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    or a deva for a rather destructive Primordial who's not from the Creation Cabal


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      If one was to capture the essence of the narrative created in this recent movie, Ghidorah would probably be something of a scope akin to the behemoths of the Primordials but with an origin that had nothing to do with their power, that slipped into the young Creation and sought to assert its dominance over the other behemoths so that it could command them to reshape Creation in a manner more to its designs than those of their original masters.

      It would fit the combination of implications and my own preferences that behemoths were originally born as instruments by which Creation was wrought or refined. Ghidorah as presented in the film that appeals to my liking of the premise of alien beings of wholly inscrutable origin or personality descending upon the Earth, possibly by accident after having been adrift in the cosmos for unknown eons, and going about their business while preying upon the planet; it's your Jenovah, your Life Fibres,, your Deoxys, your IT, your Colour out of Space. I like that narrative as a form of existential horror from the wider universe, a more personal face to the idea that a piece of debris could crash down and arbitrarily wipe out all life. It's something I would find compelling enough to want to preserve its presence in this character.

      Hence, Ghidorah would need to not have an origin informed by something already categorised. Possibly not even the Wyld, at least not in an obvious way. He's an outside-context problem, even if he resembles something in context enough to manipulate it to serve his ends.

      In any case, I can imagine that such an occurrence was among the things that the Unconquered Sun was supposed to deal with back in the day; as Godzilla's apparent role of keeping the other kaiju in line to maintain an ecological equilibrium, I can see that element being encompassed by the Sun fully in the earliest prehistory (an especially wearisome task).

      I'm also envisioning some particularly blasphemous and forbidden Yozi tracts depicting a narrative in which there were first behemoths, then something in the role of Ghidorah popped in and threw the system out of balance, and the Unconquered Sun was initially wrought specifically to deal with that problem once it got out of hand and was thereafter kept around to ensure that it didn't happen again.

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        I forget where I heard this, but I think at some point in the movie Ghidorah was referring to as a "youngest son who would get no inheritance, and so left to find his own fortune".

        So Ghidorah isn't just an individual, but a SPECIES, much as even Godzilla and Kong and the MUTOs are individuals of whole species. (Godzilla's father is variously referred to as Adam or Dagon.)

        Which means another Ghidora could show up. A Destroya, perhaps, or a DesGhidora, or a Kaiser Ghidorah, or however many versions of the bastard there have been.

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