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[EX 2.5] Custom Deathlord - Usurpation's Reclaim

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  • [EX 2.5] Custom Deathlord - Usurpation's Reclaim

    I've written up a custom 2.5 Deathlord and I would appreciate your input.

    Custom Deathlord
    Thrice Dread Achiba A.K.A, Usurpation’s Reclaim.

    There is a secret hidden from the other Deathlords that the Neverborn, in the small moments of lucidity of their torturous nightmares, that they hope that their dread servants never learn; That not all Deathlords are the spirit of a former exalt. For in those moments of lucidity there is the fear that the pride of having been exalted, what they accomplished in life, and their achievements since death, will unify the other deathlords against the stand alone deathlord, to show him his place as only the pride of exalt can foment. Or that they will turn against the Neverborn themselves.
    Unlike the known Deathlords, Usurpation’s Reclaim did not wrench power from Neverborn in the years immediately following the Usurpation. Rather, he is a comparatively new Deathlord who only recently emerged from the tombs of the neverborn with ransacked power.

    Prior to his emergence from the tombs of the Neverborn, Usurpation’s Reclaim was just another, albeit strong, ghost residing in Marama’s Fell; Thrice Dread Achiba. For nearly the 1158 years existence of Marama’s Fell, Achiba was part of the perpetual turf war that existed between the various tribes and species that were slaughtered in Camp 17. Whether it was a species like the Kyzvoi, which was created for Solar entertainment for gladiator fights, or Lunar inspired tribes of beastmen, or other servitors or species influenced by Solar or Lunar, none slain in that camp could not escape the devastation of the Usurpation. For the existence of the Fell, each tribe’s perpetual turf war against each other had one thing in common; their unhappiness at their manner of deaths. For example, the gladiator tribes like the Kyzvoi would have gladly fought alongside the terrestrial dragon bloods at the time had they been given a chance. But instead of being given an honorable death in battle, they were rounded up, collected, and killed unceremoniously.

    The spirits of beastmen caught in the camp lament that they could not escape to the fringes of Creation with their Lunar patrons, upset because though they harbored no ill will to the shogunate, they were still rounded up. And these spirits feel abandoned by the Lunars who fled.
    No matter the tribe, or how they viewed the events of the Usurpation, the drama of the perpetual turf war has been an instinctual desire to demonstrate the unfairness and injustice of their mass slaughter.

    Thrice Dread Achiba was just another actor in that grand play. Until recently. In Realm year 753 a newly exalted, ambitious and naïve warrior priest Zenith entered the Fell believing he could encourage the restless dead of the Fell to accept Lethe and move on from the Underworld. By chance in his preaching the Zenith came upon a roving band of Kyzvoi who promptly overpowered him and took him before Thrice Dread Achiba.

    Achiba fully intended on slaughtering the young Solar, but something stayed his hands when he laid eyes on the Exalt. Achiba fully expected a boasting and egotistical exalt, someone daring to break their bands and smite them all. He expected to be called on to accept Lethe, platitudes and other holy propaganda. He expected to give his men a show of dishing out the treatment that they received when they once lived and were in the gladiator pits.

    But what he got was a Zenith who fully realized he was beaten. An exalt whose world view and naivete was shattered. An exalt expecting the killing blow. For in the moment the Zenith locked eyes with Achiba, a memory unlocked for the young solar. The solar remembered that in a past life he was the “patron” of Thrice Dread Achiba. A heartless gladiator sponsor who believed and preached that the gladiator fights of artificially created races glorified the Unconquered Sun. It was that memory and his treatment by the ghosts in the Fell that shattered his view causing him to view himself as the problem, not the solution. And so he called Achiba by his name. Not the name taken in death, but rather the name he had during life and since spurned. And in doing so, he did the most unexpected thing Achiba would have thought possible for that particular exalt; he apologized. He apologized for treating Achiba and his fellows like chattel while they were alive and hopelessly offered to serve Achiba to atone for his past life’s mideeds.

