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What Happens If You Vanish During A Rush?

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  • What Happens If You Vanish During A Rush?

    So I was thinking about some mobility tactics today and about using stealth after somebody successfully rushes you. Like say you snap an arrow off at them, move back, they move forward, successfully rush you, and then on your next turn stealth using charms to vanish. You’ve still got your reflexive move, so in theory if you move away your pursuer reflexively moves after you, in spite of not being able to see you or tell that you’re moving. Do they keep moving that direction anyway? Like could you double back and give them the slip?

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    I think being invisible foils the "must have the means to reach the opponent" requirement of Rushing. If you don't know where you are going then you can't get there.

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      Originally posted by JohnDoe244 View Post
      I think being invisible foils the "must have the means to reach the opponent" requirement of Rushing.
      Agreed. I'd note, however, that any movement in combat while stealthed also requires another roll to maintain it (with appropriate penalties if you don't have good cover), which, if your opponent spots you, would break stealth. So the sneaking character, in the original example, would have to roll (Dexterity + Stealth) against the opponent's (Perception + Awareness) to establish stealth and then, if they move reflexively, make an immediate new (Dexterity + Stealth) roll against the opponent's (Perception + Awareness), which is another chance to fail.


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        Ah yes of course. I was thinking about this particularly with regards to an Air Dragon stylist, perhaps even a master. In which case you might be using Vanishing Body Technique to ignore the full -3 penalty for stealth in combat, with a free autosuccess and double 9s. It's a big investment of motes, willpower and even actions, so I'm not sure it would be worth it, but I like that it's an option. Maybe even Soundless Action Prana since it would apply to both rolls as it lasts for a full turn, but now we're getting into stealth-or-die territory.

        Also it's just really cool to me the idea that just as you're about to be caught and strangled by your enemies you snap your fingers and vanish into thin air, and then a moment later from just out of reach you reappear and hurl an unexpected attack their way.