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Can a monstrance of celestial portion capture a solar exaltation?

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    Based off MoEP: Abyssals:

    1. The Neverborn can't just turn Solar Shards into Abyssals. The Manual describes extensive testing on mortals: my personal interpretation is that getting a Solar to.willingly submit to Dimming the Light is what makes Abyssals.

    2. You can only die in a Monstrance if you submit to Oblivion. You can submit to Oblivion by staying alive and going into a comma.

    3. The Deathlords captured the Solar Essences freed from the Jade Prison with chains forged from Yozi designs.
    3a. Monstrances are wrapped in chains.

    I prefer if dying in a Monstrance frees the shard. Then trapped Solars have the choice of protecting their lives or protecting their Exaltations. My headcanon is dying sets the Exaltation free.

    2E canon, the shard is almost definitely trapped by the Monstrance.

    I'm going to try and dig out some other books and look for a 1E source, because this is all inference.

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      From 1st edition, in the lexicon it says:

      Abyssal Exalted: A Solar Essence captured by the Deathlords from the Jade Prison and corrupted in a Monstrance of Celestial Portion. So it sounds like in 1st Ed it was a deathlord thing. It also seems that they learned it from the Yozi.

      Not long ago, the Neverborn approached several of their living cousins, the Demon Princes, and negotiated a bargain. The Yozis agreed to teach the Deathlords to corrupt Exalted Essences so that minions might be fashioned to act as the Deathlords’ intermediaries in Creation.

      The Yozi Princes honored their bargain. They taught the Deathlords the metaphysics of Essence and how to taint and manipulate it. With their new knowledge, the Deathlords withdrew to their laboratories and perfected the arts of Abyssal Exaltation and Abyssal taint. Soon, the first Abyssal Exalted walked in Creation, with death riding in his wake.

      Also the Deathlords gained the Monstrances, or the designs of them, from the Yozis.

      Also: Monstrance of Celestial Portion: A cage in which a Solar Essence is corrupted with the Essence of the Abyss and transformed into Abyssal Essence. Each Abyssal Essence has a Monstrance it calls home, and it is to there that the Abyssal Essence flees if the Exalt who bears it is slain.

      It talks also about corrupting Solars in it.

      So maybe it is a corrupting Solars thing. But with the capture of 100 solar exaltation and corrupting those, there has to be more to it than just torturing a Solar. It seems that it is also vague. With 1st edition though, the Neverborn/Malfeans are certainly not involved in the corruption of exaltations.
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