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Tell me about your Half-caste/Godblooded/Nocturnal characters

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  • Tell me about your Half-caste/Godblooded/Nocturnal characters

    Redo of a earlier thread

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    I've got a couple of NPCs you might like.

    Wysteria Tilkin, The Crimson Vixen, Princess Among Foxes
    Daughter of the Fox Avatar, Queen of Fox Spirits. Unlike most animal animal avatars who are content to embody the nature of their animal and take a hand in divine or mortal politics only to promote the species' interests, the Fox Queen is a celestial power player who delights in getting the best of others, and is notoriously fickle and spiteful. A mortal occultist by the name of Felix Tilkin took his life in his own hands by attempting to catch her eye, and was fortunate that she found him pleasing in that moment rather than irritating, or worse, appetising. They had a brief dalliance, and some time later a baby girl with bright red hair and the tail and ears of a fox arrived on Felix's doorstep, swaddled carefully and left in a basket with a spray of wisteria blossom and a note saying simply "This is yours."

    Growing up, Wysteria did her best to hide her heritage by tucking her ears under hats and scarves and her tail under puffy skirts. She developed a quirky, retro-kitsch personal style. She was pretty and outgoing and made friends easily. Her party-girl antics hid a sly personality and a keen intellect, as well as an obsession with magic and spirits. She grew up in her father's shop, learning the thaumaturgical arts with her sums and letters, but she always aspired to true sorcery. She had a few tricks of her own too, notably the ability to turn into a fox with a distinctive bright red coat, but for a long time she wasn't in control of how long the change would last and had to simply wait for her form to revert to human. She missed a chemistry exam that way once when her form refused to change for three days. Her divine mother was only a distant and seemingly disinterested influence in her life, and she grew up with complicated and painful feelings towards the fox queen.

    She was involved in a cabal of college-age occultists when the circle of PCs met her. Both they and her cabal were chasing the rumoured existence of the Lunar Exalted in the area, and as the groups inevitably crossed paths her shapeshifting naturally led the circle to assume she was a Lunar. After a brief comedy of errors, they managed to sort out what was actually going on and decided to join forces in their search. Wysteria quickly struck up a romance with the circle's youngest member, a Day caste who shared her ambitious spirit and love of messing with people. As the rest of her cabal drifted apart from the circle and each other (in one case quite violently), she has remained. Her journey to sorcerous initiation lead to her abandoning her ruse of mundane humanity and displaying her heritage openly. This and the intercession of her exalted boyfriend finally provoked a reaction from her absentee mother, who declared that she had been watching her daughter carefully to see if she was worthy of ascension, and goaded Wysteria to strive further. Wysteria was glad of the affirmation that her mother wasn't blind to her existence, but resolved to achieve immortality without relying on her mother's support. She would not be subordinate and beholden, but an independent goddess with her own network of allies and favours. Quietly, the fox queen was pleased.

    As the years went by and the circle grew in power and influence, her Abyssal boyfriend helped her come into a large fortune (don't worry, her father is fine) and gave her a unique gift: a race of ata-foxes created to worship and serve her. These intelligent, speaking foxes were created in a First Age genesis lab and thanks to magically accelerated training are all proficient spies. They have established a den under the city and have the beginnings of a strange civilisation. They serve as a source of intelligence for the PC's circle on occasion, but mostly they serve their mistress' interests and those of her divine mother. Wysteria is in the process of establishing her cult, spreading rumours of a fox-witch goddess who patronises occultists and truth-seekers, and punishes those who spurn and betray her petitioners with poetic justice. The ata-foxes in her service carry word to her of her follower's wishes, and sometimes carry them out in the name of their goddess-to-be. Recently (in a one-shot I ran where the party actually played the heroic spy-foxes), her servants freed a number of captured spirits from an infernal cultist, finally earning her enough pull with the local spirit courts to petition for ascension. The date of her apotheosis is now set for her 26th birthday, and nothing, not rain or snow or the ancient evil that is her boyfriend's actual Lunar mate, will stop her from reaching immortality. Or so she hopes.
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      The one I've got rattling around my head goes by Scraggs. Daughter of a dream fly, she's got her mother's sense of adventure... but also something of her stature. Really wanted to try a happy go lucky type and someone with the optimistic nature of hopeful dreams literally in their blood felt like a good way to go with that.


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        I have a few ghost and god blooded Beastmen NPCs rattling around my head to serve as necromancers for the respective ghost gangs/groups that they are affiliated with in Marama's Fell. Where they feel immense pride and loyalty to their ancestors as they try to rebuild a living tribe from that which was slaughtered by Camp 17.


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          There is a god-blooded heroine in my campaign, the daughter of a lynx god in a culture which consider these unions between humans and gods improper and filthy (and that was before being Immaculate! Now there is an Immaculate presence in the area, and their situation hasnĀ“t improved!) and is a kind of poor Batman, a heroic fighter by night, the maid of a noblewoman (who knows who she is and supports her with money and equipment) by day!