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Flowing Mind Prana and giving Intimacies to other players

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    As I said i'm just gonna give a few stats about my last campaign and the use of this charm, combined with every other charms for teaching up to Legendary Scholar's Curriculum (essence 3).

    Obviously it happened 6 months or so ago, so there are gonna be few mistakes and incompletions, but for those who wonder what it might look like it might be useful.

    We lasted 7 sessions, during which I believe we achieved 3 stories (1 story per 2 sessions)

    Things I know for sure :
    - Everyone from my circle went from 1 in Awareness (for the lowest) to 5. Accounting everyone level approximately before my teaching, it saved the group about 52 exp
    - 2 people from my circle went from 0 in Integrity to 3. It saved the group about 14 exp
    - Everyone from my circle went from 3 to 4 in Wits. It saved the group about 48 exp

    I believe it's about all the exp I gave them.

    Quick insight into the RP behind the lessons :

    General Setting : We are former slaves that destroyed their former home and are going to the mythic land of our ancestors, shown to our Zenith by the Unconquered Sun to reclaim as ours.

    Integrity : Hallucinate over these mushrooms of the Wyld while I speak to you in your trance.

    Wits : I don't recall, but it must have been something about feeling the invisible demons I summoned to follow them and sharp their guts

    Awareness : Count all the people we are travelling with (about 50 000). No cheat, no trick, no bureaucracy. Count them all at once, only with your senses.

    I of course had experience to pay for them, but I was kinda lucky so it came back not too slowly. Thanks to Tireless Learner Method, I also generated 25 total experience (that were reused at the time to teach people more stuff).

    So with this, on about 7 sessions, I saved the whole group about 115 exp, plus I generated 25, to a total of approximately 140 pex, so about 28 pex per person on a 7 session campaign. It's kinda equivalent to getting the double exp from solar experience (we always got full solar experience, we are not very keen on "You roleplayed stuff so you got more exp than others", if the session was enjoyable, and they all were, we were all awarded full Solar exp). I think it's worth noting it would have gone up faster if I always kept using most of my exp to teach people stuff, because it was growing rather exponentially with the number of experience.

    Things worth noting :
    - My character didn't have any single exp left to buy anything, save maybe 1 in Resistance or something like that.
    - Despite few questions I could ask Robert Vance on "Ask the devs" to clarify the use of some of the charms, during game I realised there were more grey areas me and my MC didn't know how to handle, so we just tried to do what's the more logical.
    - I paid for some stuff using both normal and Solar exp at the same time, I don't know if it's a problem but I don't think so.
    - I considered the exp I got back from Tireless Learner Method to be Solar Experience, which didn't change anything because the game stopped before I had the opportunity to invest in a single Charm
    - We didn't consider it was necessary to give everyone all the intimacies possible that were due to the quantity of exp spent for MFP. But generally after each session everyone would have at least a new Major/Defining Intimacy that were suit and discussed in accordance to our respective roleplay/gameplay.

    I had a lot of fun roleplaying and inventing "training sessions" for my pupil, which I think is extremely fun and I don't understand why some of the discussion seems to be centered aroudn fear of "too heavy roleplay investment". It's clearly one of the coolest part of the game.

    Hope it can help someone one day


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      Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post

      Because you think it's boring or not very useful?

      Personally, I was shocked when I saw it, because it can be made very powerful (though it takes a while). You're an XP-generating machine.

      It's probably not very interesting though. (It's far more realistic than the previous ed's teaching charms, but mechanically and thematically maybe not the best way.)
      I can see the insane value of turning each exp you get into 3.5 exp (assuming you train the 4 other members of your Circle). It's just not very exciting and risks throwing the party's growth out of whack. I'm a very non min-maxy type of player so the thought of leveling faster just doesn't have that much appeal to me.

      Originally posted by Chronos12 View Post
      I'm playing the Lore character in Alucard's game and my somewhat brief stint of using Flowing Mind Prana since I've only recently got it was a couple of points I hope help you at least a bit.

      A) Flowing Mind Prana can only give your* intimacies to the student character until you get the essence 3 charm Legendary Scholar’s Curriculum, then that limitation is gone.

      B) Believe it or not my group didn't do much RP for FMP, I ended up just using it in the downtime between stories. Just to tell you it doesn't NEED heavy RP. But it certainly makes it more flavorful.

      B) Flowing Mind Prana flavor comes from the students sharing their beliefs with there teacher as he opens more of the world to them through the lens of their teacher. (Although ending up loving their husband is something up I didn't think about before, but point C and D will share my thoughts on that.)

      C) Exalted is meant to be a collaborative experience (at least in my group), and you need to make concessions with your fellow players. As an example Robin ,my Linguistic/Lore eclipse, wanted to teach anyone in the circle who wanted to learn, a crazy (and hilarious) assassin night ,Invisible Horse Princess, opted in. So me and her player talked about what we wanted to do, since I didn't want to mess up their character concept but still wanted it to seem like my character was trying to make her less... killy. Ultimately, I'm saying that you need to keep the other players wishes in mind when dishing out intimacies.

      D) Intimacies are really funny when looked at from the view of another player. As an example the way one takes in "I want to make the world a better place" when held by an insane assassin is much different then then a Lore character might expect them to be. They may see the world through your lens by they are still the one looking through themselves.

      Not sure if this will help or not, but it's my experience with the charm.
      hm thinking on your points maybe I need to collaborate with other players more. So far it's been more "MWEHEHE NOW TAKE THIS INTIMACY AND LOVE IT" which can be funny but also awkward. I might try figuring out some Intimacies in advance with the other players for when I want to teach them stuff.

      Another problem I have is I'm in the opposite situation from making an insane rogue into a good person. My teacher is a self-important arrogant idiot, so making anyone in the group more like him is actually detrimental rather than an improvement XD
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