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Rumors in the tradition of UA (Unknown Armies)

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  • Rumors in the tradition of UA (Unknown Armies)

    Bits of errata, half-baked ideas, cool concepts that might have happened but shouldn't be dignified with their own rulesets can go here. Basically anything you think of that you'd like to leave for a propsective GM to develop.
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    I’m sorry; I don’t click links in threads by posters with single- or double-digit post counts with no text besides the link itself. You’ll have to explain what you’re about a little more first.


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      In any case, it looks like the poster is referring to the Unknown Armies game by Atlas Games. So completely unrelated to Exalted.


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        Originally posted by Uknown DarkLord View Post
        In any case, it looks like the poster is referring to the Unknown Armies game by Atlas Games. So completely unrelated to Exalted.
        Thread title is 'in the tradition of UA', so I'm assuming they mean UA-style rumors for Exalted.

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          As both Exalted and UA are my favourite games (my current campaign is an awesome UA game, due to my Exalted hiatus...) I will explain.

          In 2nd Edition Unknown Armies, each chapter started with rumours. Some of them were completely fake, some were plot ideas, some were ill-informed ideas about things in the meta-plot, and all of them were awesome. So, for a time, in there was a tradition about making threads of UA-style rumours for games (mostly for nWoD/CoD) and many of them were full of awesome ideas.

          So, this look like an attempt to do something similar, about the Exalted setting. Which is, in principle, a cool idea


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            I actually like using rumours in my games, because a)it's fun, b)it's realistic, c)it gives the sense that there's other things going on far away, and the world beyond the play area is doing stuff, and d)it lets me foreshadow future threats without being obvious, because of course what's also fun is having rumours that are complete rubbish, or very twisted from the truth.

            I don't really want to post examples, because I'm going to start introducing some over the next few sessions, and don't want to give them away, but I can show you the format via an email I already sent to a couple of players. It's not exactly rumours of what's happening, but rather rumours about a place they're going soon.

            There are many tales of the Nightmare Lands.
            Some say that 6000 years ago, the Sorcerer-King Bagrash Kol stole the eye of the Demon King who ruled the Eight Directions, and trapped him inside his own body. Then Kol created the First Empire, which united the land in peace and wonder. What are now the Nightmare Lands were pleasant farmlands beneath the flying cities of the First Empire. But the Raksha stole the eye of the Demon King, and the cities fell, their dying sorcery unleashing a magical plague that no doctor could cure. It cursed the land at the centre of the Fall

            Others say the Nightmare Lands were where Bagrash Kol performed vile experiments on captives, his very evil staining the earth. So foul were his sorceries that the Gods sent a great plague to destroy humanity, destroying his empire.

            Still others say to the north of the Nightmare Lands is the lost mountain of Meru, where the Sun-Kings bound Mela to free the land from ice. But the Ten Thousand Immortals rose against this blasphemy, allying with the Raksha to destroy the First Empire. The Ten Thousand Immortals razed Meru, freed Mela, and then betrayed the Raksha and crucified them on iron poles across the peninsula, creating the Nightmare Lands from their agonies so that no human kingdom might rebuild Meru. The Raksha have never forgiven humanity's champions for this sin.

            And finally there are those who claim that the Sun-Queen Cecylene lost the Eye of God battling the Ten Thousand Immortals far above the earth, and when it fell to earth it broke Fate itself. Somewhere deep in the Nightmare Lands the Eye of God still lies. It bears the power of Creation, but seperated from God himself, its power runs wild, twisting man and beast.
            The important thing is to mix in some stuff the players OOC know aren't true, and also have contradictory rumours, so they won't just assume that what they hear is true. And then when you have a rumour that is just the plot for the next story arc or whatever, it won't be obvious, as it's mixed in with rubbish. So in the above examples, you can OOC see that it has something to do with Bagrash Kol gaining and losing the Eye of Autocthon, but it's not overtly clear exactly what happened.

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              Here's one from canon: "Sha'a Oka is Dead! Sha'a Oka Lives!"

              Who says this Black Lion is the same as the first..


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                The Godbinders of the North have discovered a method of ritually killing a spirit, binding its spirit and power on the blue tattoos that decorate their bodies.

