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    So I’m currently working on a setting-bible for a North-centric game I will soon be running, and the world-bible template I borrowed had some interesting prompts in it, such as rare plants or how homes are heated. This got me thinking about other people’s world-building ideas, and where unique ideas can come from.

    To start us off, I came up with ‘Diamond-grass’ a hardy plant that grows in sparse clumps in the White wastes. The grass is a pale green, practically invisible against sea-Ice and somewhat translucent. The grass produces seeds in winter, tiny poufs of white fiber that drift with snow-flurries, indistinguishable from the snowflakes. They settle under the snow and wait until spring to begin growing. The stalks are long and sturdy, and when alive the grass-blades are sharp enough to lacerate the hands of anyone who tries to pull them, so strong gloves are needed. The sharp blades also means they have few natural predators, only tundra voles that way them from the roots up are a real threat.

    The Icewalkers use diamond-grass to fashion containers, baskets and clothing. While the material is not warm, it can be fashioned into an overshirt or cuirass of shimmering white that weighs nothing and blends in with the snow perfectly.

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    I created a Thousand Pact Cemetery reserved for Whitewall's yearly 24 person sacrifice to the dead and fae. Only it is managed by ghosts of Marama's Fell, the ones less inclined to side with The Bishop. Who cart away the bodies of the deceased, or whats left of them, to a piece of neutral territory set aside for them. A lot pass onto Lethe. But those that don't, well they seriously want to return back to Whitewall for their revenge.


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      In my Okeanos game, I had a Tautoga-controlled island with a hot spring on it; the hot spring was kept hot by an underground chamber with stone dragons radiating intense heat from their bodies.


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        You might also want to check out the Headcanon thread for lots of ideas there.


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          So recently i watched a little too much of Granblue Fantasy on netflix and found myself wanting to run a mortals campaign in a setting in an island of creation in the wyld. Premise being that during the balorian crusade the wyld reclaimed a large portion of the north, but had swallowed a city holding a reality sustaining engine. The wyld swallowing the area was pretty catostrophic and as a consequence damaged said engine, however it still works to some extent (IE massive floating islands with no earth underneath them to speak of. The city that once held the engine has broken into pieces and the largest piece holding said engine has become the center mass that all the other islands orbit around. The core has a few powerful nations that venture out via skyship to other islands through the inner an outer rim. As the islands rotate around the engine, some come closer to creation and during certain parts of the year can creation be reached but only in certain seasonal and unique circumstances. Those on the rim aren't certain about other far off rim islands and the history of the islands themself have become mostly forgotten and spread through oral tradition. Some islands have large populations of mutated wyld touched humans, some are the kingdoms of the fae, others are hum drum farm lands. Some remnants of the cult of the iluminated exist but very few. Spirits that were part of the land have grown into a pantheon that rules certain portions of the islands believing they have been forgotten by heaven and creation alike. Dragon blooded and god blooded exist but are rather limited. Spirits of the central islands move back and forth between ruling as authoritarians and with a lighter touch. Almost entirely unknown to the lunar exalted except one or two, who've used it as a haven between centuries of stalking creation. Skyships are plenty in the core but on the rim are few in number. Those on the outskirts live and die on the same rock they were born, where as the average core dweller travels to a couple different islands in their life time. Insert war, politics, religious cults, poverty, economic expansion, simple pleasures among hundreds of islands big and small. Still trying to flesh it out in my head so any ideas people want to contribute would be phenomenal