    It was the presence of this Solar who shook him and his ghostly tribe out of their spectral pattern. A sort of re-awakening. And so Thrice Dread Achiba began to gain territory and influence, a beginning change of un-life in their corner of the Fell. With this awakening, Achiba began to see the influence of Deathlords in Marama’s Fell. From the small oblivion cults of the Bishop, to pleasure priests of the Lover Clad in the Rainments of Tears who openly fight over the Fell, and dread servants from other Deathlords sent to perpetuate the status quo. Some do so, fearful that if either the Lover or the Bishop claimed that shadowland that it might draw undue attention from Heaven, others such as the Bodhisattva send servants there to keep the Lover’s attention on Fell, trying to avoid her attentions.

    Thrice Dread Achiba of course never was inclined to trust servants of the Deathlords and their flowerly speech, their promises of power. It was the same song and dance for the past millennia. He could tell that the servants of the Deathlords didn’t care about ghostly matters in the Fell. They just wanted the influence and the massive shadowland. They just wanted the army of ghosts that the inhabitants of the Fell could be.

    But he played along. Roughly a couple of years the Zenith had pledged himself to Achiba, The Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible sent a mass invitation to several of the rival factions to visit his temple near the mouth of the Void in Stygia. Achiba, several of his men and his pledged Zenith in disguise went. The display and meeting was grand, but it was centered on Oblivion worship. Bolstered and aided by the Zenith, Achiba was able to not only withstand the Bishop’s discourse, but swayed other Fell warlords; asking about plans for the Fell. The Bishop, who by that time was caught up in his own sermonizing on Oblivion, would only speak of the love of Oblivion spreading through Marama’s Fell, and spreading the word of Oblivion to Creation.
    This was unacceptable to Achiba and most of the other warlords. The prospect that their senseless and ruthless deaths only mattered in terms of proselytizing Oblivion’s embrace seemed like a slap in the face. And so instead of a horde of leaders from the Fell falling behind his flag, the Bishop found himself preaching to a near empty dining room.

    It was that departure in which the Achiba, the Zenith and other ghostly warlords realized they needed something and someone to rally behind. Maybe it was some hints from watchful ghosts such as The Hollow King, or perhaps it was seeing the strings on which the Dual Monarchs were played, and the preeminence of each Deathlord’s citadel in Stygia. But it was time to show the Underworld that the tragedy of Marama’s Fell would not be forgotten.

    And so, based on a whisper heard at the back of their minds, Achiba and his retinue dared the unthinkable. To penetrate the tombs of the Neveborn. Aided by cajoled nephracks, they descended, fighting inhabitants of the Labyrinth and many giving their unlives to shield Achiba, as they worked their way towards the decrepit tombs of the fallen primordials. Once at one of the cracks created by the Black Nadir Concordat Achiba and his Solar entered alone, while the other survivors of the journey dared not join Achiba, terrified of the whispers and horrors that would only augment if they entered.

    No one can say for certain what happened in the tomb itself. Some say Achiba brought a hekatonkhire to its’ knees. Some say the Neverborn were frightened of Achiba; that never in their maddened dreams would they have imagined a lowly ghost commanding one of their hated Solar Exalted murderers. If he dared command one, what other potential did he have? Others say that Achiba meditated on the churning whispers and in learning dark truths became something more. Or perhaps Achiba marched in and demanded power, and when it would not be given willingly he continued his brazen attack, until he seized power for himself. Others claim that for a few brief seconds the whispers of the Neverborn could not be heard in the underworld, the insane chattering resuming only once Achiba left the tombs.

    Whatever did happen, both Achiba and his Zenith emerged from those tombs changed. Taking upon a new name, Usurpation’s Reclaim returned to the Fell and began to unite the ghostly inhabitants. To the other Deathlords, and especially to the Bishop, they assume that he’s always ruled the Fell from the shadows, and is just now revealing his presence. Hence why none of them gained any traction in that shadowland. Too arrogant to believe he’s a new servant. But even with his growing power, there was a whisper in the back of his mind. Something almost familiar that he heard in the tombs of the Neverborn. Where he felt like he lacked or missed… something. Something, he felt, would cause the shadowland to rally behind him.
    As time passed that whisper itched in the mind of Usurpation’s Reclaim. Until finally he descended once more into the Labyrinth and the tombs of the fallen Primordials in search of that familiar whisper, that vague promise of unification. His journey was long, and many of his followers began to believe that the Neverborn took back their boons, that perhaps Usurpation’s Reclaim was destroyed. But after many months Usurpation’s Reclaim returned. Whatever new weapons, armor or gifts he brought his followers were all eclipsed by a solitary living figure that he dragged behind him in chains. A withered, sullen old man, leathery skin, faded red hair. Though, when open, eyes sharp and malignant. A figure that that the shadowland thought had passed through Oblivion; Anjei Marama himself.

