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Has a quote from media ever served as an inspiration for something you created?

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  • Has a quote from media ever served as an inspiration for something you created?

    Songs and poems are included too

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    Sort of. I made a 2e Night Caste Assassin Luchador Batman. He was maxed in Stealth and Solar Hero Style, with a copious amount of Athletics and a little Medicine to cover his backstory and his cover as a wandering healer.

    There's a mission in Tenchu Z called "Slay Dog Straying", where you have to assassinate a bunch of Ronin bandits in their hideout. Sometime before making the character I saw the Kurosawa movie "Stray Dog", and it fit the character as a Resources 0 day laborer who takes it upon himself to assassinate a scion of a Great House for his wicked crimes.

    Stray Dog. Such a simple name. Such a simple man. Such a great character.

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      I listen to some eclectic music, but recently I've been listening to what I guess I would call 'Gothic Western'? I got there using google playlists, going from Steam Powered Giraffe to American Murder Story to Ghoultown. I don't know if that means google's playlists aren't very good, because the connection between those seem tenuous to me, or if the playlists are really good, because I like all of those so far.

      Anyway, one of Ghoultown's songs I felt would make an awesome arc name: Against a Crooked Sky. I've got no other details about exactly what kind of arc that would be, but the name really stuck in my head.

      For something I've actually done, I use names from the Empire Trilogy by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts as names for most of my Dynastic characters so far.


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        When I was on a big The Sword kick, I used a bunch of lyrics from their songs to make a big 2.0 game I ran. I modified the song Three Witches to make a prophecy to guide the circle on their quest. When that game continued longer than I expected, I was inspired by the song (The Night the Sky Cried) Tears of Fire to make another prophecy about the end of the world, The Lotus Massacre, and the child of the main character one day becoming something else and either saving or destroying everything. The players had to find the child and decide whether to kill the child before he started the end of everything or save the child somehow. They did a marvelous job, but just loved that lyric.

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          I wrote the basic premise of my current Exalted character Entirely around one sentence in an anime.

          “Until this sinful world has reincarnated enough times to deserve the reincarnation of those sweet children, I shall destroy again and again, even as the world burns around me.”