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Sorcerers... in spaaaacceeeee!!!

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  • Sorcerers... in spaaaacceeeee!!!

    Hi. Another thought experiment.

    Usage of this:

    Essence 3, Willpower 5, Occult 5, Intelligence 5. You're stuck in space, in a spacecraft/ space station, exiled from your home with 300 other people. They're not bad people, just dudes like the jews from ww2. They're pretty small time, though, so you're not going to be getting supreme engineers or other such. So you're in a ship, that's sent to wander the solar system. The refugees are expected to die in several weeks/ days, so not much hope. Its basically a suicide mission.

    Luckily for them, they have you.

    Food/ Water/ Air

    You can conjure food using Food from the Aerial table, which obviates need for food and water for a day per meal. You can manifest enough for magnitude 3 at base, and then add more. Eating it grants 3 dice to survive in harsh conditions, as well as resisting poison and sickness effects for a day. Healing rates increase by a factor of 3. Every 20 days they must eat real food, or else they need more.

    For water, it is dealt with by the above. But you can deal with it by using water from stone (just split it to get oxygen and hydrogen). Splitting them gets you fuel and breathable air, letting you flee from the bastards that got you there in the first place. Summon air elementals to produce the things you'll need, either to tend to gardens, purify air, or to produce water. Or just learn a new spell.

    Maintenance/ Repairs

    There are things you need lots of help to do. Like manufacture new parts or maintain what you have. Thankfully, you have yourself. Incantation of Effective Restoration lets you repair difficult to repair components like computers or filters or other more precious things, as long as they aren't artifacts or they aren't bigger than your hand. Elemental empowerment can make components more sturdier, or regenerating. Structural damage can be fixed by summoning things like Autobot's Fix Beetles. Or taking this Repairing Muck And use it to start repairing and fixing components in hard to reach places. Elementals and demons don't need air, so you can just send them onto the hull to grab or repair things. Maybe even grab metal elementals to start making more things.

    Use guys like Heranhals and Crazy ass demons with Craftsman needs no tools for metal products and demons for crafting and go hog wild, making new and better things, breaking down previous and obsolete components and rebuilding them into something better. Use Aura of facilitation and the Autochthonian invocation to enhance this, granting them better tools and greater success. Improve your craft. Use The hounds of hell's special ability to grab components, eat them, and spit out versions that don't decay or need maintenance. Summon up elementals to produce the raw elements you'll need. Use Manifestation of Vigorous design (really old spell) to create bargain basement automatons for repair and construction. All in all, your dear colonists should not need to take one single step outside into space. Summon guys like those locust-headed seekers of forbidden lore, since they have high lore, to start making better programs for your computers (and clear it of viruses)

    Environmental hardsuits
    Breather worms. along with things like Peronelle, should let them survive in space for a short amount of time. Why you'll do that, I would never know

    Mockeries have a training effect, letting you gain one dot per week and are considered to have 4 dots at least in any ability, with access to excellencies. Fullankar grant you 5 dots in an ability, for a month... and doing it after that anytime soon will lead you to dying. Using spells to summon Minions of the eyeless face may be a bad idea, what with the lack of speech. Usage of The inky quills and their skill in writing textbooks maybe of use as well.

    Power. Always needed. For lights, to refrigeration, to computers. You can get power via the thermo electric effect, using fire elementals or native sorcery abilities to start heat at one end of a circuit, and then use the temperature differential to make a current. Or you can summon a stalwart servitor, and bind him to a generator to use as a power source. Usage of fire and lava elementals is recommended, to use as a source of heat for your newfound habitat. The usage of fire and water elementals is a possibility, building a steam engine for the fire elemental, using the water elemental to provide water and condense the steam back into liquid.

    Sorcerous workings.
    Ok, using Revlid's chart for granting mutations and the place... you can make a place where gravity works (for cooking, bathing, and defecation) and also grant mutations. You can grant a plant the ability to survive in hard vacuum, and then let it survive on sunlight alone, then let it subsiste on 10% of its normal dietary requirements. And then stick on the hull, granting the 'natural provider' mutation to get yourself resource 3 levels of food every week. Sorcerously altered plants can produce things like 'rare drugs' or hard to get food like cheese. Plants can be altered to glow pleasantly like lights, or to produce pleasant smells, or purify the air. Pigs can be made that eat metal, trash, or stone (in case you land on an asteroid) for meat. Creatures that can travel through vacuum, travelling through space with yawning mouths like whale sharks, collecting space trash for your own use, to upgrade and enhance your own space station.

    That's all for now. Comments and assistance will be welcome.

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    Note from the creator! Eldagusto has replied, and said that yes, the Gastronomic alchemists can rearrange matter. It seems that it is rather simple, but it appears that they can act as mobile, sentient chemical factories, letting you easily recycle anything and everything, breaking down complex chemicals and rebuilding them. Let us all note that plastic is composed out of hydrocarbons, which are insanely common and can be used for anything.