    Usurpation’s Reclaim, nor his Zenith colleague, know how Anjei Marama has survived this long. Perhaps his life has been stretched by suckling from the hate and nightmares of the neverborn. Regardless, Usurpation’s Reclaim holds Anjei Marama in one of the major, broken down, crematoriums, making preparations to parade Anjei about the Shadowland for all to see. To unify them in their hate and make the world pay for the injustice suffered.

    Motivation: Preserve and Extend the legacy of Marama’s Fell.
    Attributes: Strength 7, Dexterity 7, Stamina 7; Charisma 5, Manipulation 7, Appearance 1; Perception 7, Intelligence 5, Wits 7
    Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 5
    Abilities: Archery 7, Athletics 4, Awareness 7 (Detect Ambushes+2), Bureaucracy 2, Craft (Moliation) 5, Craft (Necrotech) 2, Dodge 6, Integrity 7, Lore 5 (First Age +2), (Labyrinth +1), Linguistics 4 (Old Realm, Sky Tongue, High Realm) Martial Arts 6 (Clinch +3) (claws +3) (GSL +3), Medicine 1, Melee 7, Occult 6, Performance 7 (Epic oratory +3), Presence 7, Resistance 7, Socialize 2, Survival 5 (Shadowlands +3), Thrown 3, War 3.
    Backgrounds: Ally 3 (Solar Zenith), Ancestor Cult 4, Artifact (Enhanced Ghost-Strengthening Links) 4,
    Artifact (Repeating Maggot-Caster) 3, Artifact (Soulsteel Monstrance of Celestial Armor) NA,
    Followers 5, Influence 5, Manse 5, Resources 5, Spies (whitewall 1), Underworld Cult 4, Whispers 5
    Usurpation’s Reclaim knows the following spirit charms he knew in life: Measure the Wind, Principal of Motion, Reserve of Will X2, Signet of Authority, Touch of Grace, Amethyst Awareness, Memory Mirror, Capture, Landscape Travel, Portal, Stoke the Flame, Meat of Broken Flesh, Sheathing the Material Form, Touch of Saturn, Essence Bite, Spirit Cutting, Hurry Home
    Arcanoi: Knows all arcanoi (Ox-Body Technique x5)
    Martial Arts: Terrible Ascent-Driven Beast Style, Laughing Wounds Style, Hungry Ghost Style, Dark Messiah Style.
    Mutations: Armored Hide, Claws, Gazelle’s Pace, Toxin, Tusks
    Join Battle: 14
    Bite: Speed 6, Accuracy 11, Parry DV —, Damage: 9L + poison (4L, 2, –/–, -3), Parry DV -, Rate 1
    Claws: Speed 5, Accuracy 16, Damage 7L, Parry DV 9, Rate 3
    Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 7B, Parry DV 9, Rate 3
    Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 12, Damage 10B, Parry DV 8, Rate 2
    Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 16, Damage 7B, Parry DV —, Rate 1
    Ghost-Strengthening Links (smash): Speed 5, Accuracy 18, Damage 15B, Parry DV 9, Rate 3
    Ghost-Strengthening Links (clinch): Speed 5, Accuracy 18, Damage 10B, Parry DV —, Rate 1
    Repeating Maggot-Caster: Speed 5, Accuracy 16, Damage Special*, Range 50 (maximum), Rate 2