                One of them has caught an Exalted, and is planning on doing the ritual on Calibration. What would happen is a mistery, but nothing good will come from that...


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                  Here are some rumours I gave out for my North-East game to a couple of PCs who'd travelled a long way to get there, so I thought would have heard a lot of rumours. Some, rather obviously, I just copied out of the book.
                  To the west of the White Sea is the city of Grieve. Once an important port on the trade route to distant Fajad with its western wonders, it declined along with Fajad's decline. But two years ago, so they say, savants discovered a wondrous potion of immortality. Now the rich and skilled flock west to purchase their own immortality. But some say that to cheat death will anger the Norns, who spin the weft of men's lives and decide when they should fall. What dark curse will they levy on Grieve for defying them?
                  Other say that the potion is merely an anagathic, and rumours of its magical potency nothing more than quackery.

                  To the south is Whitewall, bastion against the ghosts and demons of the steppe. Merchants come north from Whitewall say the ghosts and demons have become more aggressive and powerful. But they carry still darker rumours from the rich cities of the South, land of the Daimyos. It's said war has come, desperate and brutal. Refugees reach Whitewall with tall tales of demon kings and Anathema, of horrorific sorcery unleashed by desperate Daimyos, of cities refusing aid to their fellows for fear of losing their own land. It's unclear who fights who; is this war between the proud Daimyos? Or an invasion from somewhere else? There are even rumours that the distant Empire of the Dragon to whom the Daimyos must pay tribute has fallen to darkness and infernalism. Other rumours say the Empire has abandoned the Daimyo, or that it is the Dragon Legions themselves who have invaded.
                  But rumours of events so far away are always unreliable, and refugees exaggerate. Perhaps the war is already over.

                  The Dragon Fleet, stationed at Tantara to battle pirates in the White Sea, sailed away a year ago. Some say this is due to war in the South; others that the God-Slaying Admiral who led it was defeated in combat by Nasamara, god of war, and fled in shame. Others say that the merchant princes grew tired of tax demands and refused to pay; now their operations are unshielded and piracy increases.

                  It's said by merchants from Fajad that the distant West has been invaded by a great and all-conquering navy, whose admirals now divide up the lands between them. The sailors of this fleet claim to be fleeing some great doom, and believe that only in the distant West will they be able to survive.

                  There are rumours that an ancient city of treasure has been discovered in the Chiasa Savara mountains. Now prospectors and guildsmen form expeditions into the hostile peaks.

                  On the northern White Coast, the Priest-Kings of Thetra have allied with the Murder-Poets of Osk to root out the Spectral Bandits of Fallen Tear Mountain. But there are rumours the bandits serve some dark horror in the underworld, and invading their Shadowland will put the soldiers of Thetra and Osk in peril.

                  Meanwhile, tensions between Carnelian and the grasping Seal-Queen of Ymiz have become worse. They say some young raiders attacked and killed the Seal-Queen's youngest pup, and she holds all Carnelian responsible.

                  It's said that in the Haslanti city of Tusk, a genius craftsman has unlocked the secrets of the ancient empire of Bal Keraz, and creates skyships more advanced than any before. He claims his ambition is to recreate the flying cities who once floated majestically above the North.

                  The elderly Emperor Siladar of Iscomay has died, and his young son, Ajurai Siladar II, sits the throne. Nobles, generals and Khojas scheme for influence over the impressionable youth, influencing him one way or another. Wealthy guildsmen flock to his capital to lobby for trade concessions, but in the strees radical Khojas call for a war of conquest, to impose the Book of the Bear's laws by force.

                  The city of Spur, in Northern Iscomay, was once ruled by a Raksha, the Emerald Mask. It's said she has returned, and leads a resistance movement against the Emperor.

                  The town of Dazul, north of Iscomay, is ruled by a caste of Exorcists, but it's said that they themselves have fallen to infernalism.

                  And finally, the southern nation of Linowan's and Medo are said to be at war, a brutal invasion that pushes Linowan tribes north towards the plains of the Haslanti reindeer clans.

                  I run... Lunars: The Apocalypse! Exalted 3rd edition. Fimbulwinter is upon the world as an Ice Age begins, and only six young Lunar heroes have a chance of saving humanity.