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What would be the extravagance your character has or collects or whatnot?

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  • What would be the extravagance your character has or collects or whatnot?

    Alternate title: The Eccentricity of the Exalted

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    My Twilight, Spider, has “Anything that's worth doing, is worth doing in style” as a Major Intimacy. He styles himself as the greatest dressmaker in Great Forks, and he frequently checks out other people’s works to see if there’s anything to be learned.

    My Eclipse, the Knight Raiton, is a huge fan of a certain spicy soup, served over rice and topped with sautéed onions.


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      Neither of my characters, but my friend's character, the one-eyed, albino, Adamant-circle sorcerer Thothmet, was obsessed with tea. He'd source the finest ingredients, and brew the most exquisite teas for himself, his friends, politicians we were trying to impress, random old women, anyone. Generally 11 or 12 successes; he had a load of craft charms he used only for making tea.

      I play...
      Kovan, actor, librarian, sorcerer, great bear, Lunar Elder from the First Age
      Thutmose-Osiris, seventh son of a seventh son, descendant of the Supreme Deity Sukhmet, renegade demigod and bearer of the Ghoul-Banishing Bow. Also bright green.


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        My first (and well. Only) Dawn was shit-scared by storms, because the Fae pirate that destroyed her village when she was a mortal travelled around in a flying storm ship, and she believed that inside each storm cloud there was a Fae Lord

        Nakhara, my mortal sorceress, cut her hair really really short (Imperator Furiosa-short), and wore elaborate and expensive wigs, so she could change from one incredibly complex hairstyle to another in a moment´s notice.


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          My supernal craft twilight really likes food, and has gone out of his way to find and use experience ingredients. The latest was a pepper called Hesiesh's Tongue, which only grows near deposits of red jade and is near fatally spicy.

          My water aspect Ragara hasn't gotten to see play yet, but does have intimacies towards fashion, romance stories, and attractive people. I'm sure that's going to lead to something when that game starts in a few weeks.


          My attempt at a homebrew for Abyssals, focusing on unique charms.


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            My longrunning Twilight is constitutionally incapable of producing anything less than "the best". This isn't always a good thing. He treats budgets like starting advances, lavishes an inhuman number of successes on minutia like the shelves in a library, and liberally throws around sorcerous workings. He has exposed himself as a Solar and been chased out of places by news of a coming Wyld Hunt multiple times because he cannot be subtle when craft is involved and he crafts all the time.

            Also, despite being fantastically wealthy, he never got over the first time he got run out of town, right after exalting, and so keeps obscene amounts of money on his person. Strings of jade and silver coins wrapped around his body under his clothing are the most notable (to the point that is counts as low-grade armor).

            The Midnight I have been playing lately almost compulsively (and accidentally) starts to take over anywhere he stays too long. On a one day layover in Champoor he became the secret crime boss of one of the districts. First he did some exorcism to drive out the ghosts in the ghettos who were upset that the local rat beastmen ate the dead. Then he organized the ratmen and a bunch of street gangs into an alliance and got them in touch with some less successful merchants to act as fences. His cut now goes into an anonymous Guild Bank account. Then he went down to the Underworld, threw around the Five Gifts to the ghost nobility to get them in his pocket, and got them to organize the now dispossessed ghosts into acting as muscle and labor for the living in the poor district in exchange for prayer. He was the representative and chief negotiator for both parties.

            And all of that was just the outcome of getting the funds together to leave. He just disliked how unorganized the crime was...
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              Originally posted by Exthalion View Post
              And all of that was just the outcome of getting the funds together to leave. He just disliked how unorganized the crime was...
              I logged in just to like this post.

              This is an awesome thread. Thank you for starting it, FMA245!

              My first Eclipse, Winter Orchid, started the game addicted to laced bath salts. She kicked the addiction to the drug but not to baths. When the circle arrived in Autochthonia she absolutely had to see what a bath was like there.

              My newest character has a penchant for wearing long coats and this thread has convinced me this must now become a roleplaying point for him.