    Achiba’s ghost-strengthening links are soul steel chains anchored in the kyzvoi ghost’s spine that count as unarmed attacks for his known martial arts style. The warlord may reflexively spend five motes to activate the links for the scene, which can then target anyone within five yards to attack, either whipping at her with great force or attempting to entangle her in their length.
    Sorcery: While Usurpation’s Reclaim is inducted into Void Circle Necromancy, he only knows a handful of spells from the lower circles. Notable known spells are: Blessed Dead Fools, Bone Puppet Dance, Gathering a Ghost’s Strings, Flesh-Sloughing Wave, Bone Lion, Dead Man’s Voice, Infinite Footsteps.
    Death Condition: If slain automatically in battle, Usurpation’s Reclaim takes a year to reform. In order to fully destroy him, enterprising individuals would need to find the central crematorium of camp 17 and enter the underground passages and destroy his bones and other fetters there, along with the crematorium, including the foundation. The process will need to be done at each of the crematoriums that exist in the Fell. For as Usurpation’s Reclaim spreads his influence in the Fell, he commandeers each of the crematoriums and imposed his regalia, and they become part of his fetter. It is part of his propaganda in uniting the Fell, displaying what their deaths all had in common. Usurpation’s Reclaim is oblivious to how this might destroy him. He believes the legends that Deathlords are unkillable.
    Monstrance of Celestial Armor: Usurpation’s Reclaim was only granted a handful abyssal shards to work with. After his first abyssal went rogue, he decided to try something a little different. In working with his Nephwracks he shaped an unused Monstrance of Celestial Portion into a heavy suit of armor. Fitted within it is Lytek’s missing Auraclast; except not. Lytek doesn’t realize that his notes (and perhaps even memories) of the Auraclast have been changed so that he will look in the wrong direction for them. What the Auraclast truly does is that it acts as a charm emulator/mentor when working on an exaltation.

    So rather than release the Abyssal Exaltation that corresponded to this Monstrance to search out a host, he keeps it in the monstrance. When wearing the armor Usurpations Reclaim can replicate any Abyssal Charm for an additional 7 mote surcharge.
    Modifying a Monstrance of Celestial Portion thus has interesting effects. For anyone within 10 yards of Usurpation’s Reclaim is can hear the whispers of the Neverborn as if they had a Whispers 1 rating. Living creatures attempting to attack Usurpation’s Reclaim in said armor suffer a -1 external penalty due to the distraction that the whispers provide unless they spend one willpower to ignore the whispers for the scene.
    As far as the effects that Monstrances of Celestial Portions have on the dead, so long as Usurpation’s Reclaim is attuned to the Monstrance of Celestial Armor he can safely ignore their effects.
    Unfortunately by casting the Monstrance into armor it reduces the durability of the artifact. Instead of 30A/30L/30B, it is rated 16 on each for soak. Hardness 10L/10B Mobililty -2, Fatigue 2.
    It also has the Terrifying necrotech bonus of +2 to frighten living creatures.
    Soak: 16A/23L/23B (Armored Hide +4L/4B, Monstrance of Celestial Armor +16A/16L/16B)
    Essence: 7
    Willpower: 9
    Personal Motes: 63
    Peripheral Motes: 174
    Relationships: Usurpation’s Reclaim hates Whitewall, or more precisely, the Syndics. He feels that had they stepped up sooner during the Shogunate that the travesty of Camp 17 would never had happened. They have stood up against the Realm, so why not the Shogunate? The fact that the Syndics and Whitewall are reducing the shadowland along Traveler’s Road only serves to enrage him as he feels that they are trying to erase them and their suffering from Creation.

    To deal with the difficulties of Traveler’s Road he has began excavations in the underworld to tunnel under Traveler’s Road. While they may not be able to step onto it and cross over it, they will be able to get to other side.

    He has spies around wallport exploring the pipe runoff from Whitewall. While it is impossible for the dead to cross over or under the walls of Whitepall without invitation, Usurpation’s Reclaim suspects that if the sewage lines are sufficiently damaged, that crossing under the walls in those sewage lines might get around the protection of the walls.

    Gethemane: None of the emissaries Usurpation’s Reclaim have sent to the enclosed mountain nation have ever been heard from again. He has heard similar news from other deathlords. He has no interest in exploring to find out what is there.

    Shanarinara: While Usurpation’s Reclaim has some spies there and has conducted minor business there, he is uninterested in moving against this nation lest he anger The Lover Clad in Rainment of Tears.

    Cherak and the Slave Satraps: Usurpation’s Reclaim eyes conquering one of the slave satraps for the bodies that it would swell his army with.
    Bull of the North: With the successes the Bull of the North has had, Usurpation’s Reclaim would rather not risk drawing his attention. He might make contact if he feels he can persuade the Bull to fight against the Haslanti though.

    The Bishop: Usurpation’s Reclaim does not forbid the worship of the Oblivion cults of the Bishop. But he does preach against them, with the claim that Oblivion is just another way to erase the injustice they suffered.

