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  • Keeping track of Initiative

    Hello Everyone!

    Just wondering if you are using a graphic sheet or cheat sheet that helps you track Initiative in Exalted 3rd Edition and also if you have another one for keeping track for Mass Combat?

    I might be able to finally convince my players (1st and 2nd Edition veterans) to finallly play 3rd!

    I just need something cool to keep track of it all!

    Let me know if this exists!


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    I have just used a scratch pad to decent success. Shared Google spreadsheet is also not to bad online (esp. since you have have lots of what needs tracking in there).

    I do love a suggestion I haven't had a change to try in earnest for Initiative though:

    Have a different colored set of d10s you just use for Initiative as tokens to be a visual tracker... and when you roll for a Decisive your Initiative pool is already right in front of you.


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      Poker chips are pretty handy.


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        That's pretty much why we rewrote it for Momentum (in my sig)

        Check out Momentum Exalted!


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          White board with magnets that I can write on. Names on the left, initiative on the right.


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            Originally posted by Simon Darkstep View Post
            That's pretty much why we rewrote it for Momentum (in my sig)

            Please tell me more!


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              Threads of Martial Destiny is extremely handy if you take the time to get accustomed to it, it will pretty much track everyone's ini for you.


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                When I'm the ST I use paper or a whiteboard for my NPCs and I have each player keep track of her own initiative. Each round I ask who is highest and people call out when their initiative comes up and stuff. It works just fine.


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                  My group has a lot of tactile/kinesthetic folks, so they like manipulables. I made the tracker below that they move their figurines around as the round progresses, and we keep mental note of who's gone already. Unique dice can easily replace figurines (I usually use d12s for solo NPCs and d6s for Battle Groups), as well as represent values higher or lower than what's on the tracker.

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                    I used Roll 20 and this image and it worked pretty well, enough that we loaded it up on the tv when we did meet in person. Its a nicely tactile and visual way of showing who's on top.


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                      Originally posted by Pram View Post

                      Please tell me more!


                      Momentum Exalted basically removes the ever-shifting Initiative track. That takes away a large number of steps where players and ST have to come out of the game to do arithmetic, sort, and choose operations over and over again just to get through a turn. When we were playtesting, we found that every time somebody got their turn, we'd have to jump through these steps just to decide who was next, and that when we're going back and forth between story/action and arithmetic/sort/choose, we made a lot more errors in the latter and had to figure out again where we were in the former.

                      Instead, Momentum takes an idea from Second Edition and uses a battle wheel. That's a disc with 8 slices (pizza-wise) around, representing the ticks of battle. Instead of running Initiative up and down, every time somebody describes a Stunt, they get the Stunt's dot-value in Momentum dice. Momentum dice work the same way as Initiative in Core rules, except for turn order - we renamed them because the word initiative suggests turn order, still.

                      Momentum dice go into a bowl or mug as you build them up or steal them from your enemies. No need for arithmetic, because you're just counting out a few and tossing them in. If you use a Charm that requires a higher Initiative than your target, that's called a Blitz, and you roll off your Momentum against your target. Some Charms count you having higher Initiative, which are translated as automatic successes in a Blitz. Momentum also can't go negative. When you do a Gambit or Decisive, you just roll your Momentum straight from your mug, because it's already counted.

                      The base Speed around the battle wheel is 5, meaning that most actions set you back 5 ticks, or 5 slices around the wheel. A defend-other or aim action is speed 3, which you can use as a tool to arrange a Clash, for instance. Winning a Clash or Crashing your target is speed 4, giving you an advantage as well. Being Crashed is speed 8, but only lasts until the end of your next turn.

                      Momentum treats all rolls the same. So a Decisive attack in Momentum is double-10 by default. Momentum pools don't run as high as fast as Initiative, because you can't steal someone's Momentum down into the negatives like you can with Initiative in Core. Remembering which roll used a double and which didn't was a source of errors when we were playtesting, so that's out. Also, Gambit costs remove the +1, for the same reason. Cost = Difficulty, math is done.

                      I mentioned that Stunts directly fuel Momentum, and that's deliberate. The Stunting system is one of the things I love about Exalted, so we made Stunting the cornerstone of Momentum. Except for a few Charms that let you gain Momentum by doing a fresh Join Battle or sneaking, Stunting is the sole source of Momentum dice once battle is joined. A defensive Stunt counts as well - so if you're being ganged up by enemies and protecting your Momentum, you're going to be building up a lot!

                      There are some Charms we're encountering that have more particular rules for Initiative that need some rethinking to work with Momentum. Now that we've been playing a while, we're trying more combined maneuvers, so I'm working on fun ways to handle, for instance, War rolls to lead a coordinated attack as a Gambit.

                      Momentum does lose a little bit of deep fiddly crunchy gameplay compared to Core. We're OK with that, because (at least as of our play testing) we were going about three times faster for a similar scaled battle, and making a lot less arithmetic/sort/choose errors. Our Momentum battles feel most satisfying if we get around the battle wheel three or four times. By then, we'll have been able to set up some cool bad guy hooks, and the players can figure out a strategy to adapt and overcome.

                      Check out Momentum Exalted!


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                        If you're willing to use a computer, I made this some years ago. Make a copy of it and play with it. My group's been using it constantly.

                        (Protip, you can delete the instruction text in the first row once you've learned how top lay it, but you can't actually delete the row itself without breaking it)

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                          That looks really good, I'll have a go with it next time I run a combat. Thanks!

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                            Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
                            If you're willing to use a computer, I made this some years ago.
                            I just wanted to endorse this, and thank you, Unsung Hero, for making it - my group's been using it for a couple of years now, and I find it works great.


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                              Originally posted by Epitome View Post
                              Threads of Martial Destiny is extremely handy if you take the time to get accustomed to it, it will pretty much track everyone's ini for you.
                              I was just fiddling with it. I have to bring down the onslaught penalty myself is that right? It would take some getting used to.

                              Does it track how many rounds the actors have been crashed and reset to base after 3 turns, I have a hard time remembering that for my NPC's. Messing around some more, it it doesn't look like it does.

                              I want to play this as a starting character, I don't even care what game.