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[3E] Building a Lintha Character

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    For gills, You could take Grotesque with Subtlety.
    The combo itself works for Lintha generally, basically giving you a “Game Face” for Threaten actions without making you stand out like a sore thumb (unless you’d prefer to).

    Plus basically any aquatic aspect that might otherwise be redundant can be folded into the description of your monstrous form.
    I think it’d be a pretty miserly ST that forced you to put points into Gills that are purely decorative, especially if they folded into a different mutation.


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      When I reverse-engineered my Lintha character as a mortal, I bought the Exalted Healing, Gills, and Hideous Merits, and used chopping sword stats for the Auhzian sword. I just went with Contacts for the Lintha Family connection since he wasn't part of the higher, more organized reaches of the family.


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        Does it have to be a DragonBlooded? If you want to use the legos in the box and don't mind reflavoring, why not make a Lintha Eclipse Caste? You could Supernal Sail, and you can use the Eclipse Charmshare to learn a lot of the cool water moves- off the top of my head the Water Elemental Seahorse Rainbow Bus Has a charm that lets you screw with ships that are pursuing you. Dip Sorcery for Summon Elemental, Demon of the 1st Circle, Beckoning That Which Stirs the Sky, Floral Ferry, and Keel Cleaves The Clouds are all major thematic. You could toss a peach into a swirling fogbank and sail on a longboat with a dozen raiders into the sky, while leaving an entire Terrestrial Army stuck in a howling typhoon!

        Demons work for you, which is good for the Lintha. You could even flavor them all as being unnaturally scaled and warped by Kimberry. You have all the good Dark Ocean Magics from Sorcery (not to mention turning Death of Obsidian Butterflies into Death of Razorback Clamshells). You get a bunch of neat stuff in sail- even Salty Dog Methodology itself would do a lot to reinforce the "Lintha Pirate" theme. My Circle's Sail Eclipse also has some War Charms to make his sailors and marines into the hardest sonsabitches in the West. You could have your own Lintha Pirate Crew of literal Sea-Men like a One Piece villain (they'd even be Might 1 because they are horrible monstrosities!). You can also get cool Eclipse abilities from the various gods/demons you meet. That's giving your ST a slice of fried gold RPwise- as the ST for my table I would take that hook and run with it. Plus, as an Eclipse sanctifying oaths you could call on Kimberry or whatever demon matriarch to enforce the Dread Pact.

        The Rating 3 Merit "Familiar" lets you get a ginormus beast or a regular beast with magic powers- you could have a Kraken on call or pet Great White (that breathes Lightning!). Other merits are Backing (Lintha Family), Command (Lintha Pirates), Contacts (Smugglers and Pirates), Cult (Demon Worshippers), Followers (My Crew), Gills (with our without Subtlety), Hideous (which is free!), Mentor (Demonic Patron), Tempered By The Elements (Sea and Storms). For Flaws- Sterile (which I honest to god don't know how it will ever come up), and Wyld Mutant (Lintha Brood). You can also throw Derangement (Madness or Paranoia) in there too.

        EDIT: I forgot the whole bit i started with. Play an Eclipse mechanically but be an Infernal in-game.
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