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How does Body-Mending Meditation work again?

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  • How does Body-Mending Meditation work again?

    Let's pretend I'm mathematically illiterate (just for fun!), that math was never my forte for whatever reason, that back in the 90s when I was at school the teachers were just like "fell behind? fuck this kid, we got better things to do than teach" (pretty much a one-to-one quote, btw).. then let's pretend Kid Me spent high school math classes being behind a shed, discovering nicotine addiction and drowning teen angst in Metal music and noticeably not in the actual classroom.

    This 90s kid (who wishes to remain anonymous) doesn't exactly get this Charm's calculation.

    What... Is this calculation for Body-Mending Meditation? Can someone give me an example (in plain English, as written to someone who doesn't get it)? Every answer I've come up with in Searches has just left me equally confused.

    I understand the part where I take a number (Essence), times another number (roll successes) and............... This is the part where I got lost. What is the relationship between the result I just got and the healing times? Like, how does the result affect them? Does it shave x number of days from the total number of days to heal or.... what?

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    Exalted heal deadly injuries over a period of days.

    the first effect speeds that up. You are Essence 2 with 3 success, you heal 6 (2 x 3) times faster. A 30 day period of healing takes you 5 days, (30/6 = 5)


    you can roll up some successes, and give them to whoever is healing you with a certain Medicine charm, and that charm works better.

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