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Prepare for your victory at my broken hand (Reclining Squirrel Style)

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  • Prepare for your victory at my broken hand (Reclining Squirrel Style)

    Every now and again you find a martial art that teaches transcendent truths, reach new heights of power, or closer harmony with the world itself. The problem is that these stories have been done countless times. A story of how a man goes on a quest to become weaker? Weak to where even the sickest child can lay him low? That my friends is how a story starts.

    Behold Reclining Squirrel Style, a style that will disgust others as you beg for mercy in front of them shortly before being smashed apart like a clod of dirt.


    Special Thanks: To Charles Spalding (AKA: Plague of Hats), whose works of homebrew I look up to even this very day. Even if I don’t have the patience to learn LaTeX for making fancy PDF’s, or fancy PDF’s in general. Here’s hoping you’re doing well for yourself!

    Inspired by/Original Source:

    The Reclining Squirrel Style was made long ago during the Shogunate by Quaking Rodent, a man who was utterly forgotten by his entire community. Such a thing wasn’t without merit. Quaking Rodent wasn’t blessed with good looks or magnetic allure, he had no talents such as playing instruments or managing finance, and he was too lazy to practice the sword or farm. As far as everyone knew he merely existed, providing nothing or anything of worth to the town or its people.

    But Quaking Rodent vowed to make people pay attention to them. He pledged loudly in the town square that day that he would find some way to make the town itself remember Quaking Rodent for generations to come, before quickly apologizing for disrupting the peace in the town square. A few people wondered who he was, but many ignored him.

    Reclining Squirrel trained fiercely from that day onwards, using secret techniques to plunge his status and self-worth as a person to such depths that would shock even the most jaded of saints. So weak that even the most feeble of children could beat him. When a Shogunate Garrison passed through the area while on a mission to slay the Anathema known as Ferocious Tiger, Quaking Rodent knew that his time had come.

    Striding towards the Shogunate camp he issued them all a challenge, promising that he would win against no one in the camp and that all would sneer upon him in disgust. The General of the camp scoffed at this notion, ordering his foot soldiers to take the madman away. It was then Quaking Rodent showed his true power, his true lack of merit as a living entity. Quaking Rodent perished in the battle, but the Shogunate generals and townsfolk were forever haunted by what they saw that day, an individual with no absolute worth. The ultimate state of patheticness where even sneering would be too much effort.

    Such tales are even passed down to this day, in which is the only known way to learn such a style. Practicing practitioners of the style are rare, even madman calling others mad for attempting to learn it.

    Reclining Squirrel Weapons: Reclining Squirrel style is traditionally practiced unarmed. It may however be used with soft objects, such as pillows or slippers.

    Armor: This style is incompatible with armor.

    Complementary Abilities: A high score in NEETery is recommended. Many Reclining Squirrel Stylist’s also tend to practice Lazy NEET Style.

    Sidebar: Why does Mastery make the style worse and Terrestrial make it stronger?

    Mastery isn’t about merely making a style stronger, it’s better understanding and internalizing the core concepts, lessons, and philosophy of a style itself. Reclining Squirrel is all about making one weaker, thus the charms make you weaker. Storytellers are encouraged not to let players use this style at a lower mastery level.

    Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    The panicked Squirrel quickly retreats to behind a nearby tree, ultimately ending up nowhere. This charm supplements a disengage roll or opposing a rush, subtracting a single success from the roll and making all terrain count as difficult terrain until the end of the stylist’s next turn.

    Mastery: With his plan of retreat thwarted, the stylist begins to panic as they realize they are trapped. Upon failing a disengage roll the stylist needs to enter a decision point in order to make another disengage action. Additionally any initiative spent to disengage is awarded to the opponent.

    Terrestrial: The stylist instead adds a single success to the roll, counts all terrain as normal, and may scurry up a nearby surface while only consuming a single range brand of movement.

    Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    The stylist’s eyes go wide as they see a weapon approach them, time slowing down as the incoming attack is reflected upon their eyes; freezing in place of the incoming attack as a deer in the headlights. This charm reduces the defense of a stylist against an attack by 2 and applies an additional point of onslaught to the attack.

    Mastery: The stylist’s defense is reduced by (Essence) if that is higher.

    Terrestrial: The wide open eyes allow one to better able to not only see the attack but their surroundings. This charm instead increases defense by +1, cancels a single point of onslaught, and may reduce any visual penalties to notice an attack by (Essence) points.

    Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial, Withering-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    The Squirrel attacks with all of the power his tail contains, pelting the opponent with all of the fury and rage of a soft and fluffy tail. This charm reduces the damage of a withering attack by (2 or Essence, whichever is greater), reduces the overwhelming value of the attack by 1 (minimum 1), and grants the opponent a +1 bonus die to attack the opponent on his next attack roll due to the highly visible attack display.

