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Recent examples/inspirations of Exalted media

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  • Recent examples/inspirations of Exalted media

    Ex. Brightburn (evil superman movie), Good Omens (Amazon Prime), Swamp Thing, Jessica Jones, MIB:International

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    Detective Dee and the Four Heavenly Kings. You want a water Aspect magistrate? Look no further.

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      I guess usually it´s better to say WHAT inspire you from whatever you say. Because, well, I hear Jessica Jones and think of low-level Mage, Unknown Armies or Changeling: the Lost before I do Exalted. And it´s not due to the modern setting, but because it deal with abuse and obsession, themes that are a lot more prominent in these games.

      What about JJ makes you think about Exalted? Just interested, maybe I overlooked something!


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        Aquaman, the over the top colorful aesthetics and ancient civilization fallen from its height. Also Wonder Woman a bit.


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          She-Ra definitely


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            Really great inspiration stuff for Exalted kind of mostly feeds off weird secondary world fantasy fiction novels and short stories, motion picture historical epics (preferably with a bunch of action or martial arts!), fantasy videogames particularly from a non-trad fantasy background. For me.

            I don't know - there's not a whole bunch of this as original content going on at the moment it seems! (Esp. discounting a bunch of re-dos and re-makes of 90s properties, which is probably fair). Of course there's not a whole bunch going on in the live action movie and TV space at the best of times anyway. I'd like to be proved wrong if there is! Not to say there's not various 'good stuff' of sorts around, just seems not so much current and in those genres/styles/feels?


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              I draw my inspirations from a lifetime of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror!

              But for more recent material, I enjoyed "Into the Badlands" a tv series on A&E that ran for a few seasons.

              There is alot here for Exalted

              - Supremely skilled warriors whose prowess is nearly (or explicitly) supernatural.
              - Politics and double dealing between factions (along with their distinctive looks and iconography)
              - Secrets and Mysteries that trace back to a mythic lost age.
              - Cool costumes!

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              Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
              Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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                If you’re up for anime, you can catch Kimetsu no Yaiba (or, Demon Slayer) which is a recent ufotable release.

                It does a good job of displaying martial technique that smacks of charms and visualise them using elements without having the characters actually throwing around magic sword blasts.

                The demons also make good fodder for, well, demons - odd esoteric abilities and artifact weapons though nothing like evocations just yet that I’ve seen.

                Mostly I recommend it because it does a good job of translating supernatural power into packets of superlative skill that is highly reminiscent of ‘Charms’ as we recognise them. It only put and out names MA abilities though so things like feats of athletic prowess that is clearly above human ability and superlative sensory techniques feel like they exist without being specifically called out. Like charms.

                Tl;dr this show is a good visualisation for a world where charms exist without being *a thing* in setting.

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                  This isn't exactly "recent", but Kill Six Billion Demons and Asura's Wrath both feature imagery I think go well with Exalted. Asura's Wrath in particular has an aesthetic to its magitech(giving it an indian and buddhist artstyle) that I think 2e really lacked(since it was largely just generic sci-fi gear transplanted into a Bronze Age setting). The comics Monstress and Ramayan 3392 A.D. are both really good inspirations too. Some of the deeper Elder Scrolls lore (like the The 36 Lessons of Vivec or The Seven Fights of the Aldudagga) also works. Destiny's lore is also pretty good, with Oryx, The Taken King and Emperor Calus respectively being good Abyssal and First Age Solar inspiration.
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                    Been playing Hollow Knight recently. The game's version of "Charms" map very well to independent Hearthstones and some offer neat ideas for Exalted Hearthstones.

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                      Talking about games I know this one is not very well known but a full playthrough of Valdis Story : Abyssal City is totally worth the inspiration