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  • [Art] [Fiction] Quickburned, an Exalted fan novel

    Hey friends,

    I've spent the last year and change writing up my Dawn Caste's story and finally finished it. I also painted up some cover art for it. Hope you all enjoy! And if you did, please leave me a comment or a kudo and make my week! <3

    Caleb Raith is a Dawn caste in the South, riding circuit of an area called the Badlands, along the trade road between Gem and the Lap. When the demon queen Myrmecia starts taking his people and threatening his towns, he won't let it go. But the Queen gets her claws in deep, and Caleb might be in trouble.

    mind the tags!

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    How about an excerpt? y'all want a little snippet of the story? Here's Caleb Righteous-Deviling a bunch of slave-trading raiders encroaching on his territory, before he hunts down the Demon Queen who hired them. I'm sure there will be some disagreements about how I handle firearms but I like it and it's not widespread in creation so :P :

    Caleb was on his feet before he’d consciously made the decision. He loosed his pistols in their holsters and dragged the dragon-blue bandanna over his nose to cover his face. He took a deep breath, mentally shifting stance to something a bit more intimidating than his usual slouch, and walked to the edge of the ridge.

    “Trespassers,” he called, dropping his voice an octave into gravel and clipping his words short and scary. His anima flared, blinding anyone who cared to look on him with dawn’s glorious light. “Trespassers in my badlands.”

    The raiders swore and startled with gratifyingly terrified expressions as they caught sight of this apparition above their camp. A few of the braver ones scrambled for weapons but Caleb didn’t give them the time to think about it.

    He leapt down into the camp, scattering their campfire into embers and floating sparks mingling with the ones in his anima blaze. God, that was going to hurt later, it was a lot further to the ground than he’d thought. Hopefully it looked intimidating, the crouch and slow straightening to fix every raider’s gaze, not stupidity repaid.

    “Trespassers! You have ten seconds to leave this place or forfeit your lives. Leave the captives.”

    “I don’t know who you are but—”

    Caleb sighed. Talking. They were going to make this go the hard way. A few of them began advancing on him despite the fear he knew his anima was giving off, drawing swords. The leader had a flame piece and leveled it.

    Caleb narrowed his eyes. Essence burned through his veins like a wildfire, stilling everything in its path. Everything slowed. Everything grayed, until the whole campsite was painted in shades of charcoal and bone.

    Everything but him.

    A while back, only days after his exaltation at the hands of Sol Invictus, a man-shaped spirit wreathed in golden flame and smoke had come to him in the nights. It gave him a pair of flamewands, dubbed him a Righteous Devil, and taught him a number of useful things.

    How to spiral the barrels of his guns, how to turn firedust from flame to explosion and harness it in metal slugs. How to shoot properly—to aim with his heart, and kill with the eye. How to make a stand and draw the unrighteous as moths to his flame…

    How to leash the hungry ka of sinners he’d killed and direct their ire to his purpose against those as deserving as they had been.

    The gold smoke of his anima turned black and oily, thicker than blood, curling around the guns at his hips in wisps and tendrils. He could hear them, if he tried, the whisperings of foes gone by, seeking penance through justice dispensed.

    They strained at his will like a pack of hunting dogs with the scent of prey, impatient for him to mark their targets in this step outside of time.

    He has only heartbeats, but it would be enough. More than enough. The pistol glimmered with his sunfire essence, waiting, ready. The Devil-spirit’s words reverberated down the bones of his hands. Aim with your heart, kill with your eye, pull the trigger with your soul.

    Red colored his vision, condensed into marks on the targets he counted out: one, two, three, four, five, six—his gloved hand tightened on the grip of the pistol.

    Time resumed.

    Six shots rang out, so close together they sounded like one. Six bullets wreathed in golden fire and black smoke struck out, and six raiders crumpled to the ground, neat holes burned through their skulls. The screams of the damned—six new hungry ka added to his tally—ricocheted through his head with the crack of the shots.

    There was a reason some called him Wraithshot.
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      So happy to see you complete this! Congratulations! It's been an exciting ride so far and I can't wait to finish reading it. Highly recommended to anyone here pondering diving in! DO EET!

      This story balances a good amount of drama with really intriguing Righteous Devil imagery and a unique take on The South that's always refreshing to see. I definitely want to see more adventures of this Righteous Devil cowboy!

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        Thank you Ang
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          Originally posted by redkite7 View Post
          Thank you Ang <3 <3<3

          Need some music to listen to while you read? How about Caleb's character playlist?:

          Dang good playlist! I'm tickled Scars made it on there. Love that one! I'd enjoy making some art with a playlist printed on it sometime for my own story. Seems like a fun thing to design!

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            Hey everyone;

            I've started uploading my stories to Wattpad if that's easier to read!

            Quickburned is here:


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              Originally posted by redkite7 View Post
              Hey everyone;

              I've started uploading my stories to Wattpad if that's easier to read!

              Quickburned is here:

              Oh nice! I am adding you there now too. I keep forgetting it exists, but the reading structure and visual layout of that site is very nice! I really like that we can add pics and video within the text too. Something I'd really like to play with in the future!

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