    Amoth City Smiter – Usurpation’s Reclaim has started the building of shrines and spreading worship of Amoth by the living citizens of the Fell. He has his Zenith leading this effort. They have not initiated contact. But once he starts sacking cities and devoting their destruction to Amoth, he will reach out for actual aid.

    He is also sending some ghost blood emissaries to the Fae winterfolk west of Whitewall in hopes of striking up an alliance.

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    Interesting write-up

    I like it!

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      Originally posted by webkilla View Post
      Interesting write-up

      I like it!
      Thank you. In your opinion is it too Deathlord cookie cutter to say that UR knows all Arcanoi? Or does that not matter as much?


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        Nah that's fine IMO

        my general rule of big bads is that they always know the things need to know - even if it doesn't quite fit in the rules - because they're bad guys, so why should they follow the rules?

        the only exceptions I make to this is when it would seriously conflict with tone or mood of the game, or if it is an obvious contradiction of established lore

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          Originally posted by webkilla View Post
          the only exceptions I make to this is when it would seriously conflict with tone or mood of the game, or if it is an obvious contradiction of established lore
          Does that include making the monstrance of celestial portion into a suit of armor paired with one of Lytek's devices to access Abyssal charms?


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            Originally posted by Uknown DarkLord View Post

            Does that include making the monstrance of celestial portion into a suit of armor paired with one of Lytek's devices to access Abyssal charms?

            Nah, that's an ok gimmick all things concerned - I was more thinking allowing deathlords to be able to cast adamant circle sorcery or other things that an undead/ghost/not-solar shouldn't be able to do

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              Oh, here is a brief write up summary of Anjei Marama. Just in case the players in my campaign see the parade of ghosts with a whithered barely living figure with reddish hair and decide to rescue him from his chains. If they don't rescue her, then odds are that Usurpation's Reclaim will execute her. Of course, who knows what an essence 7 Fire Aspect Dragon Blooded as insane as Anjei will end up doing to Creation and the Underworld...

              Anjei path's was a clear one. She was led by the whisper that guided her in his glorious extermination of the Exalted subraces; her former commanders that were now deposed. She thankfully never served directly under one of those monsters, but she saw the fruits of their folly and madness just plenty. Whether it was the beastmen of the cowardly Lunars who fled to their true places on the fringes of the wyld, or enhanced races like the kyzvoi, created for the entertainment of those who ruled. It didn't matter what they were. They weren't true life. They were placeholder who no longer held a place. It was Anjei's calling to show them that place, and to truly purge Creation so Creation could heal from the wounds suffered by the so-called law-givers.

              And that is why Anjei didn't fear the shadowlands when they first popped up. The primordials were banished out of creation of the lesser spawn demons exist to be summoned as tools, right? Well, the shadowlands and the spirits of those slain is all in the same line. That the spirits of the lawgiver and lunar races have a place. A place in these shadowlands to wait until called upon. The same how any demon is subject to the thaumaturge or sorcerer who summons it.

              She only did what was done before.

              She didn't understand how his subordinates didn't get it. How quickly they forgot the tyranny of the Lawgivers, all out of fear of the shadowlands.

              But that was in the past. The voice led her here. The voice that was his constant companion. The voice which led him to glory. And so now she stood in Stygia as various ghosts watched him. Watched her as she watched the void. As the voice urged her to leap. To complete the cycle and join Oblivion.

              But... she couldn't. She could not leap. She was weak. Instead, she looked around that flat area and saw a narrow staircase. One she had not seen before. She may not be able to leap down. But she could certainly descend.

              Until at last she was at the bottom. And it wasn't just once voice she heard, but a cacophony. Madness. The original voice she could barely hear over the roar of all the voices. But it wasn't terrifying. It was... it was... home. Home and familiar.

              So turning from Oblivion she turned into a side tunnel and then found herself entering a crack inside a large mausoleum. And soon lost herself and all track of time.


              Anjei has spent roughly the last 1100 years inside various tombs of the Neverborn in mostly states of near catatonia. The Neverborn might have first thought to make Anjei Marama into the first Deathlord. And had the ghosts of the slain Solars not arrived, they probably would have done so. Or maybe they did try making her into a deathlord and trying to fuse a hekatonkhire with a living soul didn't succeed.

