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Ex2.5 Modified/Merged/Expanded Metagaos Charmset (Original Content)

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  • Ex2.5 Modified/Merged/Expanded Metagaos Charmset (Original Content)

    Hello All,
    I have shared this link in my 2e Homebrew Yozi Charmsets compilation thread (listed below), but I wanted to give it to the community for their use. While it has not been personally playtested, it has mostly been drafted and tweaked from other existing Yozi charms, which presumably were. As far as I know, the base of the charms come from Revlid's Metagaos charms ( as well as whoever wrote up Ta'akazoka and Ikanii, as well as a handful of other partial Metagaos charmsets (all in my compilation pdf link below). If you have feedback, I'm happy to hear it. If you are the origin of a charm that I've mangled, thank you for being inspiring enough to make me want to try my hand at aping your work.

    Modified/Merged/Expanded Metagaos Charmset:

    2e Homebrew Yoze Charmset Compilation:

    Note: The compilation does not contain the modified charmset, I am keeping it separate for ease of editing. And, yes the Compilation is unsorted other than by clump. I use 'search' to find the Yozi.

    Edit: The write up also includes my non-Canon take on the Devourer Caste from Shards of The Exalted Dream.
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