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Several Servitor/ Demon ideas:

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  • Several Servitor/ Demon ideas:

    Entropic cloud. A cloud of miniature mouths/ fog/ mini insects. Makes a buzzing sound, and consumes any matter. Used by sorcerers for corpse disposal, boring through solid rock like a drill, and killing any unfortunate sap that pisses off the sorcerer. Attacks by it are treated as an environmental hazard. (Whether it is like bonfire or lava, I am not sure).

    Crafting nanites. Something more suited for man-machine protocols or alchemicals. Autochthonian aspected. The sorcerer makes the sign of 'many hands working together' and breathes through his clasped hands. The breathe comes out, as a silver cloud of chittering, metallic insects. The insects cannot make new material, and are unable to transmute more. What they can do, is use the various mouthparts they have to manipulate matter. Some have drills. Some have cutting lasers. Some have glue. Some have welders. Some have hammers. Either way, the swarm can carry out basic or major projects without any need for tools. Time taken is still the same. They are unable to do things like craft (water) or craft (genesis). In other words, they can do things like build swords and shields, but asking them to create paint or food is a no.

    Trapdoor-spider. A version of the demon spiders, that I found was lacking something. It creates what can be described as razor floss, with some toxin added to it. Or silk that acts like jellyfish tentacles. It can attack in a variety of ways, like stringing razor wire through a corridoor, to kill anyone unwary that walk through it. It can coat a doorknob in deadly stinging silk, which means anyone touching it is injected with arrow frog venom/ snake venom. It can spend essence/ willpower to make the poisons deadlier, the razor wire harder to spot, or make the razor wire more deadly.

    Assasination tool. A mixture between Hopping Puppeteer, Alien, and a spider. If you want a visualization, make its movement and manner somewhat like that infiltartor bot in Transformers 2. Its very touch inflicts lethal, poisoned damage, with all melee attackers having to continuously roll to avoid its poison blood. It can fire deadly spines, or lash out with bladed tentacles. Sharp senses, and dice for stealth. Highly intelligent. Not too good in a stand up fight, but it has charms for increasing attacks from surprise/ first attack, and for disengage, meaning that its built for hit and run.

    A spider. Or more accurately, a trap door spider. A spider that lays eggs in places, and those eggs grow up, eating the surrounding area and becoming a trap. This can range from the harmless, like exploding into smoke. Or it can blow up like an IED, turning platoons into shrapnel and gore. Zero combat charms, and it can't work during the day. Has high stealth and probably some other esoteric requirement to match. Can spend essence to increase deadliness of traps or difficulty to discover. Can set traps to do things, like "explode when a dragonblooded walks past you" or "activate and release

    A spell that summon dozens and dozens of projectiles (swords and spear) around you, controlled by your mind. At your order, they fire out, blasting at an enemy, then dissipate. You can only do this once per scene, they are relatively short ranged (compared to things like Flight of the Brilliant Raptor) and they're goddamned obvious (No surprise attacks, not unless you're in something like a dark forest, and people will know that you're spoiling for a fight). Based on Gilgamesh's gate of babylon.

    A variation on commanding presence of fire. Shorter range, but with added bonuses. Lasts for one scene, and projects a gigantic image of whatever you want to be. Whether a head, a sublimely beautiful goddess, or a terrifying genie (yes, this is inspired by Jaffar's ascension/ descent into geniehood at the end of Aladdin). You get to make illusion effects to enhance your performance (this includes dice) and you automatically instill a minor tie of whatever you wish, ranging from terrified awe, worshipful love, or fearful terror.

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