So, a big part of playing dragonblooded is their social privilege, and a major aspect of that privilege is that there are a lot of high-up positions in the Realm which they can get into much more easily that mortals can. This means, from a mechanical perspective, that the backing merit is typically going to be very important for playing terrestrials. But the rules don't give much in the way of guidance for figuring out the backing ratings of positions that a player might want a terrestrial character to take - we only get examples of ratings for positions in two organisations, neither of which dragonblooded PCs are very likely to be in. So I want to start a thread for figuring out what the backing ratings for positions that players of DBs are likely to take for their characters ought to be.
These are my initial thoughts as to what they should be. I'd appreciate other peoples' thoughts:

Scalelord •••?
Talonlord •••
Winglord •••
Dragonlord •••?
General ••••

Immaculate Order:
1st coil ••
2nd coil ••
3rd coil •••
4th coil ••••
5th coil ••••

Captain •••
Squadron Admiral •••
Flotilla Admiral ••••
Lord Comissioner of the Admiralty ••••

Magistrate ••••?

Senator ••••

All-Seeing Eye:
Agent ••
Handler •••
Intelligencer ••••

Wise and Knowledgeable Advisors of Foreign Tributaries:
Itinerant Advisory Committee member •••/••••?

Imperial Force:
Member ••
Officer •••/••••?

Wyld Hunt (Assuming structure from previous editions):
Shikari ••
Amercer ••
Venerer •••
Ostiary ••••?
Exarch ••••
Corrector ••••
Member of the Committee on Matters of Venery ••••

Field Forces:
Chozei •••?
Taizei •••
Shozei •••
Kazei ••••