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    Originally posted by Accelerator View Post
    Craft: apps

    Lore: computers
    Plz don't do this


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      Originally posted by Chausse View Post

      Plz don't do this

      But I was bored.


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        Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post

        It makes sense for War.
        War (Opposing Realm military doctrine) or (Vs Realm Legions). However you think is the best way to write that.
        Your more experienced fighting Realm legions than, say, horse archers, or tigermen, so you're better at countering their tactics.
        Oh yeah, that's true. Good point!

        Check out my homebrew exalt: The Fabulists - Chosen of the Raksha here


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          Originally posted by Sorcerous Overlord View Post

          Occult (Sharks) - Working: Cancer Proof Sharks - Medicine (Sharks): cancer proof people with shark blood using acupuncture (with shark teeth)
          In a fit of cosmic humor, the working shapes up so that the shark teeth have to be in the shark's jaw - no removal or replacement possible! Better hope the sharks stop at just the pressure points...


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            Page four and no “While on fire?” For shame!


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              Originally posted by Sith_Happens View Post
              Page four and no “While on fire?” For shame!
              Stealth(while on fire)
              Dodge(while on fire)

              Can't be caught by ninjas while you're on fire


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                My Solar who holds the Sun Brush has:
                Linguistics (onto flesh)
                Melee (Delicate Strokes)
                And Lore (Lost Treasure).

                War (Gateway) is the most common specialty in my games; it had been held by three PCs I’ve played with.

                One of my friends took Dodge (unblockable) and Melee (blocking undodgeable); this prompted the Dawn to take Melee (blocking the unblockable). That’s the woman who was also allowed to take Integrity (in Battle)

                In terms of general ones:
                Presence (Gaining Loyalty), (Encouragement)
                Bureaucracy (Mining), (Logistics), (Sabotage)
                Occult (Fixing my Mistakes)