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  • LostLight
    started a topic List of Canon Exigents

    List of Canon Exigents

    So I've made this list for myself for future reference, and I've thought "why not to share it in here?" in case someone would find it useful. Please note me in case I have missed one and where to find them, as Exigents are elusive bunch.

    Anyway, here we go-

    Strawmaiden Janest, Harvest Exalted, Champion of Ten Sheaves (Core, p.52)
    Nurlissa, Chosen of Masks, Unknown (Core. p.52)
    Bleak Warden, Chosen of Seals, Unknown (Core, p.52)
    Thousand Venoms Mistress, Chosen of Toxins, Unknown (Core, p.52)
    Willow Specter, Chosen of Dice, Champion of Plentimon (Core, p.52)
    Revana Quin, Architect of Wu Jian, Champion of Wun Ja (Core, p.552)
    Kamach Aki, Volcano Exalted, Champion of Hamoji (Fire, p.58)
    Bazidara, Chosen of City Smiter, Champion of Amoth (Fangs prev., p.54)
    God Admirals of Cabochon, Unknown (Fangs prev., p.54; Arms, p.65)
    Tezelyke Eszter, Chosen of Mirages, Champion of Hafatun (Fangs prev., p.100)
    Akaya Moda, Hot Springs Exalted, Unknown (Realm, p.29)
    Essential Silence, Chosen of Mysteries Unveiled, Champion of Silken Vesper (Realm, p.100)
    Kerlei the Chain, Chosen of Righteous Imprisonment, Champion of Zhieka (Realm, p.100)
    Tall Cypress, Forest Exalted, Champion of Yagumo (Realm, p.101)
    Ma'anjin Hekobo, Chosen of Central War, Champion of Wanjung (Realm, 101)
    Odara, Chosen of Ash, Champion of Ash on the Wind (Adversaries)
    Lady of Blood and Breakers, Chosen of Western War, Champion of Siakal (semi-canon, mentioned by John)

    Is there anyone else I was not aware of?
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  • Epee102
    Odara, Chosen of Ash. Adversaries of the Righteous.

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