pour forth from a vortex opened at a point within medium range, lasting just long enough to make a single attack against all targets in a single range band. The murder attacks as a battle group, dealing withering damage to stable targets and decisive damage to targets in crash. The attack pool is 5 + Evokers Wits + Awareness, damage equals the attacks extra successes plus the evokers Perception and Essence. Like a piercing attack, tjis damage ignores 4 points of armored soak possessed by the target. The Evoker does not gain initiative for this attack, but does gain 1 Offering per for every 3 points of initiative damage or one Offering per point of health damage. Points of Offering gained in any individual use of this charm have a maximum if the evoker’s essence.

    -Black on Black Ascent
    Requires: Essence 2
    Cost: 5m, +1 O per hour of travel or round by round use in combat.
    Type: Reflexive
    Grasping the Unkindness tightly and whispering a prayer to carrion gods, the evoker is lifted aloft by five thousand dark wings. Using this charm allows the Evoker to ascend up to a mile, and continue that travel at the rate of 40mph. In combat the Evoker may pay 1O to fly (as a move action) up to one range band in any direction, and may continue that flight at the cost of one O per round. Evokers are recommended to set themselves down somewhere safe before their offering wears out.

    -Down Feather Shadow Slip
    Requires: Essence 3
    Cost: +1 O/die
    Type: Reflexive, Decisive only
    Casting shadow-wings with the strength of hardened leather from the talisman, the evoker protects themselves by creating a barrier of the flight. This charm may be used in response to a successful attack, allowing the evoker to spend points of Offerings held in the talisman to offset 1 die of initiative damage per Offering spent.

    -A Murder of Crows
    Requires: Essence 4
    Cost: 10m, 1wp, 1 O, +1 O / Grelidaka size, 1LHL
    Type: Simple, Perilous

    The Evoker clenches the talisman in their fist hard enough to cut their palm and knuckles. Sweetened with essence, an evoker calls the full force of the Unkindness into their presence. The Evoker chooses a spot within medium range to summon a Grelidaka. The Wyld monstrosity is rolled into battle that round, and has an initial size of one, but an evoker may increase the size of the behemoth they summon by spending 1 O per size increase, up to a maximum of 3. The Grelidaka fills a short range band at size 1-3, and a medium range band at size 4-5.

    However, the Murder is not merely hungry, like the Wyld it was borne from and the cold iron lands in which it was caged, unless its appetite is slaked the Unkindness is all consuming. The Grelidaka must be directed at a target and it must draw either initiative or health damage. In any round that the horde fails to draw some form of damage, the evoker must spend a point of willpower or a point of Offering to prevent it from attacking all available living targets in range, excluding only the evoker.

    Putting the Murder back in the coin requires a roll of the Evoker’s essence + current temporary willpower vs the Grelidaka’s size; failing this roll, it can be done by sacrificing an aggravated health level.

    The most dangerous aspect of the Unkindness is vulnerability of the prison that cages it. Should the Gredilaka’s damage track become filled while at size 5, two new murders at size three are created, one of the original “birds” and the other unconstrained by the magic of the talisman. The original Grelidaka can be called back into the talisman by the above listed method, but the new murder acts of its own accord.
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