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Sorcery, Martial Arts, and Evocations are good Bread and Butter for Misc beings

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  • Sorcery, Martial Arts, and Evocations are good Bread and Butter for Misc beings

    So Sorcery, Martial Arts and Evocations are fun and excellent resources for all the Exalted. By tying them to the Solars, and really to all the Exalts, they can justify writing and expanding them as they are a resource to the biggest pool of players.

    They can also be useful for being such as Gods and Spirits, though I'm not sure how God Panoplies and Evocations Work, but I do enjoy 3rd ed trying to make a lot more Miscellaneous supernaturals, but not all of them are potent enough to use these as resources.

    But what unique beings have you made for your games, or just as thought experiments, that can use one or all of these types of powers?

    I've had Menananggal which could access all three, and are inspired by Wan Gui.

    Animating Intelligence Constructs/Androids/Golems which can use Martial Arts, but some I've planned to be able to access the other powers if specialized in that manner.

    I've had Martial Artists who have been planted with the Seed of the Perfected Lotus which allow them to Learn a Martial Art, and unlock other Styles with limited Essence use for Martial Arts.

    Similar I've had Satori Keys which open's up the 3rd Eye Chakra and Sorcery with it.

    I've contemplated limited use Beastfolk engineered, actually they are descended from thing's like Snakes and Tigers turned into humanoids with limited Essence for use in their aspected Martial Art.

    I've contemplated things like Behemoths and Hekatonhires with Sorcery and or Martial Arts, but if they were given a suitable Artifact they could have Evocations as well.

    I've also contemplated paths for Primordial Races to be able to Learn these powers. Like I've had a race called the Kupo who pioneered a Method of Teaching Humans and other species to transmute their soul's so they become Magicite upon Death, a consequence of this they can learn Jobs which allow them to access one of these power avenues. So teach a human to be a Swordsman and they can learn Evocations and Attune, or have a Kupo learn to become a Geomancer and channel Sorcery and attack with the essence of Manses.

    And I recall it being brought up that it would potentially be possible for heroic Mortals to win the hearts of the Soul of Artifacts and thus learn an Evocation to attune to them.

    It is a time for great deeds!