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  • I'll be back to reviewing shortly enough, but for the moment I feel prompted to say something I initially withheld.

    Originally posted by Dex Davican View Post
    Interesting. I'd intended to highlight the entitlement and alienation from the lower classes that players (who are often sympathetic toward underdogs) might need help wrapping their minds around.
    I've seen so many accounts of people who evidently need help wrapping their minds around the opposite. People who seem to think that casually levelling atrocities on bystanders is the default, if not a creative and competitive exercise.

    Then there's shit like this:

    I remember when my 3e game I ran met a mortal artist who painted an equivalent to the Sistine Chapel [except with the Dragons], they decided he had to secretly be a sidereal or some other exalt type, because clearly no mortal would be able to do something that well done. They then decided that this gracious host was clearly trying to kill them, and... murdered an NPC, entirely because they were convinced it had to be an exalt in disguise.

    It was just a mortal. I had a player [the one who decided to join battle and ambush the artist] get very mad at me for 'misleading them' by making a Mortal actually capable of something worthy of awe and wonder. I never once said that anything about the art seemed magical, when the twilight tried to us AESS she saw nothing magical anywhere around them, and they were still so convinced that just because I claimed it was 'some of the most beautiful art you've ever seen' it had to be something non-mortal. More than that, they assumed it was something non-Dragonblooded too.
    Something about reading that now shook me a lot more than the first time...

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    • To be fair, I wonder how much of that is the fault of the setting/player expectations and how much is on the ST.

      Many STs, lacking the language skills and experience to speak otherwise, use "the most x you've ever seen" as shorthand for magical.

      If you routinely describe Exalted deeds as "the most x you've ever seen" because you're trying not to say "this is magic yo!" then you can't act shocked when the players suss what you're trying to convey to them.

      And yes, the idea that mortals can't do anything sucks, and it's good that 3E is moving away from that.

      But if a Solar artist is rolling 10+ successes and a mortal artist is rolling

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      • Excited, Realm is now shipping hardcover.
        Unexcited, shipping cost is more than the book cost. Holy crap. If only colour e-readers were a capable thing.


        • Neat, purchased!