              For most of the time, Anjei's mind raptured by the whispers of the neverborn and her mind is lost on the wind of their chorus, and while she in such a catatonic state his attributes are the following:
              Strength 1, Dexterity 1, Stamina 1; Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 2; Perception 7, Intelligence 1, Wits 7
              This is also due to the state of malnutrition that she has suffered, surviving so long on whatever nightmares and foul things count as food in the Labyrinth and tombs of the Neverborn

              Anjei is aware of what is going on around her. But she ignores it. Except for when she breaks out of his catatonia. When Anjei channels her Temperance she can interact with those around her for one scene and then she has the following stats:

              Strength 5, Dexterity 7, Stamina 6; Charisma 4, Manipulation 7, Appearance 3; Perception 7, Intelligence 6, Wits 7

              Her mind is sharp, and she acts quickly. And she can be be surprisingly malicious.

              Virtues: Compassion: 1; Temperance: 3; Conviction: 5; Valor 3

              Willpower: 8

              Essence: 7

              Anjei cannot use charms or sorcery/necromancy while she is in a catatonic state except for those that negate surprises or charms that affect her parry and dodge values.

              Anjei knows Terrestrial Circle sorcery, but also knows Shadowlands Circle Necromancy. She curiously knows Labyrinth Circle necromancy. Something that should be impossible for a Dragonborn.

              As far as a motivation goes, that is yet to be determined. She is being paraded around by one of the Ghosts she personally slaughtered, who is now a servant of the Neverborn. Depending on her first interaction with a Solar it might reinforce her beliefs of those she lived under in the First Age. She certainly won't be afraid to call out to them for "mercy" so she can escape from her confines. It will take immense work to instill trust in any Solar. While she has not met any Abyssals yet, she certainly will feel a kinship with them, especially those who also hear the voices of the Neverborn more clearly.

              Suffice to say, she is a force for chaos. He could potentially be a valuable 1st age resource and source of information. She could also end up being a thorn in the side of any Solar opting to show her mercy. Having lived in the tombs of the Neverborn for so long, Anjei truly understands what Shadowlands are now. She knows what Deathlords are too. Part of her is horrified at what she caused, knowing that she was so wrong about comparing ghosts to demons. A part of her doesn't care and craves to be carried away on the voices of the neverborn once again and carry out the slaughter they sing about.

              Now that she is back in Creation and no longer within the Neverborn themselves, time will tell if she seeks redemption or if she decides continue the cycle of death.

              Abilities of note; Martial arts 7, Melee 7, War 3; Lore 3 (1st Age, underworld, neverborn specialties of +3), Craft Necrotech 5 (and the necessary mundane craft to obtain that) Craft magitech 2, Bureaucracy 7 (Government appeals +3), Integrity: 4, Presence: 7, Dodge 7, Athletics: 7.

              Backgrounds: Whispers 5 (Though for using the Whispers rating in place of a skill, it has an effective rating of 7)
              Contacts: Underworld 5 (This is reliant of his whispers rating. For the voices guide him to know who to talk to. He has no contacts of his own)

              Oh, Anjei is a Fire aspect Dragonblood.
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                I'm curious. Is Marama being a man a deliberate lore change?

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                  Originally posted by Lioness View Post
                  I'm curious. Is Marama being a man a deliberate lore change?

                  Err, actually that is actually me not reading carefully and not paying attention to the gender pronouns. Mostly I was saying Anjei in my head like Ahn-jay as if it was Indian and made the incorrect presumption that Anjei was a man.

                  So that wasn't intentional and I'll correct that.

                  Thank you for catching that.


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                    I wasn't sure if you were doing it intentionally to divorce this character from the hate crime commiting sex worker in DotFA.

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                      Originally posted by Lioness View Post
                      I wasn't sure if you were doing it intentionally to divorce this character from the hate crime commiting sex worker in DotFA.
                      Until you brought up DotFA I had no realization there was an Anjei Marama in there. Are they meant to be the same Dragonblooded? Cause I was only guessing that Anjei Marama was a fire DB. I was just going off what the Underworld book said.

                      I mean, she is in the correct region in DotFA. But... she is the furthest from any type of military soldier that I would consider.

                      I'm going to rule that in my campaign they are two different people. If it comes up, maybe the Anjei Marama of the Fell is the granddaughter of Anjei in DotFA or something.