    Mastery: When using this charm the stylist’s strength is treated as 1 and the bonus die is instead counted as an aiming bonus.

    Terrestrial: The damage of the attack is instead increased by (2 or Essence, higher), increases overwhelming damage by 2, and the opponent instead takes a single die penalty to their next attack roll as they’re distracted by the attack.

    Cost: 6m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 1; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Form, Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Skittering to Other Side of Tree Retreat, Blank Staring Face Move, Slightly Twitching-Tail Attack

    The stylist takes a deep breath, after which he is filled with determination in that he will lose the battle ahead. Upon activating this charm the stylist rolls (Charisma or Appearance + Martial Arts + Essence) against the Resolve of all opponents within the scene. For the duration of the scene all foes who attack the stylist add a single automatic success to the activation of any gambits and have them cost one less to use, as the stylist’s terrible fighting style makes such things easier to hit. The stylist also temporarily becomes immune to fear, able to suppress any feelings of fear until the opponent makes a hostile action against them, which in this case the true nature of a craven coward comes forth once again.

    Special Activation Conditions: The stylist must reflexively activate this form when subject to an intimidation action or against an opponent who is exceedingly stronger than the stylist (Which is almost everyone).

    Mastery: All Reclining Squirrel charms have a +1i surcharge applied to them.

    Terrestrial: The stylist uses the nimbleness and dexterity of the Squirrel's fingers to their fullest extent. The stylist instead adds an additional automatic success on all gambits and have their costs reduced by one. The small rodent also becomes the underdog, becoming immune to all fear and intimidation based rolls. The stylist may also choose whenever to activate the form reflexively.

    Cost: - (2m 1WP); Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Reclining Squirrel Form

    The paranoid squirrel hurriedly attempts to hit his treasure from would be poachers, clinging onto his treasure even while his opponents mercilessly stomp upon them. What weakness! This charm reduces the stylist’s soak by (2 or Essence, higher). The damage of a withering attack is increased by one per 10 on the opponent’s attack roll. If this charm is known, then the stylist must activate it alongside the form.

    Mastery: The damage bonus of the attacks is added post soak instead.

    Terrestrial: This charm instead adds soak. Additionally the raw damage of an attack is reduced by one for each 1 that appears on the opponent’s attack roll, even on decisive attacks. Stylists also have a choice on whenever this charm is activated alongside the form.

    Cost: 4m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Squirrel Covering Nuts Maneuver

    The stylist makes a series of empty taunts and threats proclaiming that his opponent is doomed to defeat him. This prattling of the weak provokes even the most temperate of monks. Upon using this charm the stylist makes both an instill and inspire attempt to view the stylist as little more than an annoyance with no penalty for targeting multiple targets. If successful the opponent is also compelled to target the stylist on their next action and gains a single point of initiative if they do so. The stylist loses all initiative gained from opponents from the sudden fear of being ganged up on.

    Mastery: If the opponent elects to attack the stylist, they also gain a single point of temporary willpower which may bring them above their maximum.

    Terrestrial: The provocations successfully infuriate all those it targets. The stylist gains +1i per opponent whose resolve he overcame, up to an additional (Essence) initiative. In addition the next attack roll the opponent makes against him is at a -3 penalty due to the anger he suffers and increases the defense bonus provided by Blank Staring Face Move to +2 bonus defense against afflicted opponents.

    Cost: 3m 1WP; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Decisive-Only, Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Squirrel Covering Nuts Maneuver

    The Squirrel's tiny hands are no match for those of a giant. The style applies a penalty of (2 or Essence, higher) to their own control roll.

    Mastery: The stylist treats their opponents as if they had the Legendary Size merit, meaning the stylist does not get a roll to oppose the opponent. If used as part of a grapple gambit, then the opponent automatically takes hold of the grapple.

    Terrestrial: The agile squirrel darts out of the titan’s grasp. The stylist instead doubles 9s on their control roll. Against opponent’s of Legendary size they subtract (2 or Essence, higher) dice from the opponent’s control roll and if successful may immediately break out of a grapple against such an opponent. The stylist cannot use this to grapple Legendary size opponents, only defend.

    Cost: 7m; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Decisive-Only, Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Reclining Squirrel Form

    The Squirrel leads down from the tree branch above to deliver a vicious kick with his padded and adorable paws. This charm supplements a decisive attack, making it so a success is only counted on a result of 8 or higher. If the stylist attacks from an elevation equal to that of the opponent or the opponent’s Resolve was overcome with Chittering Annoyance Prana since last turn then this number is increased by a further one, making it so successes only happen on a 9 or higher. If both are true then damage is only applied a 10. Lastly the opponent’s hardness is increased by one per 1 that appears in the stylist’s attack roll.

