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Appropriate 2e Artifacts for use with Presence, War

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  • Appropriate 2e Artifacts for use with Presence, War

    I have a dragonblooded with Artifacts 4 and the "go to" abilities of War and Presence. I'm thinking of uses that extend the abilities, and am fully aware that War includes mass combat but also includes go, chess and similar games of strategy and skill.

    What artifacts can you recommend that work with these two abilities?

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    A recorder of everlasting glories goes well with presence - record your enemies saying evil things, spy on people with it - then exploit the information you now have. its a fun blackmail toy.

    For war? A dragonfly's Ranging eye - not just for the essence sight, but for the ability to project your POW elsewhere... like high up into the air, so you can get a good vantage point for the whole battlefield. It'll be like having a camera feed from an aerial drone - very handy.

    Other presence artifacts migth be the Audient Brush, and one for war could be a Compass of Imminent Strife (but you'll need a land-ship to combine it with unless you're out at sea)

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