    Mastery: The stylist counts being in Reclining Squirrel Form as another condition. He is still allowed to get successes on the attack roll, but can only ever be a maximum of one success.

    Terrestrial: This charm instead doubles 10s on a decisive damage roll. If the stylist attacks from a high elevation, overcame the opponent’s defense with Chittering Annoyance Prana, or is attacking an opponent with a major or defining intimacy of annoyance/anger towards the stylist then the attack doubles 9s. If two are true then the attack doubles 8s, and if all are true then the attack doubles 7s. This charm can only be used once per scene, unless reset by successfully defending against a decisive attack with 15+ dice on its attack roll.

    Cost: 5m 1WP; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Clash, Decisive-Only, Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Relaxing-On-Branch Kick

    Throwing defense, caution and even the knowledge of how to make a proper attack to the wind, bravely leaping at his opponent in a last ditch attempt to be defeated. This charm creates a reflexive clash in response to an opponent’s attack, each 10 on the roll adding a single bonus die to the opponent’s attack and damage rolls.

    Mastery: The opponent gains an automatic success per 10 the stylist rolls.

    Terrestrial: The stylist instead gains a number of bonus dice to their attack and damage pools equal to the 10s the opponent rolls. This charm may only be used once per scene, but may be reset upon incapacitating a significant opponent. Reclining Squirrel stylists do not count as significant opponents.

    Cost: 7m 1WP; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Decisive-Only, Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Rabid Squirrel Lunge

    Just before the seasons change to blanket the earth in snow once more, the squirrel frantically searches for any remaining nuts before winter while ignoring all other dangers in his panic. This charm allows the stylist to make multiple attacks up to (Essence or 2, higher) opponents, moving one range brand towards each opponent without the need to disengage. The damage for the attacks is the stylist’s (Initiative/4) and each opponent is treated as having (Essence or Size) hardness. If the stylist deals no damage with his attack then his opponent gains a point of willpower, taking solace in that they’re not that guy.

    Mastery: Each character the Squirrel moves away from may make a free, reflexive attack against the stylist, withering or decisive. Any initiative damage is withheld until all attacks are completed, and if crashed then everyone who made a withering attack receives the bonus for crashing an opponent.

    Terrestrial: The damage for the attacks are (Initiative/3 + Essence) and does not provide opponents with hardness or any willpower.

    Cost: 10m 1WP; Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Mastery, Terrestrial
    Duration: One Turn
    Prerequisite Charms: Chittering Annoyance Prana, Enveloped in the Giant’s Grasp, Rabid Squirrel Lunge, Panicked Squirrel Searching for Nuts

    With a nonchalant yawn the Reclining Squirrel lays down on the ground and assumes the ultimate stance of helplessness. The stylist becomes so pathetic that any hopes and aspirations their allies may have had towards him are shattered, the master becomes so weak that even his students easily defeat him. This is the ultimate expression of the Reclining Squirrel Style, the literal metaphor of how the stylist never has or will accomplish anything significant of note. Bards will not sing his tale, heaven will not echo his deeds; he will die in an unmarked grave. Only remembered by shocked onlookers that someone with no true worth could even exist.

    Upon activating this charm the stylist immediately falls asleep and sets his defense, soak, and hardness values to zero. The stylist rolls (Charisma + Presence) with five noncharm successes against the opponent’s Resolve. No intimacies may be used to bolster these rolls of any sort; even defining intimacies such has having a love for all life would not suffice, as such people decide that letting such a creature live after this point would only amount to unspeakable suffering for the poor creature. The cost to resist this influence is 5 willpower, and even then it is still not enough.

    For each character whose Resolve was beat, they are then compelled to attack the stylist with their strongest possible decisive attack. Fate itself strains heavily against the creature, adding all threshold successes to damage and making all damage aggravated. If they are crashed they are immediately allowed to roll join battle to attack the stylist. A stylist who is killed while using this charm passes peacefully into Lethe, leaving only the broken minds of his opponents behind.

    Mastery: Any intimacies onlookers have towards the target are immediately shattered.

    Terrestrial: This charm works completely different from its original. The charm becomes Reflexive and may be activated on the beginning of a stylist’s turn. Upon activating the charm the stylist rolls (Charisma + Presence + Essence) against all opponents, forcing them to attack the stylist with no chance to resist. Everyone affected must take their action moving one range brand towards the stylist and attacking them if possible. The stylist sets his hardness equal to his soak and reduces the post-soak damage of all withering attacks by essence and all decisive attacks by a similar amount before being compared to hardness. The stylist’s defense remains the same. The stylist ignores all wound penalties and cannot be crashed, fall unconscious, or become crippled until the end of his next turn. This charm can only be used once per scene, but may be reset upon incapacitating a Reclining Squirrel Stylist.

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